5 Best Cheese of the Month Clubs That Are Too ‘Gouda’ to Resist

A cheese of the month club that delivers straight to your door? It doesn't get much 'grater' than that! Choose from these options for every cheese lover.

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For some people, flowers are the way to their hearts. For others, it’s baked goods like cookies. And for others still, it’s cheese. I’m in that last camp, and while I was growing up, that might’ve been rare, but right now, cheese is in the middle of a renaissance. And thank goodness for that!

The rise in popularity of cheese boards has prompted a mainstream appreciation for cheeses other than your yellow cheddar and your holey Swiss. There’s Manchego, Gruyere, Camembert, Stilton and so much more to explore. Yes, even the ooey-gooey and the ultra-pungent deserve their flowers.

One straightforward way to experience a smattering of cheeses—and on a consistent basis—is by subscribing to a cheese of the month club. There are more than a dozen out there, and although there’s no such thing as too much cheese (at least in my book), you’ll probably only want to sign up for one. This list identifies first-class clubs that will fit your specific requirements, whether you’re looking to educate yourself on the beloved dairy product or support a small cheese-making business.

The Best Cheese of the Month Clubs

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Murrays Cheesemongers Picks Of The Month Club
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Best Overall

Murray’s Cheesemonger’s Picks of the Month Club

When it comes to food of the month clubs, Murray’s reigns supreme for its cheese of the month clubs. Yes, that means there are multiple, including Cheesemonger’s Picks, as well as those that focus on classic cheeses and cheese boards. We love the first on the list for its bold, outside-the-box cheeses from domestic and international cheesemakers.

Sure, we’re here for the hunks of cheese, but in each box, you’ll also find complementary extras, such as crackers, charcuterie and spreads, plus fun facts and serving tips so you can learn while you nibble. This subscription is straightforward in nature, so what makes it stand out is its exceptional content. No bells and whistles are needed for Murray’s and its cheeses to be the best.


  • Expertly curated
  • Extras, such as charcuterie and crackers
  • Offers a variety of other cheese clubs
  • 3-, 6- and 12-month subscriptions available


  • Most expensive on the list

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Harry & David Fruit And Cheese Club
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Best Budget

Harry & David Fruit and Cheese Club 

Averaging 4.7 stars, the Harry & David Fruit and Cheese Club is an all-time subscription for foodies. In each box, one artisanal cheese and one seasonal fruit team up to tantalize taste buds and take grazing boards to the next level. Before you even place your order, you’ll know what’s in store—the contents of the next 12 boxes are outlined on the website.

And they make so much sense, too! Cherries and Brie in July? Absolutely. Pears and blue cheese in December? Sign us up. Every intentional selection is meant to pair together—and with the time of year—all for a fair price. A yearlong subscription to this club costs hundreds—yes, hundreds!—less than some other clubs on this list.


  • Least expensive on the list
  • 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-month subscriptions available
  • In-season selections
  • Contents of boxes are preplanned


  • No extras, such as crackers, charcuterie, etc.

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Williams Sonoma 12 Months Of Us Cheese Subscription
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Best American-Made

Williams Sonoma 12 Months of US Cheese Subscription

From sea to shining sea, there’s good cheese to eat, and no subscription makes that quite so clear as the Williams Sonoma 12 Months of US Cheese Subscription. The yearlong service delivers Utah-, Washington-, Vermont-, Wisconsin- and California-sourced cheeses straight to your stoop. Over the course of 12 months, you’ll receive (and devour!) 39 cheeses, averaging about three types per box.

All of these are already outlined on the website because, similar to the Harry & David cheese of the month club, all the boxes are planned in advance. This is the ideal gift of the month for those who are after cheese and cheese alone, as these boxes don’t contain any additional nibbles.


  • 3-4 types of cheese per box
  • Entirely American-made
  • Ability to try a variety of cheeses from different parts of the country
  • Contents of boxes are preplanned


  • No accoutrements included
  • 12-month subscription only

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Igourmet International Cheese Subscription Box
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Best Educational

iGourmet International Cheese Subscription Box

Are you a cheesemonger in the making? Then the iGourmet International Cheese Subscription Box is the one for you. (iGourmet also has a club called Connoisseur’s Cheeses, similar to Murray’s cheese of the month club mentioned above.) In addition to the standard three or four cheeses and two gourmet pairings you receive in each box (mind you they’re from all over the world!), there’s the accompanying newsletter.

Thanks to the digital “boarding pass” you get upon purchasing, you’re able to explore the contents’ countries of origin, such as Ireland or France, and learn the history, pairings and flavor profile of each cheese. You and your crew will have so much fun discovering yummy tidbits about the equally yummy foods and cheeses inside each box.


  • Artisanal cheeses from all over the world
  • Informational newsletter
  • 3-, 6- or 12-month subscriptions available
  • Free shipping


  • On the pricier side

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Cheese Brothers Wisconsin Cheese Of The Month Club
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Best Small Business

Cheese Brothers Wisconsin Cheese of the Month Club 

Taste of Home headquarters is in Milwaukee, so perhaps we’re biased, but we like to think Wisconsin cheese is renowned for a reason. Cheese Brothers is one of the many producers that helps us hold onto our title of America’s dairyland. And with the company’s cheese of the month club, you can now enjoy its offerings no matter your proximity to the Midwest.

Small but with mighty-good reviews, Cheese Brothers includes three to four unprocessed, all-natural cheeses, plus locally made treats, in each of the subscription boxes. There is also an informational insert about the cheese selections and potential pairings, plus the exclusive option to include customized messages with the shipment in the event that it’s a gift. This is why we shop small! (Psst! Discover our favorite coffee subscription service from a small business.)


  • Locally made, unprocessed cheeses
  • Extras, such as informational inserts and other edible treats
  • Small business
  • 3-, 6- and 12-month subscriptions available
  • Option to add customized messages


  • Hard cheeses only
  • On the pricier side

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How We Found the Best Cheese of the Month Clubs

We identified the best cheese of the month clubs through thorough online research. We chose the subscriptions that stood out based on the variety and quality of the cheeses, the curation process, any edible additions and informational materials. User reviews were also taken into account, and those with many positive reviews were noted. From there, they were categorized based on their differentiating factors so readers can easily select the club that best suits their interests and needs.


What does a cheese club do?

Cheese clubs gain you access to a selection of artisanal cheeses, and oftentimes additional snack items, for up to a year. These curated collections of nibbles are sent right to your front door. Some merchants employ cheesemongers to select the cheeses on a monthly basis; others outline the contents of each shipment in advance. Most boxes also include background information on cheeses and pairing ideas.

How much is cheese of the month?

Yearlong subscriptions to cheese of the month clubs vary in price. Those featured on this list range from $480 to $790, so boxes average between $40 and $65 apiece. The price per box incrementally decreases based on the length of your subscription.

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