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20 Easy Fruit Salad Recipes

Toss these easy fruit salad recipes together in no time flat! With only 5 ingredients, you'll have these refreshing sides on the table within seconds.

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Ambrosia Salad

During last-minute menu planning, I often include this classic ambrosia salad recipe because I keep the ingredients on hand. Judi Bringegar, Liberty, North Carolina

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Fresh Fruit BowlTaste of Home

Fresh Fruit Bowl

The glorious colors of the fruit make this a festive salad. Slightly sweet and chilled, it makes a nice accompaniment to a grilled entree. Marlon Kirst, Troy, Michigan

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Pistachio Mallow SaladTaste of Home

Pistachio Mallow Salad

This fluffy pistachio salad is a real treat since its creamy but not overly sweet. Its easy to mix up, and the flavor gets better the longer it stands. Its perfect for St. Patricks Day, served in a green bowl. Pattie Ann Forssberg, Logan, Kansas

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Grandmother's Orange SaladTaste of Home

Grandmother's Orange Salad

This orange salad dessert is slightly sweet and tangy, too. It adds beautiful color to any meal and appeals to all ages! Ann Eastman, Santa Monica, California

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Watermelon-Blueberry SaladTaste of Home

Watermelon-Blueberry Salad

People love the unique combination of flavors in the dressing that tops the fresh fruit in this salad. Its so refreshing on a hot summer evening. Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Cranberry Ambrosia SaladTaste of Home

Cranberry Ambrosia Salad

My paternal grandmother used to make this for Christmas dinner. I'm not sure how many batches she made, as there were nearly fifty aunts, uncles and cousins in our family. I still make the recipe in memory of her, and it's still as good as I remember.Janet Hurley, Shell Rock, Iowa

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Orange Pomegranate Salad with HoneyTaste of Home

Orange Pomegranate Salad with Honey

I discovered this fragrant salad in a cooking class. If you can, try to find orange flower water (also called orange blossom water), which perks up the orange segments. But orange juice adds a nice zip, too! Carol Richardson Marty, Lynwood, Washington

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California Avocado SaladTaste of Home

California Avocado Salad

Spread a little sunshine with this easy salad. Just four ingredients drizzled with Orange Yogurt Dressing and you have a light lunch or a pretty side to serve with dinner. James Schend, Taste of Home Deputy Editor

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Rosey Raspberry SaladTaste of Home

Rosey Raspberry Salad

Whenever I make this pretty raspberry salad, people talk! It's a festive side dish that works well for celebrations throughout the year. Jane Vanderground, Macedonia, Ohio

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Two-Berry Fluff SaladTaste of Home

Two-Berry Fluff Salad

This fluffy salad is a welcome treat on warm Texas afternoons. Because there's a blueberry orchard near our home, we often pick up berries to use in this recipe and others. When blueberries and strawberries aren't in season, you can substitute frozen berries with equally good results. Karen Wenzel, Conroe, Texas

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Candy Bar Apple SaladTaste of Home

Candy Bar Apple Salad

This creamy, sweet snickers salad with crisp apple crunch is a real people-pleaser. It makes a lot, which is good, because it will go fast! Cyndi Fynaardt, Oskaloosa, Iowa

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Peach BavarianTaste of Home

Peach Bavarian

Fruit molds are my specialty. This one, with its refreshing peach taste, makes a colorful salad or dessert. Adeline Piscitelli, Sayreville, New Jersey

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Swift Strawberry SaladTaste of Home

Swift Strawberry Salad

A simple blend of syrup, orange juice and caramel topping forms the light dressing for the fresh berries and the crunchy cashews found in this sensational salad. Taste of Home Test Kitchen, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Apricot SaladTaste of Home

Apricot Salad

Colorful gelatin salad adds a spot of brightness to any table. It blends well with this holiday feast. Our children didnt know if it should be a salad or dessert, with its smooth texture and delicate flavor. Fae Fisher, Callao, Virginia

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Frozen Cherry SaladTaste of Home

Frozen Cherry Salad

Pretty slices of this refreshing salad are dotted with colorful cherries for a festive look. The flavor is pleasant and not overly sweet like some frozen cherry recipes. Prepared in advance and frozen, it's a treat that fits into many different menus. I serve it throughout the year. Gail Sykora, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

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Jicama Citrus SaladTaste of Home

Jicama Citrus Salad

Never tried jicama? It is a crunchy Mexican turnip, and I love to use it in this super easy salad. The jicama is ideal alongside the vibrant flavors of the tangerines and shallots. Between the sweet and sour flavors in this salad and its crunchy texture, it's all delish if you ask me. Crystal Jo Bruns, Iliff, Colorado

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Fluffy Green Grape SaladTaste of Home

Fluffy Green Grape Salad

I received this recipe from a cousin-in-law at a family reunion. Since then, I've brought it to many gatherings myself. We also like to eat it as a dessert.Kelli Giffen, Barrie, Ontario

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Orange AppealTaste of Home

Orange Appeal

Oranges add color and great taste to winter meals! This dish looks very bright and appealing served in a glass bowl, and it's a light and easy dessert to finish off a hearty holiday meal. As far as I'm concerned, the citrusy aroma of oranges is a must at Christmas time! Billie Moss, Walnut Creek, California

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Zucchini Apple SaladTaste of Home

Zucchini Apple Salad

Pull out a beautiful glass bowl for presenting this salad of red applies and fresh, green zucchini. Everyone will enjoy its cool crunch, and youll like how quickly it comes together. Lois Frazee, Gardnerville, Nevada

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Pear Cottage Cheese SaladTaste of Home

Pear Cottage Cheese Salad

Perfect anytime, this quick-fix salad makes a terrific snack, too! Jeannie Thomas, Dry Ridge, Kentucky

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