Carol J. Alexander

Carol J. Alexander is a Virginia writer specializing in sustainable/green living, home remodeling, and lifestyle topics. Since 2007, her work has appeared in Grit, AcreageLife, Hobby Farms, and over 70 other national, regional, and local print publications, as well as online. Carol helps clients position themselves as an authority in the marketplace by providing easy-to-understand, educational content that attracts readers, answers their questions, and meets their needs.
Close-up image of woman removing stain from the carpet; Shutterstock ID 351308864; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of Home

13 Top Reviewed Products That Will Help Remove Stains

Anyone's that spilled wine on their white carpet or dripped ranch dressing on a $120 tie understands the importance of a no-fail stain remover. But, stain removers aren't just for fabrics. Have stains on the patio from the bottom of a flower pot? What about that picture your 4-year-old drew on the wall with a marker? If this sounds familiar, check out these 13 top-reviewed products that will help remove stains of any kind from any surface.