20 Gifts for Cheese Lovers That Are Sure to Please

You'll want to get your hands on our best gifts for cheese lovers. These "grate" items are practical, fun and just a little bit cheesy.

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Monogram Serving Board

Most cheese fanatics already have some sort of cutting board for serving up their favorite fruit and cheese spread. Treat them to something extra special, though, with this monogram serving board. In marble, brushed brass and wood, this serving tray checks all the trendy boxes. For extra oomph, pair it with some of these other cheese board gift ideas, too.

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Fondue Set

A charcuterie board isn’t the only way to enjoy cheese at a soiree. Making a rich, cheesy fondue is oh-so-satisfying—especially when served with plenty of dippable ingredients. If you can’t get grandma to part with her fondue pot, try this stunning cast-iron fondue set. It’s one of those gifts for cheese lovers that will never go out of style!

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Cheese Tee

Let everyone at dinner know that you’ll be snagging the last mozzarella stick when you wear this silly cheese tee. It’s available in two gray hues and a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

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Delight your cheesiest friends with Curdbox, a cheese subscription service. Each monthly delivery contains three kinds of cheese and three artisanal accouterments perfect for building a charcuterie board. Inside there’s also a card with some wine pairing recommendations so you can go all out with your spread.

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Classic Wood Cheese Board

To build a perfect cheese board for your next shindig, start with a classic wood serving board. Be sure to load it up with all different cheeses, meats, crackers and other snackable items. Here’s our guide to cheese knives to get a perfect slice.

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Cheesy Art

Add some personality to your kitchen with a framed print featuring all of the best cheeses. Small touches like this help refresh your kitchen decor.

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Cheese Vault

Keeping your cheese fresh can be a challenge (if it ever lasts more than a few days!). But if you find yourself with a refrigerator shelf full of half-eaten blocks and wedges, you just might want to consolidate with a silicone cheese vault. The vault won’t lock your cheese away with a combination, but it does lock in flavor and freshness. Really! We tested it! It’s well worth the investment to save every last morsel of Gouda, cheddar and chevre.

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Cheese Knife Set

When it comes to gifts for cheese lovers, we know that your cheesy friends already have the basics. So for the gifting season, treat them to something next-level. These Laguiole cheese knives look like something right out of a French bistro. The three unique shapes are perfect for slicing different varieties of cheese from soft Brie to harder Manchego. Learn more about cheese knives.

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Cheesemaking Kit

Know a friend that’s serious about cheese? Maybe that friend is you? Well, why not try your hand at making some yourself! With just a few ingredients you can make your own mozzarella, burrata and more. In this cheesemaking kit, there’s enough gear to make more than six pounds of cheese. That’s plenty for you to show off to your friends.

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Charcuterie Earrings

Show off your love for all things snack with these adorable charcuterie earrings from Baublebar. They’re sparkly, silly and a total statement. Be sure to wear them to your next cocktail party for maximum compliments.

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Cheese Plane

Need budget-friendly gifts for cheese lovers? They’ll love gliding this cheese plane over a block of cheddar for sandwich-ready slices.

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Cheese Markers

You don’t want anyone confusing that white cheddar with jack cheese on your cheese tray, do you? So why not grab a few cheese markers. These slate signs can be written on with a chalk pen and wiped clean for your next party.

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Brie Baking Dish

Baked Brie is one of those appetizers that always goes fast, whether you’re hosting a casual book club or your family’s holiday dinner. This stoneware Brie baking dish is the perfect size for these cheesy appetizers and it looks gorgeous on your snack buffet.

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Cheese Puzzle

Enjoy a quiet day at home with cheese and crackers for a snack and this charcuterie puzzle. Featuring a bountiful image of cheeses, fruits and more, this jigsaw is a great way to unwind. Once you’ve finished, check out more food puzzles.

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Lazy Susan Cheese Board

Make sure everyone can reach the Roquefort with this lazy susan cheese board. This board is large enough to accommodate everything from cheeses to pickles to crackers to nuts. Be sure to pack it full and give it a spin as you enjoy.

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Rotary Grater

Do you know someone that never says “stop” to the waiter grating Parmesan over their pasta? (Or are you that person?) This is the perfect gift. A restaurant-style rotary grater is a perfect way to add fresh cheese to your favorite dishes—not to mention it’s darn fun to use. We also suggest checking out this highly recommended viral rotary cheese grater.

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Cheese Spreaders

When creating a snack spread for your next party, make sure you’ve got plenty of utensils. You don’t want the knife for the blue cheese mingling with the spoon for the jam after all. This set of wooden spreaders is great for slicing into soft cheeses, scooping up marmalades and more.

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The New Rules of Cheese

Consider The New Rules of Cheese by Anne Saxelby to be your ultimate guide to cheese—and one of the best gifts for cheese lovers. Inside, learn the proper way to slice and store different kinds of cheeses along with tips on pairing and enjoying. It also makes a great coffee table book!

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Box Grater

Freshly grated cheese beats the pre-shredded stuff any day. This KitchenAid box grater is a great way to start shredding your own cheddar. The rubberized bottom keeps the grater in place so it won’t wander all over your counter.

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Cheddar Cheese Powder

What’s better than fresh popcorn? Fresh cheese popcorn. The easiest way to make this tempting snack is with a few shakes of Better Cheddar Cheese Powder; it adds tremendous cheesy flavor. But don’t stop with just popcorn! You can shake this powder made with real cheese over garlic bread, soups, baked potatoes and much more.

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