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Before and After Dirty Laundry Reveals You Have to See to Believe

People are airing their dirty laundry to showcase just how good their favorite laundry products are at removing stains, brightening whites and cleaning clothes. You've gotta see the stain-free results to believe them!

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OxiClean White Revive Laundry Whitener

If you want one laundry product that will remove stains AND whiten clothes, get a tub of OxiClean White Revive laundry whitener. This fan favorite product has over 7,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon. You can either add a scoop to water for a pre-soak to remove stains, or sprinkle some in with your regular laundry detergent to the washing machine cycle. Another perk? Users love the scent of this stain-blasting stuff.

Enthusiastic user review: “No one prepares you for the aftermath of a disaster that your dress is when your wedding is over. My wedding was outside and my train was quite long. Even after bustling it, it stood no chance against the ground and dirt. Well, that dirt stood no chance against OxiClean! I am so pleased with the results. Letting it hang to dry, but it looks practically new again!”—Eric Dixon

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The Laundress New York Stain Solution

The Laundress is known for its line of gentle laundry detergents with sophisticated scents. But The Laundress New York stain solution is an unscented stain remover strong enough to remove everything from blood to wine to grass to yellow armpit stains from any washable fabrics. It’s a powerful solution to all of your laundry stain problems. (Add these secret laundry ingredients to your next load.)

Enthusiastic user review: I have been using spray and wash for years on the kids’ clothes with disappointing results. This stuff isn’t as easy to use—but it really works. I used it on deodorant stains on delicate clothes and also to remove snow cone stains on a white cotton t-shirt. Very happy!”Amazon customer

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Dreft Stain Remover and Dreft Stain Pen

If you only think of Dreft as a delicate laundry detergent for babying baby clothes, it’s time to rethink the brand. This Dreft Stain Remover and Dreft Stain Pen bundle is a powerhouse stain fighter. Don’t let the plant based ingredients fool you, it works hard and delivers results on baby and adult-size stains. (By the way, have you heard of this surprising laundry trick?)

Enthusiastic user review: “Took green sharpie permanent marker out really well! It’s not perfect, but way more than I had hoped! Sprayed, rubbed, let sit, and washed. Did this twice and the results are in the pictures.”—Rob

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OxiClean Baby Stain Remover

OxiClean doesn’t play around. Their baby stain remover can lift even previously set stains! Gasp! Simply soak stained clothes in the solution between one and six hours, then wash as normal. You can use OxiClean to treat spots on any washable fabrics, like clothes, stroller and car seat inserts and bedding. Soon you’ll be asking, “What stains?”

Enthusiastic user review: Incredible results! I used this on four garments that my newborn had pooped on. The stains had set and been run through the wash twice already. Well, after soaking them for four hours in this product they came out, using what I have to imagine is some magical formula. This is a must-have for any parent!”—Metro West Mama

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White Brite Laundry Whitener

Got rust stains? Dirt stains? Dingy whites? Hit ’em with a dose of White Brite laundry whitener before laundering and watch all sorts of yellowing and rusty stains disappear. It can even reverse color bleeding. Whiter, brighter laundry ahead!

Enthusiastic user review: “They are this white without even hitting the washing machine yet!”—Mel C. 

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Emergency Stain Rescue

Laundry emergencies don’t only happen on clothes. Emergency stain rescue is fantastic to have on hand for removing stains in the car, on the couch or from the carpet. The on-the-spot application is as easy as spray, blot and rinse. P.S. It comes in a travel-size version for wine spills and coffee drip emergencies on the road. (Here’s how to boost your laundry detergent with natural enhancements.)

Enthusiastic user review: This actually works! I have old ramen stains on my bed skirt from last year (yes I’m lazy and apparently a very messy eater) and this lifted them right out! I just applied it on the stain, sprayed cold water on top and blotted with paper towel.”—Geneva Fong

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Defunkify Stain Remover Spray

This stain remover is made with ingredients approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program. Defunkify stain remover spray is scentless and strong enough to remove makeup from white face masks and chocolate ice cream from white clothes. It also takes care of sweat stains and odors. No more stink, no more stains!

Enthusiastic user review: “LOVE this! It got raspberry stains out of my toddler’s white shirt and I feel even better knowing it doesn’t have harsh toxins that would come into contact with my son’s skin. Found my new family favorite! #Momwin”—K Mom

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*User reviews edited for clarity and grammar.

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