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7 Dessert Carriers Every Potluck-Goer Needs to Know About

You baked, iced and sprinkled your heart out for tomorrow's potluck—don't let it all go to waste by trying the old "I'll just hold it in my lap" trick. Make sure your treats travel safely with one of these dessert carrier finds.

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Fox Run Cupcake Carouselvia

Fox Run Cupcake Carousel

Behold: The cutest cupcake carrier  ($25) we ever did see. Shaped like an actual cupcake, it holds 24 tiny treats in its three removable inserts (which are all BPA-free, too!). Fill each slot with one of our top 10 cupcake recipes, from buttermilk chocolate to maple carrot.

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Sweet Creations Pie Carriervia

Sweet Creations Pie Carrier

Whip up one of these over-the-top pie recipes, then stick it in this perfectly-shaped platter ($13). You don’t even have to wait for it to cool, thanks to the container’s air vent which allows you to release heat so you don’t end up with soggy crust.

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MIER Insulated Double Casserole Carriervia

MIER Insulated Double Casserole Carrier

When it comes to dessert, two is always better than one. That goes for the second slice of cake, the second brownie… and the second casserole dish which will fit snugly in this two-level insulated carrier ($26). Not sure what you want to make? Browse these 100 potluck dessert recipes you can bake in a 13×9 pan for inspiration.

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PL8 Cupcake Carrier and Displayvia

PL8 Cupcake Carrier and Display

Talk about dessert double-duty. Not only is this container ($40) a safe and secure way to take your cupcakes from point A to point B (the extra-deep cups help hold them in place!) but it serves as a dreamy display, too, with its clear case and scalloped tiers.

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Prepworks Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carriervia

Prepworks Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier

We all know cupcake carriers are convenient—but they can also take up precious cabinet space. Which is why we love this collapsible container ($24) which can fold down to a third of its original size. If you’re tired of a cluttered kitchen, try one of these simple organization and storage solutions.

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Bakelicious Cupcake Cartonvia

Bakelicious Cupcake Carton

Like an egg carton but for desserts. This creative carrier ($11) is as practical as it is pretty with holes on the bottom of the carton so you can pop the cupcakes out of the cups without messing up the icing. For an Instagram-worthy bite, try one of these clever cupcake decorating ideas.

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Internet's Best Cupcake Baking Pan With Lidvia

Internet’s Best Cupcake Baking Pan With Lid

It really doesn’t get much simpler than this. Bake one of these indulgent cupcake recipes directly in the non-stick pan ($18), then just snap the plastic lid over top and you’re good to go. Bonus: It’s super lightweight so it’s easy to tote around.

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