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10 Easter Traditions to Enjoy with Your Family

Easter egg hunts are fun, but there are so many ways to celebrate the Easter holiday with your family. Here, we mix some tried-and-true activities with a few brand new adventures.

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Taste of Home

It just wouldn’t be Easter without egg painting and baskets full of sweet treats, but the same old traditions can get a little boring year after year. If you’re feeling up to a little bit of a change, give these new Easter traditions a shot this year (don’t worry, you can still keep the old ones around, too).

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Follow the Clues

Jacquie of KC Edventures always sets up Easter egg hunts for her kids—but with the help of some written clues to help spot the next one. This simple egg stuffer is especially useful when hosting a game for younger kiddos, who might need an extra nudge.

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Easter basket cupcakesTaste of Home

Edible Easter Baskets

It goes without saying that Easter baskets should be filled with the best Easter candy out there. (Check out our DIY Easter candy recipes!) Still, who’s to say the deliciousness should end just there? Surprise the kids with miniature Easter baskets they can actually eat, using cupcakes and Peeps. Get the recipe here.

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Easter Bunny Bowling PinsCourtesy

Bunny Bowling

If your kids are still little, they might not be big fans of anyone dressed in an Easter bunny costume. If you can relate, Marie-Laure, contributor for Handmade Charlotte, crafted these wooden bowling pins shaped like adorable bunnies for kids to play with—an adorable alternative they’ll be busy with for hours.

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Easter eggs painted with natural egg dye from fruits and vegetables.; Shutterstock ID 391246723Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

Homemade Dye for Eggs

Egg dyeing is a common Easter activity for “kids” of all ages. Put a new spin on the typical tradition this year, and try painting the eggs with the colorful dyes made from fresh fruits and veggies. Guaranteed to be chemical- and toxin-free! Learn how to make your own natural dye, here.

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Easter Bunny PinataCourtesy Studio DIY!.com

Easter Bunny Piñata

You don’t always have to spend a ton of money on store-bought Easter activities or Easter party goods to have a good time. Kelly of Studio DIY created an incredibly cute piñata that looks just like an Easter bunny. The best part? You most likely have all the items you need to make it!

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Dont eat the peep gameCourtesy Thirty Homemade

‘Don’t Eat the Peep’ Game

Complete with a printable game board anyone with a computer can download, Mique of Thirty Handmade Days created what might possibly be the best Easter game ever for younger children. If your kids aren’t a fan of Peeps, they can substitute the marshmallows for other candy instead.

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Kids on Easter egg hunt in blooming spring garden. Children with bunny ears searching for colorful eggs in snow drop flower meadow. Toddler boy and preschooler girl in rabbit costume play outdoors.; Shutterstock ID 582357538FamVeld/Shutterstock

The Traditional Hunt

Sure, it’s great to be adventurous and test out new Easter ideas—but a simple egg hunt in the backyard, or throughout your home, will never go unappreciated. These special treats would make any basket a wonder-filled find.

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Taste of Home

Decorate with Peeps

Peeps have come a long way since their first debut, available in different shapes and a ton of colors. Add this easy (and stunning!) dessert to your Easter menu.

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Easter Egg BreadTaste of Home

Easter Egg Bread

There are few things better than traditional Italian Easter egg bread. Place colored, hard-cooked eggs into fresh-baked bread dough, and enjoy watching friends and family dig into the special, much-anticipated treat.

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Peanut Butter Easter EggsTaste of Home

DIY Peanut Butter Eggs

Store-bought chocolate peanut butter eggs (okay, any kind of chocolate filled with peanut butter) are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. But these homemade versions can be decorated as bunnies, and dressed up to your liking, giving them their own unique twist.

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