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6 Fall Kitchen Soaps That Smell Even Better Than Apple Pie

Scrub your hands clean this season with these fall soaps. They'll fill your kitchen with scents of apple cider, oatmeal and, of course, pumpkin.

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Mrs. Meyer's Apple Cider Soapvia

Mrs. Meyer’s Apple Cider Soap

What screams fall more than a trip to the apple orchard? Now, you can bring the orchard home with you with this apple cider soap. Not only does this soap smell like you’re opening up a bottle of fresh-pressed apple cider, but it’s made without artificial dyes and parabens, too.

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Williams Sonoma Pumpkin Spice Hand Soapvia

William’s Sonoma Pumpkin Spice Soap

Calling all PSL lovers! This limited-edition pumpkin spice soap from William’s Sonoma will remind you of your favorite fall drink. Plus, this hand soap contains natural ingredients like essential oils, aloe and olive oil—which prevents skin irritation. (Psst—here are a few other ways to get your pumpkin spice fix this season.)

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Bath and Body Work's Sweater Weather Soapvia

Bath and Body Work’s Sweater Weather Soap

Give your hands a deep, yet gentle, scrub with this Bath and Body Work’s fall soap. Its woodsy blend of sage and eucalyptus will cool and soothe your hands before you get to work whipping up a cozy fall bake. Snag an extra bottle to enjoy it throughout the entire sweater weather season.

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Mrs. Meyer's Acorn Spice Soapvia

Mrs. Meyer’s Acorn Spice Soap

When the temperatures start to drop, swap out your lemon-scented hand wash for this acorn spice soap that smells like autumn in a bottle. Oh, and did we mention that Mrs. Meyer’s products are cruelty-free? Not one of their soaps or cleaning products is tested on animals. Mrs. Meyer’s is even on our list of the best hand soaps for home cooks!

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Raw Sugar Sensitive Skin Almond Milk + Agave + Oatmeal Soapvia

Raw Sugar Sensitive Skin Almond Milk + Agave + Oatmeal Soap

If colder weather leaves your hands brittle, this sensitive skin soap will protect and repair the dryest of hands. It does wonders to all skin types—from oily to dry skin.

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Tom's of Maine Fresh Apple Soapvia

Tom’s of Maine Fresh Apple Soap

Lather up with this sweet apple soap from Tom’s of Maine! What’s special about this dermatologist-approved soap is that it promotes the growth of good bacteria (yes, there really is such a thing!). This allows your skin to maintain its natural moisture and keep bad bacterias at bay. Prebiotics are also used to maintain a healthy microbiome not only on your skin but your gut, too. Learn more about the benefits of consuming prebiotics.

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