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15 Foods That Celine Dion Loves

She may have an air of sophistication, but Celine Dion still admits that she loves hot dogs.

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Celine Dion at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Beauty And The Beast' held at the El Capitan Theatre in HollywoodShutterstock / Tinseltown

Celine Dion is a superstar who has been belting out ballads since the 1980s. Her most well-known songs (think “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” and “My Heart Will Go On”) are legends. Here are 15 foods Celine loves to eat—even when she’s on tour!

Psst… Celine isn’t the only superstar from Quebec. The region produced close to 8 million gallons of this condiment each year.

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Celine was born and raised in Quebec and had a French-speaking family, so it’s no surprise that her go-to breakfast is a flaky croissant. We bet she’d love a buttery crescent roll, too.
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Meat Tarts

Celine’s late husband René was of Syrian and Lebanese descent, and her favorite appetizer recipe is a tribute to his heritage. Sfihas are Mediterranean meat tarts usually made with ground lamb, and these Armenian pizzas are very similar.
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Kids' Food

With three young sons, she’s no stranger to getting clever with her cooking. Celine made “mummified” hot dogs with them one Halloween and shared the image on her Instagram.

Here are 100 more cooking ideas to get your kids into the kitchen.

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Mini Cream Puffs

Her wedding cake was a croquembouche—also known as a tower made of mini cream puffs. Mini cream puffs make an excellent party dessert, though you don’t have to pile yours quite as high.
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Honey Bagels Exps Fbmz16 24385 C05 19 4b 1


Celine grew up near Montreal, where you can hardly go a block without running into a bagel shop. She has undoubtedly eaten a few bagels in her life, because what’s not to love? (Learn how to make bagels at home!)
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Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs Exps59185 Sd2847494b02 15 5bc Rms 3

Hot Dogs

She was photographed in a Versace dress eating a hot dog from a street cart in New York after the Met Gala; we recommend wearing slightly less expensive clothes when eating our bacon-wrapped dogs.

Don’t miss all our hot dog recipes!

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Fresh Fruit

Like many musicians, Celine requests that concert venues stock her dressing room. She always requests fresh fruit like pineapple and melon, so this beautiful bowl would surely be welcomed.
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Homemade Potato Chips Exps Wrsm17 39614 C03 22 1b 8

Potato Chips

Her rider has also stipulated that potato chips be left in her dressing room, though only specific flavors. (She likes Salt & Vinegar chips—who knew?)
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Ravioli with Duck Confit was on the menu for Celine and René’s wedding reception—what an event that must’ve been! This version is perfect for dinner at home. Don’t miss all our best pasta recipes.
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Toasted Reubens Exps19010 Sd143203c10 17 4bc Rms 2

Reuben Sandwich

As part owner of Schwartz’s Deli in Montreal, she must know a thing or two about deli foods like the classic Reuben sandwich. Serve with a dill pickle spear for authenticity! Learn how to make your own Reuben sandwich.
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Double Nut Stuffed Figs Exps129464 Thhc2377565b09 05 6bc Rms 2

Fancy Figs

Celine has been known to request Bavarian figs and French cherries before a show, and we think she’d find these stuffed figs to be très bien.
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This is another classic Canadian dish. Granted, she probably doesn’t eat it too often in order to maintain her svelte figure, but a dish like this worth the splurge.
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Birthday Cake

Celine’s Instagram has several photos of her posing with cake, and we know she’d love this moist, scrumptious double-chocolate confection. (If you ever run into problems when you’re making cake, be sure to consult our troubleshooting guide.)
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Easy Cornish Pasties Exps5888 Egb143305b10 03 4b Rms 1

Meat Pies

Tourtieres are Canadian meat pies that hail from Quebec, just like Celine. They’re essentially pie crusts stuffed with beef or pork, similar to this pasty recipe. They’re so comforting, they’d be impossible not to love.
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Garlic Chive Baked Fries Exps136044 Thhc2236536a05 20 10bc Rms 5

French Fries

She filmed a video for Vogue in which she struts through the streets of Paris in a fancy dress and makes a pit stop to eat some fries. The lady has her priorities straight.

Psst…Anyone who loves French fries will want to see this.

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