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The Best Iced Tea Maker and Other Tools Necessary to Make the Perfect Iced Tea

Love iced tea? You're going to need a great iced tea maker. Read on for our favorites, plus all the accessories necessary to pour the perfect cup.

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Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker

This iced tea maker is Amazon’s #1 best seller for a reason: It can brew 2 quarts of tea from either bags or loose leaves, with an automatic shutoff and a cleaning cycle to keep the machine running in top shape. Here’s what to do with the tea bags when you’re done brewing.

Why it made our list: This pitcher can be used to make iced coffee, too, eliminating the need to have multiple appliances in your kitchen.

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Whether you’re enjoying your iced tea indoors or out in the sun, you’ll need to protect your table from a sweating glass. These pretty hyacinth coasters add a beachy vibe to your table while soaking up any moisture from your drink.

Why it made our list: Despite being handcrafted, these coasters are still wallet-friendly at only $13 for six.

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Primula The Big Iced Tea Maker

If you love greeting guests with a tall glass of iced tea, this extra-large brewer is the perfect choice. It brews a full gallon of tea in just a few seconds—simply fill the infuser with your favorite tea bags or leaves and fill the pitcher with cold water.

Why it made our list: Not only can the infuser handle teas, but you can also place fruits and herbs inside to create your own custom iced tea recipe.

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Glass Pitcher

A classic pitcher is a must-have in any iced tea lover’s collection. This simple 86-ounce glass pitcher is a gorgeous way to serve up your favorite iced tea, sangria, lemonade or any other chilled summertime drink in style.

Why it made our list: This pitcher features a sturdy ergonomic handle, so you can pour the perfect glass with ease.

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Silver Iced-Tea Spoon

There’s nothing like a glass of slightly sweetened iced tea—except for when your spoonful of sugar or honey makes its way to the bottom of the glass. This iced-tea spoon features an extra-long handle for easy stirring, no sticky fingers necessary.

Why it made our list: With its simple, classic style, this spoon does the trick while costing you less than $5.

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Bodum Tea for One

Sometimes all you want is just one single cup of tea without having to brew an entire batch. This Bodum cup offers a perfect solution, brewing a single serving of loose-leaf tea within an insulated glass to keep the drink as cold as you like it.

Why it made our list: This double-walled glass works on hot teas, too, so you can use it well into winter.

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Mesh Tea Balls

Cut down on the waste created by single-use tea bags by switching to reusable tea balls. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re budget-conscious too, costing you only $6 for a pack of two durable mesh balls.

Why it made our list: These tea balls use high-quality stainless steel, so you never have to worry about escaped tea leaves floating in your drink.

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Double Wall Glass Cups

Nobody likes a sweaty drink, which is why these double-walled cups are a great alternative to traditional iced tea glasses. They’re still made of glass, but are insulated to both keep your drink cooler for longer and cut down on condensation.

Why it made our list: You can buy these cups in packs of two, four or six, so you can customize your set to your home’s needs.

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