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8 of Our Favorite Fall Decor Colors

Say goodbye to summer's cool hues and fully embrace fall by using these fall decor colors in your space.

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Closeup of orange fall decorations on mantelKristen Prahl/Getty Images

As a self-proclaimed seasonal decor junkie, I’ll admit that it’s easy to want to redecorate your entire home whenever the weather starts to change. Fall is particularly exciting when it comes to seasonal decor because there are simply so many items that represent fall—pumpkins, acorns, candy corn and falling leaves, just to name a few—that you can pull inspiration from.

But, color combinations can play a huge part in seasonal decor, too. A few simple swaps that stick to a few fall decor colors can make your home feel just as cozy as having a jack-o-lantern flickering on the fireplace.

From one seasonal decor lover to another, keep these fall decor colors in mind as you begin to think about how you’ll transform your space from a summer oasis to a fall haven this year.

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Pumpkin and orange mums on a porch during fallLinda Raymond/Getty Images

Best Fall Decor Color: Orange

Orange may be one of the first hues you think of when it comes to fall decor colors, because it’s the color of pumpkins, falling leaves and more. So, it’ll likely be easy to find this color in your space naturally this fall.

However, if you’re looking for more creative ways to sprinkle your space with the festive color, you have a few options: Fill a decorative bowl with orange potpourri or candy corn for a pop of seasonal color. Grab a gray vase, and choose to fill it with some orange mums or faux orange baby’s breath. If you want to splurge, order a cast iron pumpkin to cook with—and of course, keep on display in the meantime.

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brown and neutral fall home decorYulia Shaihudinova/Getty Images

Best Fall Decor Color: Muted Neutrals

Eventually, all of the plants outside turn to brown as the temperatures drop, making it another obvious option for fall decor colors. For a more natural or rustic look, incorporate items like pampas grass, or use an olivewood serving board as the base of a table’s centerpiece. If you don’t want to go the rustic route, pick up a few brown pumpkins for display on a side table, or add a brown leather pillow to the sofa for a more stylish take on fall decor.

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maroon glassware fall home decorgerenme/Getty Images

Best Fall Decor Color: Maroon

A moody maroon color scheme this fall can quickly take your home from blah to voila! Think: a bouquet of maroon dahlias and painted maroon mason jars to hold them, or these colorful autumn harvest corn candles. After you paint your own mason jars, try one of these other fall crafts.

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Beautiful Front Porch Decorated for Autumn with Buffalo PlaidStephanieFrey/Getty Images

Best Fall Decor Color: Matte Black

Black (paired with orange) is often associated with Halloween. But, using matte black as a standalone fall decor color, in particular, can be spooky and stylish at the same time—and if you do it right, it can even work post-Halloween. Pull out black silverware for a special touch at dinnertime, to use on top of a black and white buffalo plaid tablecloth. If you want to take it a step further, put these buffalo plaid cloth pumpkins on display, too.

Learn why black and orange are the colors for Halloween.

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navy blue throw pillows in living roomLisa Mckelvie/Getty Images

Best Fall Decor Color: Navy

While navy definitely won’t be the first color you think of when it comes to fall decor colors, when paired correctly it can really add to an unconventional fall color scheme. When combined with copper, sage green, and orange, navy can be the star of the show in your decorations.

Don’t forget that fall is all about layers, layers and more layers! Try layering navy on your kitchen table with a tablecloth of your choice, placemats, and additional dishware to really emulate fall, even on your dinner table.

Layering works swimmingly with throw pillows too—the more the merrier, or, the more the cozier.

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A cozy reading nook in the fall with a blanket and coffeeMundusImages/Getty Images

Best Fall Decor Color: Ivory

A classic neutral in any season, ivory makes a great option for fall decor color too, whether it’s a chunky ivory knit blanket to snuggle up with, or a bunch of white pumpkins perching on your porch. Birch pillar candles really bring the outside in, and even transition well to winter decor—just pair them with pine and fuzzy table runners instead of fall plaids.

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Golden pumpkin and dry bouquet leaves in vase on the table. Gold wedding reception. Luxury style elegant wedding decor for the ceremony. Autumn location and Halloween decor.Serhii Sobolevskyi/Getty Images

Best Fall Decor Color: Gold

A trending metal of the moment, gold accents look great with everything—fall decor colors not excluded. Gold votives will look pretty with flickering candlelight (it’s a bonus if the candle has a wood wick), and these rose gold light-up pumpkins will add some shimmer to any surface.

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ochre color scheme throw pillows on bedKatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Best Fall Decor Color: Ochre

Also a shade of falling leaves, yellow and ochre are perfect fall decor colors. While you could go with yellow throw pillows like this yellow pom pom pillow cover, or go bigger with a yellow giant hand-knit blanket, you could also put together a sunflower bouquet for early fall. Although sunflowers are typically a summer plant, when paired with other fall plants like chrysanthemums they’ll bring some new life to your home as all the plants are changing outside.

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