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30 Easy Fall Crafts for Kids and Parents

These cute and simple fall crafts for kids and parents include ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and all through the harvest season. No expensive supplies or advanced techniques needed!

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Autumn Pine Bouquetcourtesy misssanateaches/instagram

Autumn Pine Bouquet

Pine cones found in the yard or purchased at the craft store make beautiful “flowers”! To make a bouquet like this one by @misssanateaches paint the pine cones with acrylic paint, then drill a hole in the bottom of each pine cone, and use a wood skewer or wire stem for the flower stems. Finish with a bow, or put them in a pretty vase.

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Watercolor Monsterscourtesy hellokristendickson/instagram

Watercolor Monsters

These painted monsters by @hellokristendickson are simply adorable! Here’s how to make them yourself. Add a dollop of watercolor paint on a piece of paper, then (this is the fun part) use a straw to blow air at the liquid. Blowing will spread out the color into an abstract monster shape. Bring the little guys to life with googly eyes.

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Creepy Cottage PumpkinFamily Handyman

Creepy Cottage Pumpkin

This miniature pumpkin cottage can be used year after year because it’s made using a foam pumpkin. Cut a large hole in the foam pumpkin, and paint the interior to create a dark sky background. Then, arrange a miniature Halloween scene inside. For this example we used a ceramic cottage, a bench and faux moss.

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Acorn Facescourtesy darlingmama_/instagram

Acorn Faces

Autumn foliage provides all sorts of craft opportunities. Have your kids collect acorns on a nature walk (or you can buy faux acorns), and then paint cute faces on them as shown here by @darlingmama_. Finding the acorns is half the fun! Display the acorn cuties in a jar when you’re finished.

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Pleated Paper Batcourtesy lulu__make/instagram

Pleated Paper Bat

This cute little bat by @lulu__make is a great fall craft that your child can easily make without many supplies or prep work. Fold cardstock paper in pleats to make the wings, then use a cardboard circle for the face. Felt, foam or paper can be used for the ears, teeth and nose. Let your child get creative with the colors and facial expressions.

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Faux Leaf Turkey Craftcourtesy katiesproul/instagram

Faux Leaf Turkey Craft

Here’s how to make this playful turkey craft by @katiesproul. Cut three different size cardboard circles, then have your little one color in the smallest circle using a brown marker or crayon. Glue layers of leaves all over the largest circle to create the tail. Attach all the circles together and add some googly eyes, feet and a beak.

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Potato Jack O Lantern Stampscourtesyslingin_mama/instagram

Potato Jack-O-Lantern Stamps

Raid your fridge to make jack-o-lantern stamps! Cut a potato in half, then carve the jack-o-lantern face into each half of the potato. Kids can even help with the carving using a short wooden skewer. Dip in orange paint to stamp out your masterpiece, like this example from @slingin_mama.

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Halloween Straw BalesCourtesy Christina Spalatin/Country Woman

Straw Bale Monsters

Does your porch or yard need a little extra scare factor this Halloween? Transform straw bales into spooky (yet cute!) outdoor Halloween decorations with a few items from the hardware store. Use spray paint to paint the bales and foam sheets to make the faces. The possibilities are endless! Seen here, foam piping is used for the spider legs and Frankenstein’s neck bolts; and a few strips of cheesecloth is all it takes to make a mummy.

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Clay Pumpkinscourtesy youngschoolartwithmr.g/instagram

Clay Pumpkins

These beautiful clay pumpkins by @youngschoolartwithmr.g were made using Crayola Model Magic Clay, but you could also make them with homemade play dough. Once you form the pumpkin shapes, kids will love embellishing them with beans, beads, gems and buttons.

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Spider Web Craftcourtesy

Popsicle Stick Spider Webs

These popsicle stick and yarn spider webs are cute as can be! Plus, your little ones will get the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills, as they weave the yarn around the popsicle stick form. Check out the full instructions at Buggy and Buddy.

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Foil Leaf Impressionscourtesy nature.arts.crafts/instagram

Foil Leaf Impressions

Here’s another nature craft by @nature.arts.crafts that takes minimal effort, but produces beautiful results. Grab some fallen leaves from the yard, and arrange them facing down on the table. Place a piece of tin foil on top of the leaves. Then, using your fingertips, press on the foil to make an impression of the leaves. You’ll be amazed by the intricate details!

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Magic Wands Exps Hca18 34104 D02 22 7b

Witches’ Magic Wands

Everyone loves a chocolate-covered pretzel! Get the kids involved and turn these into a magical treat for Halloween. Grown-ups can dip the pretzel rods and kids can go all out sprinkling sugar, edible glitter and other decorations on top.

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Cotton Ball Ghostscourtesy zahrahplus5/instagram

Cotton Ball Ghosts

All you need to make a cute ghost craft by @zahrahplus5, is card stock paper, cotton balls and glue. Cut the paper into ghost shapes, then let your little ones go crazy gluing on cotton balls. You can stretch out the cotton for a fluffier effect. Use paper and a black marker for the eyes, or glue on googly eyes to finish.

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Playful Pine Cone Wreathcourtesy Sarah Hearts

Playful Pine Cone Wreath

Think outside the box for your autumn decor by using nontraditional colors. Make this spunky pine cone wreath by painting the edges of pine cones with vibrant yellow, pink, blue and orange—the brighter the better! Once dry, use a hot glue gun to stick the pine cones to a wire wreath frame. Get the full details from Sarah Hearts.

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Rake And Leaves Paper Craftcourtesy kc.kindergarten/instagram

Rake and Leaves Paper Craft

Who knew raking leaves could be so much fun? This rake and leaves craft by @kc.kindergarten (original inspiration from @another_day_in_prek) is fun for younger kids because they’ll love ripping up the paper! Tear pieces of paper to create the leaves and glue them all over the page. Then create a rake with strips of paper, bending the rake tongs for a 3-D effect.

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Gobbler Goodies Exps Hca21 9412 B04 08 2b

Oreo-Rice Krispie Turkeys

Rice Krispie balls are transformed into turkeys with a few simple ingredients! Split an Oreo cookie in half, then use melted chocolate to attach all the elements. Candy corns make the tail feathers, use a malt ball for the head and white sprinkles for the eyes.

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Silly Paper BatFamily Handyman

Silly Paper Bat

To make this paper bat, use a recycled toilet paper or paper towel roll as the base. Wrap the roll in black construction paper and secure with tape or glue. Fold the top together for ears, cut out and attach construction paper wings, then add googly eyes to complete the monstrous look. Make several and string them together for a playful Halloween garland.

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Thankful Turkeys Hca21 Pu5534 B04 08 1bc Previewtaste of home

Thankful Turkeys

These cute turkeys are not only fun to make, they’ll help your kids practice gratitude this season. Write what your thankful for on colorful construction paper cut in feather shapes, or you can trace your little one’s hand to make a whole turkey tail. Glue the messages onto the turkey along with googly eyes and a beak.

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Jack-O-Lantern Collage

Have some old magazines lying around? You and your kids can use them to make this jack-o-lantern collage by @learncraftgrow. Simply cut orange, green and black sections out of the magazine pages (any shape will do). Sketch a pumpkin outline on white card stock paper, and then fill it in by gluing on all the magazine pieces. ⁣⁣

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Playful Turkey Wreathcourtesy sweethome.indiana/instagram

Playful Turkey Wreath

Kids will love helping you make this adorable turkey wreath by @sweethome.indiana. Wrap a foam wreath in brown tulle, then tie on more tulle pieces to make the colorful feathers (double-knot for a secure hold). Cut the turkey body and details out of foam or felt, and you’re done!

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Turkey pretzel sticksJENIFOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Turkey Pretzel Sticks

For these delicious turkey treats, dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate or peanut butter. Use candy eyeballs for the eyes and candy corn for the feathers and nose. These are great to bring out with the other desserts after dinner, you might even see some adults passing up the pumpkin pie once they see these yummy turkeys!

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Leaf Wreath Sun Catcherscourtesy leahdamon/instagram

Leaf Wreath Sun Catchers

These fall leaf sun catchers by @leahdamon are simple yet stunning. Use double-stick tape (or clear contact paper) to attach your leaves in a circular pattern to the window. Then watch as the sun shines through to illuminate the gorgeous colors, veins and details!

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Girl Paints Patterns Of Dry Autumn Leaves13smile/gettyimages

Leaf Painting

For this painting project, trade in boring paper for beautiful foliage. Find large leaves that have recently fallen and are not too brittle. Then paint abstract designs on the leaves with white paint or paint pens. Apply a layer of clear decoupage on the top of the finished artwork to help preserve it.

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Apple Stamp Pumpkinscourtesy

Apple Stamp Pumpkins

Here’s a fall craft by that you can probably make with supplies you already have on hand. Cut an apple in half lengthwise, dip the halves in orange paint and stamp onto paper. Add some googly eyes, paper stems and twisty vines and you’ll have the cutest pumpkins in the patch!

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Painted Pumpkinvia jessan_creations/instagram

Painted Pumpkin

When it comes to painting pumpkins, anything goes! This shimmery abstract pumpkin by @jessan_creations shows that you don’t have to stick to a traditional color palette. Give your kids a paintbrush and let them go wild. You’ll have fun too, expressing your creativity and creating beautiful fall decor for your home.

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Havest Crownscourtesy

Havest Crowns

Your kids will love creating and wearing festive fall crowns for this year’s Thanksgiving feast. Make the crown base out of construction paper, then glue on faux leaves or real fallen leaves from the yard. Head over to Made Everyday for the directions.

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Felt Fall Tree Boardvia

Felt Fall Tree Board

This large felt fall tree board attaches to the wall, and comes with detachable leaves, acorns and pine cones so your kids can rearrange it over and over. You could also use a felt pen to help kids write on each leaf something they’re thankful for.

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Leaf Mask

Your kids will look like adorable woodland creatures in one of these leaf masks made by @heybabyhudson. Collect leaves in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and then glue them onto paper cut into the shape of a mask. Big leaves help make the base, while smaller leaves can add extra details like eyebrows.

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Diy Witch Puzzlecourtesy lulu__make/instagram

DIY Witch Puzzle

This genius idea from @lulu__make is a DIY puzzle, taken to the next level. To ensure the pieces don’t slide around, the puzzle is attached to Magna-Tiles using double stick tape. So when your child puts the puzzle together, the pieces all snap together perfectly!

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Pumpkin Lantern

To make your own pumpkin lantern like this one, cut orange tissue paper into small squares. Then use a paintbrush to cover the entire jar with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Attach the tissue paper squares in an overlapping pattern to cover the whole jar. Seal the tissue with another layer of Mod Podge. Finish by wrapping a green pipe cleaner around the top of the jar to create the pumpkin vine.

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