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The 9 Best Baby Food Delivery Options

You want the best for your baby, especially when it comes to what they're eating. And with the best baby food delivery services out there, that's never been easier!

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Nurture Life

Nurture Life offers baby food plus meals for toddlers and kids, too. Developed with help from pediatricians, Nurture Life provides balanced meals, even for picky eaters. It takes less than three minutes to prep and heat each meal, so you’ll cut way back on the time you spend preparing food that your kids may not eat anyway. In other words, more time spent with your little ones. That’s a win-win!

Price: Starts at $45 per week

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Little Spoon

Little Spoon uses fresh, organic ingredients to create unique baby food blends. Look out for blends like sweet potato with apple, blueberry and flax or carrot and apple with ginger. The variety of flavors and ingredients help make sure your baby has a well-rounded diet.

Price: Starts at $25 per week

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Raised Real

Raised Real offers a different take on baby food purees. The organic foods are delivered as small bite-sized chunks. You have the option of pureeing it, mashing it coarsely or leaving it as finger food for your baby or toddler. With unique flavor combos such as beet, sweet potato, date, cinnamon and coconut butter (all in one pack!) your baby will never get bored.

Price: Starts at $5 per meal

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The Yumi menu changes weekly and includes single-flavor purees, smooth soups and chunky puddings and bowls. Think your baby won’t eat borscht? Think again. You may want to sample this baby food yourself! Find more first food ideas for your baby.

Price: Starts at $5 per meal

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Once Upon a Farm

Once Upon a Farm delivers fresh, organic baby food without the stress or mess of making it yourself. You can order a single pouch or schedule a delivery of 24 pouches every one, two or three weeks. Does the Once Upon a Farm name sound familiar? It’s co-founded by Jennifer Garner.

Price: $65 for 24 pouches

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Fresh Belliesvia

Fresh Bellies

Looking for a baby food delivery service that packs flavor? Then meet Fresh Bellies. Your little ones will love the exciting flavor combos. You’ll love that it’s organic and preservative-free. Fresh Bellies touts that it doesn’t mask the flavor of vegetables by adding fruit; they “celebrate the savory” and allow your child’s palate to develop.

This is how you know when to start baby food.

Price: Starts at $7 for a two-pack

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Tummy Thymevia

Tummy Thyme

Tummy Thyme offers fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, legumes, grains and non-GMO proteins. Everything is cooked fresh and then flash frozen into signature cubes. Each cube is 3.5 ounces and once defrosted, you can keep the cube in the fridge for two days. This is the baby yogurt we’d recommend for dessert.

Price: Starts at $42 per two weeks

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Yumble delivers healthy food choices for toddlers and preschoolers. The Yumble meals can be helpful when you have picky eaters and want nutritious foods your kid will want to eat! Each meal is delivered in its own packet, making Yumble a good option for dinner at home or lunch at school.

Price: Starts at $8 per meal

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Little Foodie Club

The baby food purees are organic and hand-made in small batches. What more could you want from your baby food? In addition to baby food purees, Little Foodie Club also offers a plan called 21 Days to Solids. It helps transition your baby from formula or breast milk to solid foods.

Learn more about how to start solids.

Price: Starts at $140 per month

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