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9 Candle Accessories to Get the Most Burn for Your Buck

Help your candles burn their best with these must-have candle accessories.

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Candle Wick Trimmervia

Wick Trimmer

If you’re not in the habit of trimming your candle’s wick, it’s time to start. A shorter wick burns more cleanly—preventing dangerously tall flames—and also promotes smooth, even wax melt. While you could use a pair of scissors, a wick trimmer is perfectly designed for the job. It has a long handle suited for trimming even the narrowest jar candle, and a built-in debris tray makes for easy cleanup.

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Candle Snuffervia

Candle Snuffer

Yes, your grandma owns one of these—and you should, too. Not only does this snuffer look gorgeous on display next to your favorite candle, but it also extinguishes lit flames with ease. Plus, it’s safer than the good ol’ blowing out method, which can spread hot wax.

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Rechargeable Lightervia

Rechargeable Lighter

A lighter that you never have to replace? Sign us up! This USB-powered lighter relies on a lithium-ion battery instead of fuel, and you can use it up to 300 times on a single charge. It’s also flameless, which makes lighting outdoor candles on a windy night a breeze.

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Candle Toppervia

Candle Topper

Candles are gorgeous on their own, but a chic topper can take your jar to the next level. And—bonus!—it helps your candle burn better. This pewter floral design guards against drafts and keeps the flame nice and steady. Also check out how to fix candle tunneling (and prevent it from happening again.)

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Wick Dippervia

Wick Dipper

For an extinguishing tool that’s less bulky than a traditional snuffer, try a wick dipper. This simple item helps you push your candle wick into the melted wax, dousing the flame. Just make sure you pull the wick back out before the wax hardens! Try it with one of our favorite food-scented candles.

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Tea Light Holdersvia

Tea Light Holders

Tea lights look pretty on any occasion, but we’re particularly smitten with this rustic pine tree holder. It’s ideal for a coffee table, mantle or any area of your home that needs a little hygge. (Just make sure you curl up with a mug of Cozy Hot Chocolate once it’s lit).

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Barrett Cast Candle Trays Ovia

Candle Tray

When you have several beloved candles, it can be tricky to display them all at once. That’s why we love this cast-iron candle tray. Available in both rectangular and circular shapes, it’s large enough to hold several candles of various sizes.

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Fireside Safety Matchesvia


Say goodbye to matches that burn your fingers. These extra-long fireside lighters are ideal for sparking extra-deep jars or a bunch of candles all at once. Plus, their blush tips and apothecary-style jar make these matches pretty enough to leave out in the open.

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Candle Holdervia

Candle Holder

Take your candle to new heights—literally. This elevated holder combines trendy mixed materials to lift your favorite 3-wick jar onto centerstage. Don’t miss our guide on how to make candles last longer.

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