7 Ways to Make Incredible French Onion Soup

Frankly, you can never have enough French onion soup recipes. Here are our favorite ways to cook up this savory, cheesy deliciousness.

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Top with Gruyere Cheese

Creamy, nutty Gruyere takes this traditional soup to a whole new level.
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Splash in Some Madeira Wine

Add a touch of caramel flavor to your broth with this sweet wine.
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Use These 8 Ingredients

Elegantly simple, this recipe will let you serve up amazing flavor with ingredients you probably already have on hand.
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Use Different Types of Onions

Slices of yellow, red and green onions plus leeks create amazing layers of flavor in this version.

Do you know all the types of onions?

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Simmer It Low & Slow

After hours of slow cooking, this broth is heavenly. Just pop it under the broiler for a few minutes, then dig in!
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Make It Multicultural

Italian meatballs make this comfort food even cozier. Now that’s amore!
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Use Triple the Cheese

Swiss, Parmesan and mozzarella are the trifecta of cheesy goodness in this irresistible version.

Kristin Sutter
A big fan of homegrown cooking, Kristin has been a writer and editor for nearly 20 years. She has mastered the art of learning from her inexpert riffs on other people's truly good recipes.