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25 Amazon Cleaning Products That Will Transform Your Home

Check out these amazing Amazon cleaning products that make household chores (almost) fun. We love their ease of use and innovative features.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

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Let’s face it—many of us just don’t like cleaning our kitchens and homes. Alas, we have no choice but to accept this necessary evil and find ways to make cleaning easier and maybe (just maybe!) enjoyable. That’s where these excellent Amazon cleaning products come in handy.

These Amazon cleaning products solve nearly any cleaning issue you can think of—from floors caked with dirt and pet hair, to dirty toilets to stubborn grout stains. We chose them based on user reviews, trending items and expert picks. With innovative and ergonomic design, handy function and competitive pricing for any budget (along with fast, free Prime shipping) it’s pretty hard not to try them out.

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Platinum Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Dawn Powerwash Spray

We love this Powerwash Spray from Dawn because it simply does more in less time. All you need to do is spray, wipe and rinse to get rid of stubborn grease. It even gets rid of the most caked-on food when dishes soak for just a few minutes. People also love this super soap because it reduces the need for vigorous scrubbing, and the reusable sprayer cuts down on waste. To learn more about this miracle cleaner, check out our review.

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The Pink Stuff Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

The Pink Stuff

If you’re like so many of us, you want to save time, conserve space and spend less on Amazon cleaning products. The Pink Stuff cleaning paste lets you do all of this! It instantly removes stains, grime and grease from nearly any surface, and a little bit goes a long way. People love it because it works on so many surfaces and leaves a beautiful shine, without streaks or scratches. Read our review for the full scoop.

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Bissell Spotclean Proheat Portable Carpet Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Portable Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner

Whether you have kids or pets, or are someone who considers themselves to be a bit of a klutz (no shame in that!), many of us could benefit from a solid carpet cleaner. The Bissell cleaner removes super tough stains with its OXY formula, quality suction, heatwave technology and specialized tools. Additionally, users love its handy compact and lightweight design.

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Dyson V11 Vacuum Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner

Our Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski, got to test this vacuum in her own home, and fell head-over-heels in love with it. Even though it’s a bit on the pricey side, this Dyson vacuum is more than worth the price. If you’re serious about getting your house clean—and serious about making your chores as easy as possible—then treat yourself to a very serious cordless vacuum.

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Scrub Daddy Sponge Set Color Variety Pack Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Scrub Daddy Sponge Set

You might think these look like regular old sponges on the surface, but you’d be wrong! The Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture foam stays firm in cold water for when you really need to get tough marks out, and softens in warm water for lighter cleaning. Bonus: these Scrub Daddy sponges are BPA-free, won’t scratch and, when maintained correctly, don’t hold onto nasty odors. Discover more adorable Scrub Daddy products.

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Fridge Deodorizer Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Fridge Deodorizer and Odor Eliminator

Nobody likes a stinky fridge, and that’s where Amazon cleaning products like this effective deodorizer can help. It’s actually been found to be more effective than baking soda at eliminating smells, so you’ll enjoy fresher food from the fridge, freezer or lunch bag. But it gets better! This deodorizer lasts up to a year, and can be “recharged” by placing it in direct sunlight. We also recommend the Chilly Mama, which is just about the cutest fridge odor absorber you can buy. Learn more about how to clean a fridge.

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Swiffer Sweeper Heavy Duty Mop Pad Refills Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Heavy-Duty Mop Pad Refills

From your kitchen to bedroom floors, you need a good mop to lift off dirt and debris that brooms and vacuums simply can’t. Enter the Swiffer Sweeper heavy-duty mop pad refills. They contain over 30,000 3-D fibers that get into teeny tiny spaces to remove built-up hair, dirt and dust, and users have found these pads to be super-effective at cleaning up messes of all sizes.

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Jagurds Toilet Brushes Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Sleek Toilet Brushes with Holder

This two-piece, stainless steel toilet bowl cleaner brush and holder is durable enough to stand up to rust and scratches, yet elegant enough to complement your bathroom. Its soft bristles won’t damage your tiles or toilet, and the ergonomic design makes cleaning a breeze. A nice bonus is the storage caddy that’s discreet, neat, hygienic and resistant to wear and tear. Learn exactly how to clean a toilet.

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop Ecomm Via Amazoncomvia merchant

Shark Steam Pocket Mop

This effective steam mop has over 36,000 (!!!) glowing Amazon reviews from users who love it’s super-thick, dual-sided cleaning pads that make cleaning everything easy—from tiny spills to serious stains. If you’re looking for a way to clean floors without chemicals, this steam mop is for you. Find the best Shark vacuum cleaners, too.

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Muse Bath Apothecary Room Ritual Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Relaxing Room Mist

Sometimes you don’t just want things to simply be clean—you want them to smell and feel clean, too! That’s where this non-toxic, organic room mist with aloe, eucalyptus and lavender can make a huge difference. People love using it throughout the house—like as a bathroom air freshener or in the bedroom—to invoke a sense of calm. If you like delightful scents, check out our Grove Co. review.

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Mr Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Packvia merchant

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

This pack of 12 ultra-soft, non-abrasive and scratch-free microfiber cleaning cloths comes in four fun colors: yellow, pink, green and blue. Best of all they’re ultra-absorbent and made to soak up just about any mess that comes your way, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, car or anywhere else. Lightweight and reusable, they’ll last through many washings and cleanings to make your home sparkle.

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Oxo Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

This comfort-grip soap dispensing brush is one of those Amazon cleaning products that will change your dishwashing routine. It takes a simple push of a button for exactly the right amount of soap to come out, and the brush’s nylon bristles are durable and long-lasting. Along with the scraper, this soap-dispensing brush easily gets your dishes clean each and every time. Speaking of soap, have you tried these eco-friendly tablets?

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Labigo Electric Spin Scrubber Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber

This powerful electric scrubber is incredibly easy to use throughout your home, and it gets stubborn stains out, too! People also love the fact that the scrubber is cordless and fast-charging, making it quite convenient to use.

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O Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Microfiber Spin Mop

Ideal on any hard floor surface, this easy-to-use floor cleaning system gives your entire home a deep clean that looks, smells and feels great. It comes with extra refills to last you months, along with a 360-degree rotating head and a handle that extends to four feet, so it’s flexible and comfortable no matter how tall you are. Learn more about the O-Cedar spin mop.

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O Cedar Scrunge Multi Use Scrubbing Sponge Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

All-Purpose Scrubbing Sponges

If you love your nonstick cookware and want to keep it for the long haul, you need the right non-scratch sponges. These thick, double-sided sponges get the job done, no matter how stubborn the mess is. The rippled surface breaks up and lifts dirt off while avoiding unpleasant smells, so your sponge will last a good long while before it’s stinky enough to toss. And store it in style with this bed-shaped sponge holder.

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Johnbee Spray Bottle Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Cleaning Spray Bottles

If you mix up your own natural cleaners, or if you need something easy to water plants with, these durable spray bottles will come in super handy. They’re thoughtfully made to last, and if you like buying cleaning products in bulk, they’re strong enough to resist chemicals and harsh solvents. The adjustable nozzle makes it convenient to control the solution amount you’re using, too.

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Stationary Vacuum Ecomm Via 1via merchant

Stationary Vacuum

Done with dustpans? You’ll never need to bend over to pick up dirt or dust bunnies again with the EyeVac stationary vacuum. Great for hardwood, laminate and tile floors, simply sweep up your messes towards the infrared sensor of this touchless vacuum, and it’ll suck it straight up. Buy one of these stellar Amazon cleaning products for your kitchen, and another to keep near the cat box. Speaking of, have you tried this pet odor eliminator?

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O Cedar Pet Pro Broom Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Broom and Step-On Dustpan

Everyone needs a good, solid broom and dustpan around the house, especially those with animals at home. This one works, with V-shaped bristles that make better contact with the floor, along with an angled broom head that gets into those tough-to-reach corners. The step-on dustpan is designed with an integrated comb to get rid of much more hair without having to touch it yourself (thank goodness!)

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Oxo Good Grips All Purpose Squeegee Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

All-Purpose Squeegee

This durable, lightweight squeegee will leave your mirrors, shower doors and other glass surfaces shiny and streak-free. Not only does it help surfaces dry fast but it’s comfy to use, and comes with a convenient suction hook for hanging up and out of the way.

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Simplehuman Code K Custom Fit Trash Bags Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags

You likely don’t think too much about your garbage bags, but they’re not all made equal. These custom-fit garbage can liners fit simplehuman’s smart trash cans perfectly, so they won’t slip or show when the lid is shut. They’re also incredibly easy and quick to use, since they have drawstring handles and dispense one at a time—meaning you don’t need to unravel or tear them apart.

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Baseboard Buddy Cleaning Tool Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Baseboard and Molding Cleaning Tool

Whether you like it or not, moldings and baseboards need to be cleaned, just like anything else in your home. This baseboard and molding cleaning tool does the trick, with a flexible head, 360-degree swivel, a extension handle that makes cleaning tough-to-reach spots easier, and a extendable lightweight aluminum handle that’s ideal for people of various heights. The tool can also conveniently be used dry or wet, with microfiber pads that grab dirt and keep it locked away.

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Superscandi Swedish Dishcloths Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Swedish Kitchen Dishcloths

These plastic-free, biodegradable, lightweight, reusable dishcloths are a hit in Sweden, and they should be in your home, too! Made of strong plant fiber, Swedish dishcloths can hold up to 20 times their own weight—something paper towels can’t come close to doing. Plus they come in classic colors and a simple design, so they look as good as they work.

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Las Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner

This versatile all-purpose cleaner is ideal for just about any surface, and this economy-size jug is a great value. Free of bleach, acid and ammonia, it degreases and removes spots, too. Many people find it super at removing old stains, tough dirt, grease, blood and pet urine.

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Alimat Plus 2 Pack Gloves Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Reusable Cleaning Gloves

These waterproof, latex and BPA-free cleaning gloves are soft, absorbent and breathable. Their cotton lining makes them comfortable to wear as you clean your home, your dishes or anything else that needs tidying up. They’re also stretchy, which makes them ideal for nearly any hand size, and won’t slip with their embossed, grippy fingers and palms. Find more top-rated dishwashing gloves.

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Holikme 5 Pack Deep Cleaning Brush Set Ecomm Via Amazon.comvia merchant

Deep Cleaning Brush Set

You should check out this 5-pack of cleaning brushes for when it’s time to do your most awfully dreaded tasks, since they actually make the job easier. The scrub brush is ergonomically-designed for comfort. Plus, the groove gap brush has two heads to help remove tough stains, and the scouring pad brush gets rid of large-scale stains.

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