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30 Chicken Dinners for Empty-Nesters

If you've been cooking for a family for years, it can be difficult to adjust to cooking for just two people. Fortunately, these delicious chicken recipes make just two servings.

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Chicken & Goat Cheese Skillet

My husband was completely bowled over by this on-a-whim goat cheese and chicken skillet meal. I can't wait to make it again very soon! —Ericka Barber, Eureka, California
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Ruby Chicken

Treat a loved one to this tender chicken topped with plump cranberries and simmered in a spicy orange sauce. I got the recipe at a cranberry festival in Wisconsin. Even those who don't care for cranberries like this flavorful main dish. —Kathy Mead, Gwinn, Michigan
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Saucy Garlic Chicken for Two

“Roasted garlic lends a rich flavor to this appetizing entree, and it complements the spinach nicely. Ideal for special occasions, the recipe can be assembled in advance and popped in the oven when you and yours are ready to eat.”—Joanna Johnson, Flower Mound, Texas
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Chicken Tzatziki Cucumber Boats

I’ve tended a garden for decades, and these colorful “boats” made from cucumbers hold my homegrown tomatoes, peas and dill. It’s absolute garden greatness. —Ronna Farley, Rockville, Maryland
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Chicken & Onion Caesar Salad

My Caesar with grilled chicken is a healthier alternative to heavy meat and potatoes dishes. After grilling the kabobs, we serve them family style. —Melissa Adams, Tooele, Utah
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Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Pockets for Two

With their creamy filling and delightful crispy crust, these elegant entrees are easy enough for weeknights, yet special enough for company, too. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Honey-Pecan Chicken Breasts

We love to entertain, this is one of my favorite 'special' recipes to welcome dinner guests. The nuts add an elegant touch, and it fills the house with a great aroma. —Penny Davis, Newman Lake, Washington
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Chicken Gyros

This yummy chicken gyro recipe is a cinch to prepare. Just take tender chicken, coat it in a creamy cucumber-yogurt sauce, then tuck it into pita pockets. Some folks like lettuce and diced tomato on top. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Spinach Feta Stuffed Chicken  Exps Sdon16 176968 A06 02 9b 8

Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken

My chicken bundles are simple, clean and comforting. Serve them with wild rice and green beans for one of our favorite meals. —Jim Knepper, Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania
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Chicken Fajitas for Two

This is the best fajita recipe I've ever tried. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't. The servings are hearty, but this dish is so good that my husband and I never have a problem finishing it! —Kathleen Smith, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Tangy Glazed Chicken

A flavorful sauce with a hint of orange and sweet apple jelly is perfect over bone-in chicken breasts. Serve with potatoes or rice and a salad. —Barbara Haney, St Louis, Missouri
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Chicken Creole For Two Exps139966 Th2236620b05 31 2bc Rms 5

Chicken Creole for Two

I ladle this vegetable-packed chicken dish over jasmine rice. It’s a long-grain rice that’s not as sticky as most, but any cooked rice, including brown, works here. —Virginia Crowell, Lyons, Oregon
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Chicken Reuben Roll-Ups

My Nebraska-native husband loves Reuben sandwiches and anything with chicken, so I combined his two favorites in a fun roll-up. —Ashli Kottwitz, Hermitage, Tennessee
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Italian Chicken Skillet Supper Exps Ft20 39612 F 0207 1 13

Italian Chicken Skillet Supper

Romano cheese, sliced vegetables and pine nuts jazz up this Italian sauteed chicken. It’s easy, and my whole family loves it. —Barbara Lento, Houston, Pennsylvania
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Golden Chicken Cordon Bleu

For an entree that's as elegant as it is easy, try this moist classic chicken recipe. It's a simple dish for two, but looks like you really fussed. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Stovetop Orange Glazed Chicken Exps Sddj18 200155 B08 08 6b 12

Stovetop Orange-Glazed Chicken

I love a recipe that can put dinner on the table quickly without sacrificing flavor. This sweet and saucy dish does just that with ingredients you probably already have on hand! —Kallee Krong-Mccreery, Escondido, California
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Mexicali Chicken For Two Exps86866 Thhc1997839d05 20 1bc Rms 2

Mexicali Chicken for Two

This recipe has been a family favorite for many years. It’s great served with Spanish rice and refried beans. You can cilantro to the salsa, if you like. —Avanell Hewitt, North Richland Hills, Texas
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Pear Chicken Salad with Maple Vinaigrette

Classic pear salad gets an innovative makeover with chicken and maple vinaigrette. We like to serve it over crisp romaine for a refreshing experience. —Chrysa Duran, Cambridge, Minnesota
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Slow Cooked Sunday Chicken Exps29752 Ssc2919296a03 22 5bc Rms 10

Slow-Cooked Sunday Chicken

Here’s a hearty dish for two that satisfies the biggest appetites. It’s loaded with good old-fashioned flavor. —Ruthann Martin, Louisville, Ohio
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Chicken Quinoa Bowls with Balsamic Dressing

I love this recipe because its simplicity allows me to spend time with my family while not sacrificing taste or nutrition. Plus the fresh spring flavors really shine through! —Allyson Meyler, Greensboro, North Carolina
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Deviled Chicken Thighs

Deviled Chicken Thighs

I make this dish when I invite my next-door neighbor over for supper. It's just enough for the two of us. The tasty chicken is tender and moist with a bit of crunch from the cashews. —Bernice Morris, Marshfield, Missouri
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Bacon Rosemary Chicken For Two Exps86793 Sd1999444d06 21 4bc Rms 2

Bacon & Rosemary Chicken for Two

Simple ingredients add up to simply fantastic flavor in this fast recipe that our taste panel just raved about. It’s likely to become a new family favorite at your house.—Yvonne Starlin, Hermitage, Tennessee
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Simple Chicken Parmesan Exps18064 Sd2401789b08 14 C Rms 2

Simple Chicken Parmesan

This unique combination of chicken breasts in spaghetti sauce makes a pretty dish, and it's so flavorful. —Mary Dennis, Bryan, Ohio
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Berry Chicken Salad for Two

Bright berries and creamy goat cheese make this one a winner! — Wendy Ball, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Chicken Chow Mein Exps91816 Thhc1997844a11 09 8bc Rms 2

Chicken Chow Mein

When we go out for Chinese food, my husband always orders chicken chow mein. I created this recipe using richer-flavored tamari sauce rather than soy. —Beth Dauenhauer, Pueblo, Colorado
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Chicken With Artichokes And Shrimp Exps35238 Rem1784787d51b Rms 2

Chicken with Artichokes and Shrimp

Besides adding color to the dish, the shrimp complement the flavor of the chicken. The recipe has recently become one of our family favorites.
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Black Bean Chicken With Rice For Two Exps48796 Thhc1785930d58c Rms 2

Black Bean Chicken with Rice for Two

“This favorite dish only requires a few ingredients, so it’s easy to fix on a weeknight.” Molly Newman - Portland, Oregon
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Chicken 'n' Sweet Potato Stew

Are you tired of the same old dinnertime fare? Then spice it up with a Malaysian-inspired chicken stew. Served on a bed of couscous, this recipe for two is as good as it gets. —Agnes Ward, Stratford, Ontario

Grace Mannon
Grace is a full-time mom with a Master's degree in Food Science. She loves to experiment in the kitchen and writes about her hits (and misses) on her blog, A Southern Grace.