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12 Food of the Month Clubs Worth Joining

You can spread cheer all throughout the year by gifting a food of the month club subscription. It's the original subscription box!

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Chevy Chase stands at the head of the table in a scene from the film 'Christmas Vacation', 1989. (Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)Archive Photos/Getty Images

As a wise man (aka Cousin Eddie of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) once said about a monthly membership, “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.” That’s why we’ve rounded up a dozen food of the month clubs so enticing, you’ll want to give them as a gift, then sign up yourself. Among the bunch, you’ll find sausage, snack and soup services, plus a jelly club that even Clark Griswold would be jazzed to join.

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Fruit of the Monthvia

Fruit of the Month

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but monthly exotic fruit keeps boredom at bay. The Fruit Company’s HarvestClub Exotica subscription features less-common produce, like dragon fruit, blood oranges and persimmons. Plus, you get to pick how many pieces you’d like… Champagne mangoes all around!

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Dessert of the Month Club® Collectionvia

Dessert of the Month

Are you more of a pie person, a cake fan or a cookie freak? Fortunately, you don’t have to decide with the Harry & David Dessert of the Month Club. Each time you’ll get a different treat for your sweet tooth, like cheesecake or berry pie.

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Snack of the Monthvia

Snack of the Month

The first rule of snack club is: You do not talk about snack club… otherwise you’ll have to share! And with a Something Snacks subscription—which includes something salty, sweet, healthy and international in each box—you’ll want to keep everything for yourself.

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Sausage of the Month

Take a tasty spin through Europe with Olympia Provisions. The charcuterie company’s Sausage Postal Provisions Club will explore the continent through seven sausages—and even includes a travel map. Say ciao! to Italian pork and guten tag! to bratwurst.

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Cheese of the Month

NYC’s legendary Murray’s Cheese made our list of best cheese shops in every state, and thanks to their Classic Cheese of the Month Club, you can enjoy their delectable dairy no matter where you live. You’ll get three or four cheeses, plus tasting notes and suggested wine pairings.

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Brown Sugar Buttermilk Banana Doughnutsvia LadySweetCakesNC/

Doughnut of the Month

Get your glaze on regularly with Lady Sweet Cakes’ Doughnut of the Month Club. Each shipping includes a dozen of one flavor—and these aren’t your average dunkers. Pick from a selection that includes maple glazed gingerbread, strawberries and cream and brown sugar buttermilk banana.

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Candy of the Monthvia

Candy of the Month

A candy club sounds like a childhood fantasy come true… and it is! Retro Candy Club is a sugary subscription with a side of nostalgia. Pick your decade, like the ’60s (yes, Abba-Zaba!) or the ’80s (we see you, Big League Chew) and relive the good ol’ days.

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Hearty vegetable split pea soupTaste of Home

Soup of the Month

Soups Online brings broth to your door with its Soup of the Month Club, which includes two (sometimes three) mixes from small producers each time. Past boxes have featured Louisiana gumbo, cheesy enchilada, Tuscan bean and French onion soup. Slurp your way through the entire year!

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Bread of the monthvia Boudin/Facebook

Bread of the Month

San Francisco’s Boudin Bakery puts the art in artisanal with their 12-Month Seasonal Bread Club. You’ll get one or two sourdough loaves each time—but even more exciting, each bread is shaped to celebrate its month. February takes the form of a heart, April is a bunny and November is a turkey. Leftover slices? Use them to make sourdough turkey melts.

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PB&J of the Month Subscriptionvia

Jelly of the Month

Jam clubs may never be as exciting as, say, a pool (just ask Clark Griswold), but we found a spin on this classic that comes pretty close. Big Spoon Roasters offers a PB&J of the Month Subscription, which includes a jar of featured jam perfectly paired with a nut butter each time.

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Pizza of the Monthvia

Pizza of the Month

They say each slice of deep-dish pizza is a meal in itself, so a subscription would be… an entire lifestyle? Get multiple pies (you can choose if you want two, four or six) every 30 days with Tastes of Chicago’s Lou Malnoti’s Pizza by the Month package.

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Regional Eats of the Monthvia

Regional Eats of the Month

Can’t decide on a single food? Gift an entire city’s signature cuisine. Goldbelly’s New Orleans Monthly Subscription is one example (think gumbo, muffuletta and po’boys delivered to your door). The company also offers Chicago, San Francisco, LA, NYC and Miami options. The best part? These subscriptions support local restaurants and frontline workers. Talk about a win-win.

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