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9 Recipes That Make Us Think of Bing Crosby

Learn more about this crooner through food.

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'Hollywood on Parade' Film - 1932 - Bing Crosby GTV ARCHIVE Rohauer/Granada InternationalITV/REX/Shutterstock

Known for his smooth baritone voice, Bing Crosby has held a special place in our hearts since the Great Depression. Here are the recipes that remind us of this talented singer and actor.

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Cherry Bounce

Bing Crosby’s real name was Harry Lillis Crosby. So where’d he get the nickname “Bing”? From his favorite comic strip growing up: Bingville Bugle. He read it so much, people started calling him “Bing.” This cherry bounce, which uses sweet Bing cherries, reminds us of this crooner.
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Crumb-Topped Salmon

Bing Crosby was born and raised in Washington State. He lived in Tacoma, attended college in Spokane and moved to L.A. in his 20s. Washington has an abundant supply of fresh salmon, which is why it reminds us of Mr. Crosby.
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Chicken And Wild Rice Bake Exps Hca18 3740 B08 25 5b 4

Chicken and Wild Rice Bake

Bing grew up in a large family. He was one of seven children. SEVEN! We bet his mother had her hands full, and was definitely in need of some dinners that could feed a crowd, like this chicken and wild rice casserole.
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Irish Soda Bread Exps Sdfm18 399 D03 07 7b 9

Classic Irish Soda Bread

Bing had Irish blood, with his mother being a second generation Irish-American. Practically every Irish family has a special recipe for Irish soda bread that’s been passed down generations. Here’s our favorite.
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Homemade Irish Cream

Bing was a talented entertainer, making it big as both an actor and a singer. One of his most famous movie roles was Father Charles “Chuck” O’Malley in Going My Way. This homemade Irish cream reminds us of this character’s Irish roots.
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Country Fish Chowder Exps Sbz19 3580 C09 14 7b

Country Fish Chowder

While the Depression was a hard time for most, Bing actually became a millionaire at this time. Perhaps his voice was the comfort everyone needed to hear—especially while eating an inexpensive dinner, like this fish chowder.
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White Christmas Cake Exps Hca17 783 B12 15 10b 1

White Christmas Cake

Perhaps his most famous and beloved movie role was as Bob Wallace in White Christmas. I’ve been watching this with my mom every Christmas since I was a little girl. How can you not pop it in and start singing, “I’m dreamin’ of a White Christmas…”?
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Orange Lemonade

What do Bing Crosby and Minute Maid orange juice have in common? Well, Mr. Crosby was actually a large investor in the Minute Maid Company. He began endorsing it on his radio program in the late 1940s and eventually starred in commercials with his family.
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Mama's Million-Dollar Fudge

It’s no surprise this singing, dancing and acting entertainer was a huge success in his day. He serenaded us over and over again in movies, television and on the radio. This multimillionaire deserves some million-dollar fudge.

Emily Racette Parulski
Emily Racette Parulski is a Senior Editor for Taste of Home, specializing in email newsletters. When she’s not writing about food, she’s baking something sweet to feed her chocolate obsession.

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