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11 Fancy Store-Bought Appetizers Worth the Splurge

Party plan from your couch with these tasty store-bought appetizers. (Just save us one of the empanadas.)

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Charcuterie Samplervia

Charcuterie Sampler

Take your soiree from so-so to swanky with this ready-made charcuterie plate ($13). The assortment of calabrese, Italian dry salame, Genoa salame and sopressata is fancy enough to serve solo or help build a tasty cheese and charcuterie board.

Purchase here.

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Gourmet Chorizo Empanadasvia

Gourmet Chorizo Empanadas

No time for making empanadas from scratch? These Southwestern-flavored empanadas ($38) are filled with chorizo sausage, jalapenos, red bell peppers and two cheeses. Bonus: It only takes 5 minutes to deep fry each batch.

Purchase here.

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Fig Spreadvia

Fig Spread

Not all fancy appetizers have to be complicated. Pair this imported fig spread ($11 for 2) with brie or goat cheese and you’re all set. How easy is that?

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Don’t forget to pop open the champagne, too. Here’s a look at our top picks for bubbly under $20.

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Brandini Toffee Popcornvia

Brandini Toffee Popcorn

Satisfy any guest’s sweet tooth with this delicious toffee popcorn ($40). The three-pack includes one box of toffee popcorn and two boxes of cashew almond toffee popcorn. Just watch the video of it being made and try not to buy it!

Purchase here.

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Mediterranean Tapas Plattervia

Mediterranean Tapas Platter

Feature the flavors of the Mediterranean with this steal of a tapas platter ($17). It includes olives, antipasto and specialty items such as seasoned feta and marinated artichokes. (This one travels well, too. Just add toothpicks.)

Purchase here.

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Perfect Gourmet Chicken Potstickersvia

Perfect Gourmet Chicken Potstickers

Delicate wontons wrapped around chicken, vegetables and sauce satisfy a craving without being too filling. These chicken potstickers ($63) are easy to prepare and as a one-bite appetizer, will keep the conversation flowing at your get-together.

Purchase here.

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Giusto Sapore Italian Style Mixed Whole Olivesvia

Italian Style Mixed Whole Olives

With three varieties of gourmet olives, this jar imported from Italy ($15) will complement any antipasto platter—especially this one that’s a favorite with Taste of Home readers.

Purchase here.

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Oak Stove Kitchen Crustless Quichevia

Oak Stove Kitchen Crustless Quiche

With these mini crustless quiches ($77), you can choose from bacon and cheese, cheese and spinach or a combination pack with both flavors. A reviewer called these tasty bites the “best quiche ever” and complimented their wonderful flavor and easy prep.

Purchase here.

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Classic And Lemon Pepper Smoked Sockeye Salmon 2 Packvia

Smoked Sockeye Salmon

This smoked salmon two-pack ($25) includes one classic smoked salmon fillet and one lemon pepper salmon fillet. Serve with crackers or in this easy-to-make smoked salmon bites recipe.

Purchase here.

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Graham & Rollins Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallopsvia

Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops

Sea scallops—amazing. Bacon—irresistible. Wrap one around the other and you get one of the best appetizers ever. These appetizer bites ($127) receive rave reviews from those who’ve tried them.

Purchase here.

Love to snack on seafood? Here are more seafood appetizers that steal the spotlight.

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Olli Salumeria Antipasto Tray

Olli Salumeria Antipasto Tray

You don’t have to be entertaining to indulge in a fancy appetizers. Just open an antipasto tray like this one ($12), loaded with Parmesan, Genoa salami, sopressata and Greek olives, while you binge food shows on Netflix. Enjoy!

Find at Whole Foods.

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Susan Bronson
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