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The Dessert Recipe You Need to Try Based on Your Enneagram Type

From Reformers to Peacemakers, we've got a dessert for you based on your Enneagram type!

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The Dessert Recipe You Need to Try Based on Your Enneagram TypeSydney Watson/Taste of Home

So…What Is An Enneagram Anyway?

Move over Myers-Briggs, there’s a new personality test in town: the Enneagram. In short, this personality quiz groups people into 9 categories based on their basic desires and fears. The results describe how each group communicates with others, sees the world and reacts to their surroundings. Discover your Enneagram type with this free online Enneagram quiz and check out which dessert we recommend you try.

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Type 1: Reformer

Lemon Cheesecake Tarts

With your killer attention to detail, you’ll appreciate each citrusy and creamy nook and cranny of these lemon cheesecake tarts. There’s something to uncover in each bite of in these tiny treats. You’ll also admire how perfectly crafted each mini pie will come out of the oven—they’re super simple to make!

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Type 2: Helper

Apple Pie

Helpers, your passion for giving and receiving love is out of this world. Your generosity pairs well with the classic people-pleasing dessert: apple pie. It’s sweet apple filling and sugar-topped crust matches your inherent sweetness. Give an additional helping hand by baking up a batch of these hand-held apple pies for friends and family.

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Type 3: Achiever


Your driven nature pairs well with a s’mOreo. Always striving for something more, you can’t just have one or the other—you want it all. Enjoy this little-bit-of-everything snack with the classic s’more fix-ins, Oreos and peanut butter. This scrumptious new take on s’mores will satisfy every Achiever.

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Type 4: Individualist

Key Lime Pie

There’s truly no better dessert for the Individualist than key lime pie. Unique and bold, these pies aren’t afraid of standing out in a crowd (and that’s why we love ’em)! If you really want to add a touch of individuality to your tarty dessert, try this macadamia nut key lime pie.

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Type 5: Investigator

Jelly Doughnut

Investigators, you love observing and analyzing the world around you. So much so that you often forget to admire life’s little surprises. These jelly doughnuts are your go-to dessert (or any surprise-filled dessert for that matter) for slowing down your actively analytical mind.

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Type 6: Loyalist

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A true Loyalist stands by what they know. That’s why these classic chocolate chip cookies are the perfect way to your heart. Comfort food for the win! Want to truly personalize your cookies based on your liking? Check out these tips to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie for you.

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Type 7: Enthusiast

Rainbow Confetti Freezer Pops

I scream, you scream, Enthusiasts should scream for rainbow confetti freezer pops. These fun-loving ice cream treats spread smiles like confetti just as you do with your energetic personality. If you’re loving these, be sure to try out more of our confetti treat recipes.

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Type 8: Challenger

Lava Cake

The large-and-in-charge Challenger will adore this explosive dessert. A lava cake is perfect for your protective and powerful spirit. Cool things down with a side of ice cream and top it all off with a handful of fresh raspberries.

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Type 9: Peacemaker

Chocolate Chip Blondies

To achieve harmony in life, one must find the perfect balance between chocolate and peanut butter. This decadent duo is known for its ability to please any eater in its presence. Peacemakers, treat yourself to a chocolate chip blondie (or two). You deserve to give yourself a little extra peace every now and again.

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