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9 DIY Planters Made From Kitchen Castoffs

Whether you enjoy flowers, herbs or other easy-to-grow plants, here are 9 DIY planters made from kitchen castoffs.

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Flour Sifter Flower PotPhoto: Courtesy of Pretty Handy Girl

Flour Sifter Flower Pot

If you have an old flour sifter you no longer use, try turning into a planter. If you don’t have one, there’s a good chance you’ll find one at a thrift store or garage sale. For additional unique planter ideas, visit Pretty Handy Girl.

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 Dual-Purpose Coffee Pot fish tank diy plantersPhoto: Courtesy of The Unextreme

Dual-Purpose Coffee Pot

Updating your old coffee pot? This is the best maker, according to Taste of Home’s Test Kitchen. Try using your castoff as a fishbowl and planter in one. Have your child choose a small fish from the pet store and add a couple small plants to the top of the pot. Read about the project here on The Unextreme.

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coffee mug plantervia

Coffee Mug

Try using an old coffee mug or teacup to grow some small plants, like some herbs. Try an oversized mug to hold flowers on your dining table. For more ideas, check out The Indoor Gardens.

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loaf pan succulent planterPhoto: Courtesy of just about home

Loaf Pan

Are your loaf pans getting rusty or showing their age? Use them to plant some succulents, like these unique easy-to-care-for plants. Read more about this project at just about home.

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cupcake tin succulent planterPhoto: Courtesy of Fred Gonsowski Garden Home

Cupcake Pan

Instead of cupcakes, this pan is serving up some hens and chicks! You’ll need a drill to complete this planter, along with some landscape fabric or burlap. Find the instructions at Fred Gonsowski Garden Home.

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milk carton burlap planterPhoto: Courtesy of Cut Out + Keep

Cardboard Carton

Instead of tossing that cardboard milk or orange juice carton in the recycling bin, cut off the top, wrap it with fabric and use it as a planter for herbs or flowers. By the way, here’s a quick list of what you can and can’t recycle. For more ideas, visit Cut Out + Keep.

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tea pot flower planterPhoto: Courtesy of So Fresh and So Clean


This old teapot has a new life as a planter. You can get a similar look with an old coffee carafe or even used Mason jars. For even more ideas, visit So Fresh and So Clean.

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coffee cans plantersPhoto: Courtesy of iTendToWingIt on YouTube

Coffee Cans

Don’t toss those empty coffee cans! Give them an updated look with some paint and use them as outdoor planters. For a video tutorial, visit iTendToWingIt on YouTube.

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cabinet drawer flower planterPhoto: Courtesy of Veggie Gardener

Cabinet Drawer

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, save an old drawer and use it as a planter. You can use it as a small garden box or hang it on the wall for a vertical garden or flower box. For ideas, visit Veggie Gardener.

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