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11 Editor-Loved Kitchen Gadgets to Add to Your Amazon Cart ASAP

These everyday kitchen gadgets come highly recommended from our editors—and they're all available on Amazon!

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Wide Mouth Mason JarsVIA MERCHANT

We’re always on the hunt for kitchen gadgets that make life easier: An egg peeler, guacamole storage container, brown sugar saver—the list goes on. Bonus points if they make life a little more luxe, like these small luxury kitchen appliances.

We tapped our Taste of Home editors for their tried-and-true kitchen gadgets from measuring tools to a totally worth it espresso machine. With that, here are the top editor-loved Amazon tools to add to your kitchen arsenal!

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Jeanne Sidner Oxo Adjustable Measuring Cup RecommendationTaste of Home, Via merchant

OXO Adjustable Measuring Cup

There’s a lot to love about this handy measuring tool. The fact that it saves precious drawer space is enough to add to cart. But what our Home & Garden Chief Content Officer, Jeanne Sidner, really loves about the tool is it makes measuring sticky ingredients a breeze. “Every year at this time, I’m asked to make peanut butter bars,” Jeanne says. “Measuring peanut butter and other sticky ingredients like honey or syrup can be a mess, so I started using this adjustable measuring cup to make it a little simpler and less icky.” Simply adjust it to your measurement of choice, add ingredients and pop them in your mixing bowl! This nifty tool also makes a practical gift for bakers.

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Megan Wood Foldable Drying Rack RecommendationTaste of Home, Via merchant

Portable Drying Rack

“I bought this roll-up stainless steel drying rack on a whim and now I can’t cook without it!” says Executive Shopping Editor, Megan Wood, about the genius kitchen find. Multipurpose and small kitchen savvy, “It temporarily turns my sink into additional counter space for hot and heavy pans straight out of the oven,” says Megan. Editor’s tip: You can also use it as a drying rack after rinsing produce.

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Lisa Kaminski Wide Mouth Mason Jars RecommendationTaste of Home, Via merchant

Wide Mouth Mason Jars

In case you needed another reminder for why we love mason jars, here you go. “It might seem basic, but I use these wide-mouth Ball jars for ev-er-y-thing,” says Taste of Home Editor, Lisa Kaminski. They’re her kitchen MVP for a few reasons, the most notable is their size and shape. “They hold 16 ounces and have a wide mouth. That means they’re way easier to fill than most mason jars. I have one in my fridge with soup for tomorrow’s lunch, another on the counter full of fresh herbs and a handful in my pantry full of wild rice, nuts and granola.” Lisa recommends topping them with these wooden airtight lids for the pantry. Pair the jars with these mason jar accessories to use them throughout the home!

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Megan Mowery Dash Egg Cooker RecommendationTaste of Home, Via merchant

Egg Cooker

“It feels silly to be obsessed with this egg cooker, but I truly love it,” says Senior Shopping Editor, Megan Mowery. She appreciates how quickly it hard-boils eggs for use in her vegetarian meals, so it’s seen a lot of love since she uses it everyday. Plus, it makes soft-boiled, poached, scrambled eggs and omelets! “Its pretty color choices only sweeten the deal. Literally the best $17 I’ve ever spent!” Don’t forget to pick up this penguin egg carrier, too.

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Lara Eucalano Le Creuset Tea Kettle RecommendationTaste of Home, Via merchant

Le Creuset Tea Kettle

It wouldn’t be an editor-loved kitchen roundup without at least one pretty Le Creuset item. This whistling tea kettle is an everyday go-to for Taste of Home Senior Editor, Lara Eucalano. “I received this Le Creuset kettle as a Christmas gift from my mom a couple years back—and it’s been on my stove ever since. I have the ‘Caribbean’ color and it’s the perfect pop of joy in my mostly black-and-white kitchen.”

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Bryce Gruber Pizza Cutter RecommendationTaste of Home, Via merchant

Pizza Cutter Wheel

We could go on and on about pizza tools (and pizza ovens), but this one tops Senior Shopping Writer, Bryce Gruber‘s list. Here’s why: “We make homemade pizzas at least twice a week at my house. With seven people under one roof—that’s a lot of personal pies. This pizza cutter is a foolproof gem that never tilts, making it way safer for me to cut through plenty of pizzas lightning fast.” They double as practical yet fun gifts for everyone on your list, too.

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Nicole Doster Silicone Ice Cube TrayTaste of Home, Via merchant

Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Freezers that don’t have a built-in ice maker can be a pain. Not to mention having to resort to plastic trays to get the job done. They’re a pain to maneuver, and typically crack after a few uses. Content Director for Strategy and Performance, Nicole Doster, has the solution: Silicone ice cube trays. “We replaced our old plastic trays with these silicone ones and I’m impressed,” says Nicole. “By pressing on the silicone side, I’m able to release each cube individually instead of cracking the entire tray and praying for it not to explode. It’s also great that they come with lids, so they stack easily in the freezer!” For a true splurge, consider this GE nugget ice maker.

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Lesley Balla Immersion Blender RecommendationTaste of Home, Via merchant

Immersion Hand Blender

There’s no doubt an immersion blender is an essential kitchen tool, but we found one that takes it up a notch with a smart whisk attachment. Taste of Home Associate Editor, Lesley Balla, says it’s a total game changer for blending soups. But the whisk attachment is the real winner. “It’s the absolute best device for making fresh whipped cream! Especially when I don’t feel like pulling out the stand mixer or killing my wrist trying to do it with a regular whisk.”

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Ellie Martin Cliffe Bamboo Steamer BasketsTaste of Home, Via merchant

Bamboo Steamer Basket

You won’t go back to your traditional steaming methods after trying these bamboo steamer baskets. Taste of Home Content Director, Ellie Martin Cliffe, uses them three to four nights a week to steam everything from veggies, to dumplings and bao. The star feature, however, is the stacked design: “The multiple tiers let you cook multiple things at once—or just a lot of one ingredient.”

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Katie Bandurski Delonghi Espresso Capuccino MachineTaste of Home, Via merchant

Espresso Machine

Splurge-worthy and oh so versatile, this espresso machine comes highly recommended from Senior Shopping Editor, Katie Bandurski. “I bought this espresso maker on a whim when I found it on sale. But now? I’m not sure I could switch back to plain ol’ drip coffee.” It starts mornings on the right foot with a little copycat coffee shop treat—and you don’t have to leave the house. “It’s simple to operate, and I love experimenting to see how different coffee grinds, tamping styles and shot pulls impact the taste of my morning beverage. I also love how it looks on my counter!”

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Madi Koetting Taco Holders RecommendationTaste of Home, Via merchant

Taco Trays

Even if you make tacos once a month, these stainless steel trays are a total game changer. For under $20, they’ve taken my sad corn tortilla creations from drab to fab—and that goes for actual meal prep and serving them. (Hello, taco board!) After cooking my corn tortillas, I pop them in the trays and layer on the ingredients. They’re guaranteed to impress guests next time you host taco night.

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