16 Genius Uses for Baby Wipes You Never Thought to Try

Forget wiping baby bums! Create scent sachets, clean your pet, craft a travel jewelry box and more.

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Spilled milk

Use baby wipes for quick, on-the-move cleanups

Baby wipes ($9) can be used for more than just cleaning babies’ bottoms. They’re great for wiping your hands after pumping gas, mopping up small spills in the car and cooling your sweaty brow after a run. In fact, wipes make ideal travel companions—just like these items that help you keep your car organized. Next time you set off on the road, pack a small stack of baby wipes in a tightly closed self-sealing sandwich bag and put it in the glove compartment of your car or in your purse or knapsack.

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Shiny shoes

Shine your shoes and purse

According to Sean Parry, a cleaning expert for Neat Services, baby wipes are actually perfect for cleaning all types of leather—including your sofa! “The beauty of wet wipes is that they don’t contain any nasty chemicals that could discolor leather. Simply wipe over the area in question a couple of times and any superficial stains should be easily removed,” instructs Parry. Here are some more chemical-free ways to clean around the house.

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Cabinet doors

Recycle as dust cloths

Who knew? Some brands of baby wipes—Huggies, for instance—can be laundered and reused as dust cloths and cleaning rags for when you straighten up. According to Nathan Ripley, Director of MaidJustRight, you can also “just leave used baby wipes to dry. Once dry, they’re a great cloth for removing dust and any other bothersome particles from your living space.” It probably goes without saying, but only mildly soiled wipes should be considered candidates for laundering. This is the best laundry trick you’ve never heard of.

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Spilled coffee

Remove stains from carpet and upholstery

According to Sean Parry, “if you have clothing or furniture that are stained in any way, add a little washing-up liquid to a baby wipes and apply to the area in question.” This is a much cheaper option than heavy-duty stain removal products and “you’ll find that more often than not that it does the job.” Check out how to get rid of the 10 most common food stains.

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Computer and keyboard

Clean your keyboard

Cleaning expert Sean Parry has found that computer keyboards are one of the dirtiest items in your home. “The intricate buttons and regular usage means that food and grease are often trapped within the crevices,” he says. Periodically shaking out your computer’s keyboard is a good way to get rid of the dust and debris that gathers underneath and in between the keys. But that’s just half the job. “Make sure you regularly give these a quick wipe with the baby wipe, and any grease build-up will be minimized,” Parry instructs. Before wiping the keys, however, be sure your device is powered down.

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Make-up and brush

Remove makeup

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to spend time scrubbing your face clean of beauty products after a long day. That’s why  Molly Maid suggests using baby wipes to quickly remove your makeup. This will save you time, energy and the extra wash you would otherwise have to do after staining a hand towel with eyeliner! You can also use coconut oil as a makeup remover.

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Lotion on skin

Soothe your skin

Did you get a bit too much sun at the beach? You can temporarily cool a sunburn by gently patting the area with a baby wipe. If that doesn’t do the trick, try one of these home remedies for sunburn. Baby wipes can also be used to treat cuts and scrapes. Although most wipes don’t have any antiseptic properties, there’s nothing wrong with using one for an initial cleansing before applying the proper topical treatment.

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Empty drawer

Freshen up your drawers

To make lightly scented sachets for your dresser drawers, cut baby wipes into squares and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The squares will keep your dresser smelling fresh and prevent your clothes from taking on a woody scent. Did you know you can cook with essential oils, too?

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Dog licking his lips

Put an end to pet fur

Rub down your cat or dog with a baby wipe to stop shedding fur in its tracks. The wipe’s moisture will attract loose fur and leave your pet smelling fresh. When cleaning dust, Sean Parry recommends using the moisture of baby wipes to trap the dust. This technique is similarly effective for pet hair, which can be quickly collected from the floor using damp baby wipes. This is the best way to get pet hair off your clothes.

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deodorant marks on clothes

Erase deodorant marks on clothes

If you pull a sweater on only to find it covered in deodorant streaks, give it a once over with a slightly wet baby wipe. In addition to remedying carpet blemishes, cleaning expert Sean Parry says that baby wipes can often remove clothing stains too. All you have to do is blot your clothing with a moist baby wipe and watch the white streak disappear!

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Clean car windows

Clean car windows

Pigeon poop all over your windshield? Rub car windows clean with the baby wipes stashed in your glove compartment. Check out these 10 window cleaning tips from the pros.

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Baby wipes

Recycle your baby wipe containers

Don’t toss those empty baby wipe packages just yet. Consider rinsing them out and crafting a first aid kit for your car or a travel jewelry box. The container will keep everything in one place and you won’t feel guilty if it breaks or cracks from being tossed around. Not to mention the fact that this fix is environmentally friendly.

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Frying pan

Degrease your frying pans

According to cleaning expert Sean Parry, “burnt on food grease can be really difficult to remove, especially if it’s left overnight after cooking.” Instead of spending countless minutes scrubbing at the dried grease with a sponge, just “keep a ready supply of baby wipes on your kitchen worktop and remember to give the pan a quick wipe down once it’s cooled,” Parry recommends. This “will make washing up significantly easier as the wipes pick up and absorb the grease from the pan surface rather than simply moving it around.” Here are some more tips for cleaning your trusty cast-iron skillet.

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Sweating face

Cool down on a hot day

All you have to do is put some baby wipes in the fridge, let them cool down and apply them to your skin. According to Caleb Backe, a health expert for Maple Holistics, “you can even throw a pack in the cooler when having a BBQ, tailgate or camping trip,” for a quick way to cool off at an exciting event. Plus, “while outside of the house, baby wipes are a quick, easy and inconspicuous way to cool down and freshen up.”

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Row of plants

Clean kitchen plants

Just like all surfaces in your home, both real and fake plants can get dusty over a long period of time. According to Cyrus Bedwyr, a cleaning expert at Fantastic Services, “baby wipes are a great product that can help you make their leaves shiny again and freshen them up.” To clean your plants, just swipe a baby wipe over the leaves and let the moisture collect the dust. These easy-care houseplants are wonderful ways to add oxygen to your home.

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Interior of plane

Staying healthy on a plane

If you don’t want to catch a cold on a flight, you might want to pack some baby wipes in your carry-on bag. Baby wipes are Building Biologist and expert in natural cleaning solutions Corinne Segura’s secret to never getting sick on a plane. Once you sit down, clean the area around you with a baby wipe to remove some of the germs. Segura also suggests wiping your hands with baby wipes before you eat and even blotting your face to cool down and freshen up. Next, learn about the foods you can (and can’t) bring on a plane.

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