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Sneaky Salt! Hidden Ways You’re Adding Salt to Your Dish

If sodium in food is on your watch list, check out these sneaky ways you're adding to your daily total.

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View of a grill machine full of chikens.Photo: Shutterstock / Trombax

Rotisserie Chicken

Chicken fresh from your market’s cooler that is packed in a saline solution will add 630 mg of sodium per 6-ounce serving–more than a quarter of your daily recommended amount–all before you begin to jazz it up with your own special touches.

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fresh dairy productsPhoto: Shutterstock / MaraZe


Dairy contains sodium naturally, but it still counts toward that 1,500 mg daily allowance. Eight ounces of 2% milk will add 110 mg of sodium to your day. Cottage cheese? A whopping 450 mg for each half-cup.

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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Recipe from Taste of HomePhoto: Taste of Home


This seafood packs in 310 mg for every 4-ounce serving. Give it a dunk in cocktail sauce and you’ve just added 590 mg. Cut the sauce and reduce the salt when you try these tasty recipes.

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BLT Wraps Recipe from Taste of HomePhoto: Taste of Home

Tortillas & Wraps

A 10-inch tortilla boasts a whopping 330 mg of sodium before you even think about stuffing it. You can skip the tortillas altogether (but you won’t miss them) with these delish dinners in a bowl.

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Slow cooked chiliPhoto: Taste of Home


You’ll definitely do yourself a favor by making your own, but be mindful of your seasoning choices. Chili powder weighs in at 131 mg per tablespoon. That cornbread muffin on the side will add 305 mg to the meal.

Use low-sodium kidney beans and tomato sauce in our favorite chilis to cut out some salt.

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Oven wedge fries in napkin-lined mason jarsPhoto: Taste of Home

French Fries

We can’t resist a good french fry, but maybe we should try. Frozen fries have 260 mg of sodium per three-ounce serving. As for the ketchup? One tablespoon will add 154 mg to your treat. Instead, make these tasty oven fries and take control of the salt.

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Salad dressing in a jarPhoto: Taste of Home

Ranch Dressing

This creamy condiment adds 626 mg of sodium in food you crave. Next time you need to dip a finger or top a salad, whip up a batch of your own. It’s super simple and will save you more than 470 mg. Find the recipe here.

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Slow roasted lemon dill chickenPhoto: Taste of Home

Pre-Mixed Seasonings

Not so fast! That lemon pepper holds 797 mg of sodium in a measly 1/4 teaspoon. Think Cajun might be better? Nope. A 1/4 teaspoon of that will get you 850 mg. Try one of these homemade seasoning mixes instead.

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Pumpkin pie cupcake on a display platterPhoto: Taste of Home

Store-Bought Desserts

Snag a frozen pumpkin pie at the store for an easy home-baked treat later, and you’ll finish your meal off with an added 350 mg for a single slice. Good news though: That whipped cream on top is sodium free! Get your pumpkin fix with these pumpkin pie cupcakes instead.

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