6 Easy Ways to Repurpose Coffee Grounds for a Cleaner Home

You prep coffee every morning to start your day, and every day you toss those used grounds into the trash. Not so fast! Learn how you can repurpose coffee grounds for a cleaner home and garden.

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Roasted coffee grounds
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Deodorize your fridge

While veggies are a great way to keep our bodies in shape, left too long in the fridge they can really cause a stink. Right after tossing out your three-day-old smelly veggies put your used grounds in a bowl. Leave it in your refrigerator overnight to absorb the smell. (Here’s how long you can keep food past its expiration date.)

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Young woman wearing rubber gloves washing frying pan in kitchen
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Scrub away grease and grime

Sometimes while trying to perfect one of our latest and greatest fried chicken recipes you may wind up with some stubborn gunk on your cookware. To get your frying pan back to its shiny old self, add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to a dampened rag and scour away.

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Senior adult couple picking vegetable from backyard garden

Guard your garden

While planting your very own herbs and vegetables can be a rewarding treat, it can also be frustrating to find that the underside of your tomato has been damaged by ants. Keep garden pests at bay by sprinkling coffee grounds around the perimeter of your garden.

Keep pantry pests away with this old-school product.

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Women's hands with red nail polish applied the coffee scrub
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Exfoliate your skin

Homemade skin treatments are a good way to monitor what you are putting on your body, especially if you have sensitive skin. Here’s how to make coffee scrub right in your kitchen.

Here are a few other spa-worthy treatments you can whip up with ingredients from your pantry.

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Compost bin
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Make better compost

Coffee grounds can help to speed up the process of breaking down the garbage in your compost container. It releases nitrogen into the soil as it degrades which can make decomposing a snap.

Here are a few more tips for creating better compost at home.

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grilling steaks on flaming grill and shot with selective focus
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Tenderize your meat

You might not have thought to put used coffee grounds near your steak but you just might want to rethink that as you whip together one of our best grilled steak recipes. They can form a crust around meat to seal in and add flavor while keeping it nice and moist.

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