Before and After Oven Cleaning Photos You Have to See to Believe

What's more satisfying than seeing an oven go from "gross" to like-new? Check out these incredible before and after oven reveals—then maybe try a new oven cleaner in your kitchen.

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Stardrops The Pink Stuff Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste

Anyone with a TikTok account has probably seen The Pink Stuff go viral. And it’s not JUST the happy pink color that’s so great. The British cleaning paste is an effective cream cleaner often used by professional house cleaners on everything from scorched pots and pans to ceramic tiles to the messiest ovens. Did we mention it has over 30,000 positive Amazon user reviews and counting! (We’ve reviewed it too!)

Enthusiastic user review: “Five years of oven use and neglect and 20 mins of elbow grease. This stuff is amazing!”—Erbium

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Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner

If you only think of Goo Gone as a residue or sticker remover, think again.  Goo Gone oven and grill cleaner is a fume-free foam that makes quick work of grease and grime without a long soaking time. Buh-bye baked on carbon deposits. Here’s how to clean the oven without scrubbing.

Enthusiastic user review: This stuff is AMAZING. We did have to put elbow grease in and also use a pot scrubber but boy oh boy. This stuff. Immediately starts loosening up the gunk as soon as you spray. Definitely worth the money.”—CandyCurlz

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Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner

Our Test Kitchen named Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max oven cleaner as the best oven cleaner. It gets your oven and stove clean fast. It’s up to serious clean up jobs, and a lot of users use it for spot cleaning after a particularly greasy meal. We’re looking at you fried chicken.

Enthusiastic user review: Do you have a self-cleaning oven but you or your significant other cooks meals that make messes beyond the oven’s self cleaning abilities? Well then, this is for you. And if you’re REALLY messy, spray it on thick, close the door and come back the next day and scrub with a copper scouring pad. Watch it turn all that baked on grease into a piece of cake. My wife is Southern. She cooks southern. I like my oven to look new. Those two facts contradict each other. Easy-Off makes my life easier.”—Ty

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Mr. Clean Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist Multi-Surface Spray

Looking for a multi-surface spray strong enough to clean the oven, and gentle enough to remove fingerprints on stainless steel appliances? Mr. Clean has the product for you. The secret to Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist multi-surface spray is the power nozzle for three times the cleaning power. Spritz, spritz—clean!

Enthusiastic user review: “The ultimate producer to clean anything. Cleaning my stainless steel appliances with a micro fiber towel = EPIC. I’ve been fighting to get my stainless steel appliances clean and shiny—wasted money on so many products. I was done in 20 minutes cleaning fridge, dishwasher, stove and microwave. Insane. I’m hooked.”—Violet Davis

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Diversey Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner

It’s time to break up with the old way you cleaned the oven and get together with Diversey Break-Up Professional oven and grill cleaner. This aerosol product gets to work on cold or warm ovens and is strong enough to use on grills, broilers and ventilating hoods. Um, when’s the last time you cleaned your ventilating hood?

Enthusiastic user review: This product wowed me! The before and after photos were after only one 30-minute application. I didn’t even have to scrub! The grease came off so easily with a damp sponge.”—Gunny’s Mom

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Weiman Oven & Grill Cleaner

Food tastes better in a clean oven. Weiman Oven and Grill cleaner is a two-for-one cleaner and degreaser. It actually protects oven and grill grates from rusting, deteriorating and harboring bacteria. That’s serious cleaning and better tasting food.

Enthusiastic user review: “This product makes my life easy, lol! 😆 It works in just minutes—I would recommend 💯.”—Glendia
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GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner

If an oven cleaner is going to put “miracle” in the name, it better deliver results. And GP66 Green Miracle cleaner actually is a cleaning miracle in a bottle. The American-made formula cleans the toughest dirt, grease and grime from just about anything—including the oven.

Enthusiastic user review: I used this to clean my five-year-old oven. It cleaned almost like new. I’m very happy with the result.”—Amazon Customer

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Norwex Cleaning Paste

Norwex is an eco-conscious cult favorite cleaning brand—seriously. This Norwegian brand tests every ingredient for safety and has a “no-no” list of chemicals they won’t use. What’s more impressive is that their cleaning products work like a dream. The Norwex cleaning paste blasts through oven grime, and is still safe enough to clean glass coffee pots. Sold!

Enthusiastic user review: “This is the perfect product for cleaning the glass cooktop on your stove or the grimy glass on the inside of your oven door. I am so pleased also that this cleaning product only has three ingredients and none of them are harmful to my health or my family’s. It takes so little to do an amazing job. It will last a very long time. Great job, Norwex!”—Jan Coffman

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