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The Best Candy for Your Easter Basket

If you're looking for the best Easter candy for your family's baskets this year, you're in luck. Just a few of these sweet, hoppin' delicious goodies will have you all set for the big day!

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best easter candy Reeses Peanut Butter Bunnyvia

Reese’s Peanut Butter Bunny

The little bunny packs ten times the peanut butter into a decadent chocolate shell for an Easter treat that can’t be beat! Did you get your hands on White Creme Reese’s cups this year?

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Bunny Hop Crate best easter candyvia

Olive & Cocoa Bunny Hop Crate

Your dream Easter candy basket is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Olive & Cocoa’s bunny hop crate is filled with Easter favorites—from Jordan almonds to marshmallow pops.

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best easter candy Black Forest Spring Snacksvia

Black Forest Spring Snacks

Nothing says “springtime” quite like a gathering of adorable woodland creatures. These fruit snacks come in the shapes of chicks, bunnies and birds and are made with real fruit juice.

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Rainbow Sparkle Jelly Bird Eggs best easter candyvia

Rainbow Sparkle Jelly Bird Eggs

These cute little jelly bean-esque treats come in a variety of shiny, shimmery colors and totally scream Easter. Cherry, orange, lemon, lime, blue raspberry and grape are what you can expect in this pack.

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best easter candy Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Jelly Beansvia

Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Jelly Beans

These adorable green and pink Sour Patch Kids jelly beans are just a little bit more exciting than the normal ones. Watermelon is the sweet, springy flavor we all need in our lives (and baskets) this season.

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Cadbury Creme Egg best easter candyvia

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Everyone’s favorite Easter treat is back in a 4-pack. Nobunny’s Easter basket is complete without some Cadbury Creme Eggs!

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best easter candy Kit Kat Easter Lemon Crisp Miniaturesvia

Lemon Crisp Kit Kats

Lemon Crisp Kit Kats are loaded with the best flavors of spring, making them a perfect addition to any Easter basket.

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best easter candy Ghirardelli Chocolate Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunnyvia

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunnies

A melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bunny with a gooey caramel center? Don’t mind if we do! Here’s how traditional chocolate bunnies stacked up in our taste test.

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Nerds Easter Rope best easter candyvia

Nerds Easter Rope

Did somebody say Nerds? Talk about nostalgia! This amazing Easter-themed rope is everything you need this season. Grab one all for yourself or tear and share with friends and family!

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best easter candy Mini Robin Easter Eggs Mini Cartonvia

Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs

These colorful malted milk chocolate balls add a nestful of fun to Easter candy baskets. Big fan of malted chocolate? Sweeten up Easter with this chocolate malted cookies recipe.

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best easter candy Rocky Road Egg 560 Candy Cut Alt3via

Rocky Road Egg

Everyone loves the crunchy, fluffy, chocolatey nature that is rocky road. This time around, take that marshmallow madness and turn it into a super cute 9.5-ounce chocolate egg!

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best easter candy LINDOR Easter Spring Neapolitan White Chocolate Truffles Bagvia

Lindt Lindor Neapolitan White Chocolate Truffles

The decadency of Lindt Lindor truffles just can’t be matched. These are the classiest treats to add to your pastel Easter basket.

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best easter candy Skittles Filled Easter Eggvia

Skittles Easter Egg

Skittles are the fruit candy staples we indulge in all year round, but we just can’t deny they taste better in egg form.

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best easter candy DOVE Solid Milk Chocolate Bunnyvia

Dove Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

For a classic bunny that feeds your childhood nostalgia as much as your sweet tooth, try Dove’s solid milk chocolate bunny. It even ranked pretty highly in our chocolate bunny taste test!

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best easter candy Butterfinger Chocolate Nesteggs Easter Candyvia

Butterfinger NestEggs

Did you know Butterfingers come in egg shape? We didn’t either, but we know what we’re nibbling on this Easter!

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best easter candy Lindt Chocolate Carrotsvia

Lindt Chocolate Carrots

What’s up, Doc? While these “carrots” aren’t quite vegetables, they’re still fun to munch on.

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best easter candy SweeTARTS Chicks, Ducks and Bunniesvia

Sweetarts Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies

A little sweet, a bit sour. We adore these adorable, chewy Easter animal-shaped bites!

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best easter candy Ferrero Rocher Easter Hazelnut Chocolatesvia

Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates

Ferrero Rocher’s hazelnut chocolates bring the luxury to your Easter basket, and they taste as beautiful as they look. Pair them with these homemade Easter candy recipes.

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best easter candy Hershey Kisses, Easter Egg Hunt Milk Chocolate Candyvia

Hershey’s Egg Hunt Kisses

If you’re looking for a super sweet way to fill up your candy bowl, look no further than these decadent Kisses! Eat ’em on their own or add them to our best chocolate kisses recipes.

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best easter candy Reese's Pieces Shake & Break Milk Chocolate Easter Eggvia

Reese’s Pieces Shake & Break Egg

We were big Shake & Break Reese’s Pieces egg fans back when it was first announced in November of 2019, and for good reason! These eggs are utterly irresistible.

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best easter candy STARBURST FaveREDs® Jellybeans, Easter candyvia

Starburst Jelly Beans

What’s Easter candy without a little tanginess? These Starburst jelly beans pack in some sour with all that sweetness. Warning: you won’t be able to put these down.

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best easter candy Peeps Easter Rainbow Marshmallowvia

Peeps Rainbow Pop

Love ’em or hate ’em, Peeps are an Easter staple. Enjoy all that sugar-encrusted goodness on-the-go thanks to this Peeps pop.

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best easter candy Cadbury Easter Shimmer Mini Eggsvia

Cadbury Shimmer Eggs

These mini shimmer eggs add some glitter and decadency to your Easter basket. Don’t count on eating just one!

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best easter candy Crushed Lemonheadvia

Crushed Lemonheads

A little bit of lemon never hurt anyone! If you’re a fan of lemon candy and love the color yellow, this new take on your favorite Lemonheads treat will have you squinting and smiling all day.

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