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Here’s the Best Christmas Cookie for Your Zodiac Sign

Hooked on your horoscope? This one's for you! See how the stars have aligned and check out which Christmas cookie recipe you should bake up this holiday season.

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Poinsettia Pinwheel Cookies Exps Hccbz18 29947 C05 14 5b 4

Aries: Poinsettia Pinwheel Cookies

March 21 to April 19

Bold and ambitious, Aries like to make a splash. These pinwheel cookies pack a punch with spicy cinnamon flavor, a fun shape and iconic Aries red coloring.
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Jeweled Coconut Drops Exps Hcbz22 21931 P1 Md 05 26 2b

Taurus: Jeweled Coconut Drops

April 20 to May 20

While Tauruses enjoy a classic cookie, they can’t help but add a special touch. These rich, toasted coconut cookies are just the ticket, as they’re topped with a dollop of festive raspberry preserves.
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Chocolate Nut Pinwheel Cookies Exps44443 Cc2661980c05 14 4bc Rms 5

Gemini: Chocolate-Nut Pinwheel Cookies

May 21 to June 20

Can’t decide what kind of cookies to bake this Christmas? Channel your inner Gemini, and there’s no need to choose! This pinwheel cookie combines chocolate and almond dough for the perfect dual flavor.
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Cancer: Holiday Cutout Cookies

June 21 to July 22

Cancers love all things comforting and homey, just like these adorable cutout cookies. Bake up a batch or two and have friends and family over to decorate these tender treats. Just don’t forget to save a few for Santa!
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Peppermint Puff Pastry Sticks Exps Hccbz18 41414 C05 25 2b 1

Leo: Peppermint Puff Pastry Sticks

July 23 to August 22

Unafraid to try new things, Leos will get a kick out of these puff pastry cookies. Layer upon layer of flaky goodness will also satisfy a Leo’s desire for a dramatic touch.
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Christmas Tree Cookies Exps Hcbz22 29972 Dr 04 26 7b

Virgo: Christmas Tree Cookies

August 23 to September 22

Virgos have an eye for getting things just right. These adorable cookies require attention to detail and timing, making them the perfect choice for anyone born under this sign.
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Rainbow Layered Cookies Exps137171 Th2257746a07 21 16bc Rms 5

Libra: Rainbow Layered Cookies

September 23 to October 22

Libras will get the best of both worlds with this recipe that balances the scales between cake and cookie.
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Scorpio: Truffle-Filled Cookie Tarts

October 23 to November 21

Scorpios aren’t afraid of a dip into the dark side, and these truffle-filled cookies are anything but light. The combination of crisp cookie and smooth truffle also plays to a Scorpio’s creative side.
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Sagittarius: Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

November 22 to December 21

Always ready for a new adventure, those born under the Sagittarius sign have a strong sense of wanderlust. These Mexican cookies let you travel the world without having to leave your kitchen!
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Capricorn: Shortbread

December 22 to January 19

Always practical, Capricorns are all about making the most of what they have. So who better than a Capricorn to transform flour, butter and brown sugar into tender and flaky shortbread cookies?
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Cookies And Cream Stuffed Santa Bellies Exps Sddj18 205976 C08 08 3b 7

Aquarius: Stuffed Santa Bellies

January 20 to February 18

Independent and full of creativity, an Aquarius loves making things her own way. These cookies are stuffed with cookies-‘n’-creme candy bar pieces for a fun and unique twist.
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Cream Cheese Frosted Gingerbread Men Exps Ucsbz17 80113 C05 17 4b 4

Pisces: Cream Cheese Frosted Gingerbread Men

February 19 to March 20

Pisces have a selfless nature, which makes them easygoing and compassionate. This gingerbread and cream cheese frosting combo lets Pisces comfort and care for those around them.

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