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16 Copycat Recipes Better Than Your Local Pizza Joint

Whether it's thin crust, deep-dish or stuffed pizza that you crave, these copycat pizza recipes truly deliver.

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Inspired by: Stuffed PizzaTaste of Home

Inspired by: Stuffed Pizza

I had my first stuffed pizza when I attended college near Chicago. I was amazed to see pizza well over an inch thick, with topping on the inside! When I served this version to my family, there are no leftovers. —Nancy Gilmour of Sumner, Iowa

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Inspired by: CalzonesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Calzones

Leftover meat sauce makes a hearty calzone that tastes like it’s made from scratch. Top the calzones with a sprinkling of Parmesan. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Inspired by: Hawaiian PizzaTaste of Home

Inspired by: Hawaiian Pizza

Our family never quite liked the taste of canned pizza sauce, so one time I tried mixing some barbecue sauce into spaghetti sauce to add some sweetness. I’ve made my pizzas with this special and easy sauce ever since, and my family loves it! —Tonya Schieler, Carmel, Indiana

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Inspired by: Garlic Knots

Inspired by: Garlic Knots

People go wild over this golden, garlicky loaf whenever I serve it. There’s intense flavor in every bite. —Carol Shields, Summerville, Pennsylvania

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Inspired by: New York-Style PizzaTaste of Home

Inspired by: New York-Style Pizza

My family love this pizza crust, and this is our go-to recipe. It's healthier and less expensive than delivery and taste so much better. —Theresa Rohde, Scottville, Michigan

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Inspired by: Italian Breadsticks

Present these delicious breadsticks alongside an Italian favorite like lasagna or spaghetti. They're an attractive and edible addition to the table setting! —Carol Wolfer, Lebanon, Oregon

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Inspired by: Thai Chicken Pizza

Inspired by: Thai Chicken Pizza

Contributor Gigi Miller, from Stoughton, Wisconsin, provided a fabulous recipe for sweet and saucy chicken thighs that she serves with rice. We took it a step further, and used the chicken and sauce to make this restaurant-inspired Thai pizza. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Inspired by: Chicago Deep-Dish PizzaTaste of Home

Inspired by: Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

Since I live near Chicago, I've managed to sample more than my share of deep-dish pizzas. This recipe lets you re-create the best of my town—right in your town! —Lynn Hamilton, Naperville, Illinois

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Inspired by: Meat-Lovers PizzaTaste of Home

Inspired by: Meat-Lovers Pizza

My grandma made the tastiest snacks for us when we stayed the night at her farm. Her wonderful pizza, hot from the oven, was covered with cheese and had fragrant herbs in the crust. Now this pizza is frequently a meal for my husband and me and our family. —Michele Madden, Washington Court House, Ohio

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Inspired by: Breaded MushroomsTaste of Home

Inspired by: Breaded Mushrooms

Deep-fried breaded mushrooms served on a bed of spaghetti sauce are a sure winner for any party. Get ready to hand out the recipe! —Barbara McCalley, Allison Park, Pennsylvania

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Inspired by: Stuffed-Crust PizzaTaste of Home

Inspired by: Stuffed-Crust Pizza

String cheese is the secret to success for this popular stuffed-crust pizza. Prebaking the crust crust before you add the toppings assures that the cheese inside will melt completely.—Terri Gonzalez, Roswell, New Mexico

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Inspired by: Cheesy BreadsticksTaste of Home

Inspired by: Cheesy Breadsticks

We love the breadsticks at our local pizza joint. Now I can get that same gooey-from-the-oven treat, but I never have to leave the house. —Heather Bates, Athens, Maine

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Inspired by: Veggie Pizza

Inspired by: Veggie Pizza

A wonderful crust layered with herbed tomato sauce and toppings encourages my family of six to dig right in to this low-fat main course. —Denise Warner, Red Lodge, Montana

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Inspired by: Green Salad

Inspired by: Green Salad

When a friend shared this salad recipe, it had a fancy French name. Our children can never remember it, so they say, "Mom, please make 'that good salad.'" Now our friends and neighbors request it for potluck dinners. It really is one of the best salad recipes. —Betty Lamb, Orem, Utah

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Inspired by: Pesto PizzaTaste of Home

Inspired by: Pesto Pizza

When my kids were really small, they were reluctant to eat their veggies and I had to get creative. I figured that because pesto is already green, it would be the perfect place for some spinach. The pizza was a big hit. —Janet Burbach, North Platte, Nebraska

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Inspired by: Mozzarella SticksTaste of Home

Inspired by: Mozzarella Sticks

You won't believe something this easy could taste so fantastic! Crunchy outside, gooey cheese inside, these mozzarella sticks are a treat all ages will love. Kids could help wrap them, too. —Shirley Warren, Thiensville, Wisconsin

Susan Bronson
Susan Bronson is a writer and editor based in Northern Wisconsin.

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