7 Cream Cheese Brands That Will Up Your Bagel Game

Take your bagel to a new level with one of these cream cheese brands. We have a mix of tried-and-true brands as well as up-and-coming options.

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We already know and love this Oregon-based creamery’s dairy products. (Looking at you, thick cut cheddar!) And now we’re adding the brand’s farmstyle cream cheese to our shopping lists. Available in Original, Seriously Strawberry, Very Veggie and, our personal favorite, Aged Cheddar, these spreads have minimal ingredients yet lots of delicious flavor. By the way, here’s how to make homemade bagels at home.

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Gina Marie Cream Cheese
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Gina Marie

If you’ve never tried cream cheese in chub form, well, you’re missing out. This beloved brand goes back to the basics and is made with just three simple ingredients: pasteurized milk/cream, sea salt and cultures. Look for Gina Marie at smaller, specialty grocery stores.

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non-dairy cream cheese
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Kite Hill

Vegan or dairy-free? Listen up. Kite Hill’s cream cheese alternative has the indulgent taste you love without any animal products! Each of the brand’s varieties—including Chive, Jalapeno and Everything—starts with almond milk. Then other tasty ingredients, like chopped herbs, veggies and spices give the schmear that signature flavor. Learn more about vegan cheese brands here.

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Zingerman’s CreamCheese-1
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If you’re looking for a simple spread that’s packed with flavor, give Zingerman’s a try. This old-school cream cheese is based on a 1930s-era recipe from a Detroit dairy and made with fresh, local milk. Keep an eye out for Zingerman’s at your local cheese shop, or order online.

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Philadelphia 1/3 less Fat Cream Cheese Brick 16 oz Multipack (Pack of 2)
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A breakfast table staple for over 100 years, Philadelphia may just be the most trusted brand name in the industry. While the original foil-wrapped block is perfect for anyone craving that classic taste, there are plenty of fun flavors, too. Try the Pineapple variety, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon or even Pumpkin Spice. Psst! Here’s how long cream cheese lasts.

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Miyoko’s Organic Cultured Vegan Cream Cheese
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Another vegan option, Miyoko’s “cream cheese” is organic and made with whole foods. The Plainly Classic spread has just five easy-to-pronounce ingredients! Check out the brand’s other flavors, too, including Sensational Scallion and Un-Lox Your Dreams.

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green mountain farms cream cheese
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Green Mountain Farms

Green Mountain Farms found a way to boost the nutritional value of your morning bagel. Their line of Greek Cream Cheese has four times as much protein (and half the fat!) of traditional cream cheese. We’ll say “Opa!” to that! Leftovers? Try these tasty cream cheese recipes.

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