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The 10 Best KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachments You Can Buy

These are the best KitchenAid attachments money can buy.

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Gourmet Pasta Press

If a trip to Italy doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t fret. You can make your own fresh pasta at home. This gourmet press makes it easy to whip up six shapes of pasta: spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fusilli and large or small macaroni. To use the attachment, just connect it to your stand mixer’s power hub and add your favorite homemade dough. (Here’s how to make pasta dough.) The mixer’s motor will force the dough through the press, creating the selected pasta shape. All you need to do is trim the pasta with the built-in wire cutter once it reaches your desired length.

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If you’re a fan of the veggie noodle trend, this spiralizer attachment is for you. Sharp blades and your stand mixer’s motor quickly spiralize zucchini, squash, potatoes and other produce. Five different blades create a variety of cuts, from tight and thin spaghetti-like spirals to thick ribbons. Since this attachment relies on your mixer’s power hub (as opposed to manual labor!), it’s the perfect pick for a dish that requires a lot of spiralized veggies, like these Tequila Lime Shrimp Zoodles.

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Ice Cream Maker

A serving of fresh, creamy ice cream is mere minutes away, thanks to this bowl attachment. Simply pop the bowl in the freezer overnight, attach the rotating paddle and add your favorite frozen dessert recipe. We’re big fans of these homemade ice cream recipes, but you can also make sorbet, gelato or frozen yogurt. Pass the sprinkles, please!

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Sifter and Scale

Skip the time-consuming process of measuring and sifting your dry ingredients—this attachment does it for you! When connected to the mixer’s power hub, the attachment makes quick work of weighing, incorporating and sifting ingredients. And since the scale is removable, you can use it for wet ingredients, too. Read our review of the sifter attachment.

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Food Grinder

Have you ever mixed a dish by hand, only to feel like your arm is about to fall off from exhaustion? If so, you need this food grinder attachment. When connected to your mixer’s power hub, it makes quick work of grinding meats, making breadcrumbs, grating cheese and combining ingredients.

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Food Processor

You’ll no longer need a bulky food processor, thanks to this KitchenAid attachment. The gadget attaches to your mixer’s power hub, and a collection of discs make dicing, slicing or julienning ingredients a snap. For extra precision, simply adjust the sliding slicing lever to control the thickness of each cut. Use your processed bounty to make one of our top salsa recipes, potato pancakes and much more.

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Pasta Cutter

Want to make pasta like a pro? Then you need this sheet cutter. Once connected to the stand mixer’s power hub, it slices pasta sheets into perfect noodles—just choose between the thick-cut Lasagnette Cutter or thin-cut Capellini Cutter. In just minutes you’ll have made pasta that would make an Italian grandmother proud.

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Juicer and Sauce Attachment

If your morning routine involves a fresh-pressed glass of green juice, it’s worth adding this attachment to your kitchen. Designed to expertly create juices, sauces and jams, this add-on gadget can replace other bulky, stand-alone appliances. Plus, choose between three different pulp screens to ensure your final product has the perfect texture.

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Slicer and Shredder

Store-bought shredded cheese is convenient, but it can’t hold a candle to the freshly shredded kind. This attachment makes it easy to shred (or slice!) cheese, produce and other ingredients. To use, simply connect the attachment to your stand mixer’s power hub, pop in the desired blade and feed ingredients into the chamber. It couldn’t be easier! Put that shredded cheese to work in one of these cheesy recipes.

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Grain Mill

Buying pre-ground grains at the store can get expensive. Plus, you’re taking a gamble that the oat flour you picked out is still fresh. Luckily, there’s a better way. This KitchenAid attachment makes it easy to mill your own grains. Simply connect the attachment to your mixer’s power hub, pick a whole grain (such as corn, rice or wheat) and choose a grind consistency level. Then, feed the grain through the chute and let the machine work its magic.

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