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Copycat IHOP Recipes That Will Have You Hopping with Joy

Bring the pancake house to your own kitchen with these incredible IHOP copycat recipes! From pancakes and waffles to hash browns and BLTs, you'll be able to recreate almost the entire menu!

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Buttermilk Buckwheat Pancakes Exps Bbbz16 25056 05b 26 2b 5

Inspired by: Original Buttermilk Pancakes

This buckwheat pancake recipe uses buckwheat flour instead of the wheat-based variety. The light and tender buckwheat pancakes offer a nutty flavor and hearty texture. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Inspired by: Pork SausageTaste of Home

Inspired by: Pork Sausage

Maple syrup, sage, thyme and a little liquid smoke lend comforting flavor to these hearty pork patties. I developed the recipe with help from neighbors who were willing taste testers. —Margaret Eid, Huron, South Dakota.

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Inspired by: Strawberry Banana French ToastTaste of Home

Inspired by: Strawberry Banana French Toast

When my husband and I discovered this at a bed-and-breakfast in Arkansas, we bought the inn's cookbook so we could enjoy the same treat at home. We've changed the recipe a bit since then, but it still reminds us of that lovely B&B. —Lynn Daniel, Dallas, TX

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Inspired by: Fajita OmeletteTaste of Home

Inspired by: Fajita Omelette

Hearty home-style food is popular in our small farming and timber community. We love pulling in flavors from other regions for this eggy dish. —Patricia Collins, Imbler, Oregon

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Golden Buttermilk Waffles Exps Bmz17 23050 D09 30 7b 3

Inspired by: Belgian Waffles

You won't get any complaints from family or friends when you stack up these golden waffles for breakfast! —Kim Branges, Grand Canyon, Arizona

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Inspired by: Double Blueberry PancakesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Double Blueberry Pancakes

My dad makes blueberry pancakes for us every Saturday without fail. The combination of oats, cornmeal and buttermilk in the batter gives the pancakes heartiness we can't resist. —Gabrielle Short, Pleasant Hill, Iowa

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Inspired by: Crispy Chicken StripsTaste of Home

Inspired by: Crispy Chicken Strips

These strips are designed for kids, but tasty enough for company. The tender strips are moist and juicy and would also be great on a salad. —Becky Oliver, Fairplay, Colorado

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Inspired by: Banana CrepesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Banana Crepes

I like to serve this impressive treat at parties. The pleasant banana-orange flavor makes it wonderful for dinner or brunch. —Freda Becker, Garrettsville, Ohio

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All American Hamburgers Exps Thjj17 29321 D02 03 5b 2

Inspired by: Bacon Cheeseburger

We do a lot of camping and outdoor cooking. This all-American, homemade hamburger recipe is on our menu more than any other food. —Diane Hixon, Niceville, Florida

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Inspired by: Colorado OmeletteTaste of Home

Inspired by: Colorado Omelette

I like omelets but don't always have time to stand by the stove. That's why I favor this oven-baked variety that I can quickly pop into the oven at a moment's notice. My family frequently requests this for Sunday brunch. They always empty the dish. —Ellen Bower, Taneytown, Maryland

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Inspired by: Hash Brown Side

Inspired by: Hash Brown Side

Wedges of crispy Hash Brown Apple Pancake make a fast and fabulous side dish the whole family will savor. Laced with onions, chives and Swiss cheese, they take only minutes and would go well with all kinds of entrees.—Susan Hein, Burlington, Wisconsin

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Inspired by: Stuffed French ToastTaste of Home

Inspired by: Stuffed French Toast

A fruity French toast becomes light and lovely company fare when you fill it with blueberries and top it with an orangey sweet sauce. —Myrna Koldenhoven, Sanborn, Iowa

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Inspired by: Chicken & WafflesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Chicken & Waffles

My first experience with this dish sent my taste buds into orbit. I first made this chicken and waffles recipe into appetizers, but we all love them as a main course, too. —Lisa Renshaw, Kansas City, Missouri

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Inspired by: Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity PancakesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity Pancakes

My kids love to help make these towers. They measure, mix, whisk and build stacks. It's a family custom and a perfect summer breakfast or dessert. —Josie Shapiro, San Francisco, California

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Inspired by: California ScrambleTaste of Home

Inspired by: California Scramble

Here’s my version of a deconstructed breakfast burrito that’s actually good for you. Go for hefty corn tortillas in this recipe. Flour ones can get lost in the scramble. —Christine Schenher, Exeter, California

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Inspired by: Philly Cheese Steak StackerTaste of Home

Inspired by: Philly Cheese Steak Stacker

Since we live in a rural area where there aren’t any restaurants to speak of, I thought it would be fun to make this classic sandwich at home. For an extra flavor boost, add a splash of steak sauce. —Lenette Bennett, Como, Colorado

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Inspired by: Strawberries and Cream CrepesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Strawberries and Cream Crepes

My family often has company over for breakfast or brunch, and these light fruit-topped crepes are our favorite. The sweet sensations are as fast to make as they are fabulous. You can cook the crepes the night before, refrigerate them with waxed paper in between, then fill and top them in the morning. —Shelly Soule Las Vegas, Nevada

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Loaded Breakfast Potatoes Exps Cimz17 73363 B07 19 4b 1

Inspired by: Red Potato Pepper & Onion Hash

My kids love loaded potatoes in restaurants, so I modified them to make at home. Using the microwave for the potatoes will save you about 10 minutes. I also use thin-skinned red potatoes instead of russets to save on peeling time. —Tena Kropp, Aurora, Illinois

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Inspired by: Mixed Fruit BowlTaste of Home

Inspired by: Mixed Fruit Bowl

The glorious colors of the fruit make this a festive salad. Slightly sweet and chilled, it makes a nice accompaniment to a grilled entree. —Marlon Kirst, Troy, Michigan

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Very Vanilla French Toast Exps Bbbz16 24765 07b 15 3b 2

Inspired by: Original French Toast

These French toast slices have creamy vanilla flavor from convenient pudding mix, plus a hint of cinnamon. We like to top them with syrup or powdered sugar and fresh berries. —Linda Bernhagen, Plainfield, Illinois

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Inspired by: Cupcake PancakesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Cupcake Pancakes

I try to make special foods for my kids, especially on their birthdays. To transform plain ol' pancake mix, I add cake mix and sprinkles. Frosting closes the deal. —Dina Crowell, Fredericksburg, Virginia

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Inspired by: Garden OmeletteTaste of Home

Inspired by: Garden Omelette

My family eats a lot of vegetables so I'll set some aside at dinner to use in an omelet the next day. This cuts prep time in half! I like the versatility of this recipe because it can be made with whatever veggies and cheeses you have. —Lynne Keast, Monte Sereno, California

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Inspired by: Double Chocolate Chip PancakesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Mornings will get off to a great start with these yummy double-chocolate pancakes. Whip up a batch on the weekend, and you'll have speedy breakfasts the whole family will rave about for days to come. Got chocolate milk? Feel free to use it in place of the milk and instant chocolate drink mix. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Garlic Chive Baked Fries Exps136044 Thhc2236536a05 20 10bc Rms 3

Inspired by: French Fries

Yes, you do want fries with that—especially these crispy, golden fries, full of garlic flavor and just a little bit of heat. —Steve Westphal, Wind Lake, Wisconsin

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Inspired by: Roasted Turkey SandwichTaste of Home

Inspired by: Roasted Turkey Sandwich

My family thinks this sandwich is pure heaven thanks to the cranberry-pecan mayo. It's so good that they ask me to make it all year long. —Judy Wilson, Sun City West, Arizona

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Inspired by: Harvest Grain 'N Nut

My kids love homemade banana bread, so why not make it in pancake form? These freeze well for a special breakfast any day. —Ally Billhorn, Wilton, Iowa

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Inspired by: Double BLTTaste of Home

Inspired by: Double BLT

Here’s my twist on the classic BLT. Creamy avocado, balsamic mayo and crisp salad greens make this version legendary in my book. For a lighter take, I often use turkey bacon. —Ami Boyer, San Francisco, California

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