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12 Tools and Gear Every Vegetable Gardener Needs

Whether you’re a master gardener or looking to start your first vegetable garden, there are plenty of tools that will make gardening tasks easier. Here are 12 items every vegetable gardener should have to grow a bumper crop.

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Soil Test Kit

Get the most out of your garden’s soil with a soil test kit. The easy-to-use kit will let you know whether you need to amend your soil’s pH levels and the level of 14 nutrients in the soil. This information can help guide you as you make sure your soil is just right for growing vegetables. These secret ingredients from your pantry can help your garden grow.

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Six-Piece Garden Tool Set

A great tool kit for every vegetable gardener, this six-piece tool set includes a trowel, five-tooth and nine-tooth rake, double hoe, cultivator and weeder. The comfortable handles will help cut down on hand and arm fatigue while you’re working. By the way, these are the best gifts for gardeners.

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Twist Tiller

This heavy-duty twist tiller is 38 inches tall with a step plate to give you plenty of leverage when breaking into hard, compacted soil. Use the tiller in hard-to-reach areas and for mixing fertilizer or other amendments when you’re preparing your vegetable garden soil for spring planting.

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Gardening Gloves with Fingertips

Get a grip on those weeds with these gloves with fingertips. The fingertips also come in handy when it’s time to plant seeds—allowing you to get them in just the right spot. “I’m one to dig right into the mud with my hands because I don’t like how restrictive tools are. Plus, I’m always afraid of damaging roots when I’m transplanting. With these, I can feel what’s going on in the dirt around me, but keep my hands clean and nails intact,” said one reviewer.

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Scuffle Hoe

This scuffle hoe with a 5-inch wide blade will make quick work of your weeding tasks, whether pushing or pulling. One reviewer noted, “It’s pricey, there’s no denying that, but you get a lot for your money with this tool. The weld quality is good, the blade is sharp, strong and well attached to the handle. You won’t break this tool using it in the yard, and properly cared for, it should last a lifetime.”

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Harvest Basket

Get ready for harvest time with this harvest basket, made from hardwood with handles made from branches of downed trees and underbrush from a farm in Western, North Carolina. The basket is strong enough to hold heavy vegetables like squash and potatoes, and when it gets dirty you can just hose it off. The basket can also double as a picnic basket, extra kitchen storage or to keep vegetables in a root cellar. These are the best herbs to plant in your garden.

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Tool Set with Tote

“This garden tote and tools have made me love gardening even more,” said one reviewer. “The tools are high quality. I do clean and dry them after use. The bag holds all of the tools it comes with and some extra gardening accessories. My yard is big, having everything in this bag makes everything so much easier. It’s sturdy and lightweight. The stool is useful and my knees love it!” The set includes six hand tools and the tote has multiple pockets to keep everything in place.

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Hand Weeder

Perfect for smaller weeding tasks, this hand weeder will help you remove the weeds at the root. The ergonomic rubber handle has indented curves and a spongy thumb indentation for a comfortable grip for kids, adults and seniors. Here’s what to plant in your garden for homemade salsa.

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Pruner Shears

These pruner shears will help you clean up all those squash, cucumber and melon plants at the end of the season. The soft rubber hand grip helps absorb pressure and the coated blades will slide through vines with no problem.

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Tool Sharpener

Make sure your vegetable garden tools are ready for the job with this garden tool sharpener. It sharpens blades on shears, hoes and shovels—no oil or stones necessary. And, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher! By the way, here are 11 things you shouldn’t ever put in the dishwasher.

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Garden Kneeler

Give your knees and back a break with this garden kneeler bench stool. It provides plenty of support and is easy to fold and carry with you. “This garden seat is very sturdy but not too heavy for me to carry around. It folds up easily and compactly, and unfolds quickly and easily too. I’ve used it for both kneeling and sitting,” said one reviewer.

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Compost Tumbler

Perfect for those with a backyard vegetable garden, this 37-gallon compost tumbler has two chambers and will help you get compost from your kitchen scraps in as little as two weeks. It has adjustable air vents to help the compost breathe and a steel frame, making it a durable choice for long-term use. These tips will help you get started composting your yard and kitchen waste.

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