Your Easy Big-Batch Meal Plan

Ease into meal planning with this easy method.

Meal prepping can be tough—planning dinners, cooking multiple meals, portioning everything perfectly and finding a place in your fridge for all those containers can feel overwhelming. Though this practice will save you time on busy weeknights, there’s a better, less time-consuming meal prep option: big-batch cooking.

Big-batch meal prepping lets you cook a dinner staple, like roasted chicken or turkey, in bulk and then repurpose them throughout the week. This takes the pressure off having to meticulously plan and cook a week’s worth of meals and gives you a handy shortcut you can reuse all week long. To get started,  we’ve rounded up four weeks of big-batch mains and weeknight dinner suggestions that’ll turn you into a pro in no time.

Week 1: Roasted Chicken

Taste of Home

The simple seasonings of this quick-roasting chicken recipe give it an irresistibly delicious flavor. Enjoy one of the fryer chickens as prepared with some dressed up baked potatoes and green beans, and reserve the other chicken (and any leftovers) to be repurposed throughout the week.

Get the recipe for Roasted Chicken here.

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Week 2: Baked Ham

Taste of Home

A mix of sweet and spice, this Epiphany Ham recipe will have your family drooling as it bakes! Serve with some buttered rolls and glazed carrots for a cozy first meal. Either slice or cube leftover ham to save some room in your fridge.

Get the recipe for Epiphany Ham here.

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