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13 Gadgets That Will Keep Your Snacks from Going Stale

Keep your salty snacks and sweet treats as fresh as the day you bought 'em with these must-have snack savers.

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Mind Reader Granola Organizer Breakroomvia

Two-Tier Snack Organizer

Prevent your favorite granola bars, protein bars, snack mixes and mini bags of chips from being crushed in your cabinet with this two-tier snack organizer. The organizer has a ton of compartments on the top level to keep different snacks separate and rotates so you can pursue your options with ease. Fill your organizer with items from one of these snack subscription boxes.

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Produce Veggie Storage Containersvia

Produce Containers

Snacking isn’t limited to chips and granola bars! These produce containers are equipped with adjustable valves and draining dividers to keep berries, cut veggies and other snackable produce fresher for longer. By the way, here’s how to get produce to last even longer.

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Handheld Control Corrugated Suspension Airtightvia

Mini Food Bag Sealer

Infrequent snackers will love this mini food bag sealer. Instead of rolling or clipping a chip bag that won’t be reopened for weeks, this hand-held bag sealer can actually reseal the bag. Once you’re ready to snack again, just pull the sides of the bag part like you would when first opening it. Try this sealer with one of these healthy chip brands that you can buy.

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This mini bag sealer is another great option to consider.

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Avocado Saver Podvia

Avocado Pod

If avocado toast is your go-to snack, this avocado holder is a must. The stretchy silicone lid adjusts to the shape of your avocado while pushing it against the bottom of the container, banishing air and brown-edged avocados. Here’s how to make avocado toast that you’ll want to eat every day.

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Prepworks Progressive Guacamole Prokeeper Sealingvia

Guacamole ProKeeper

Speaking of avocados, have you even made a bowl of guacamole, only for it to turn completely brown by the next day? This Prepworks container is fit with an airtight lid that can be pushed down into the bowl, so it sits on the surface of the guacamole. The airtight seal will keep your guac green and fresh for days. Follow these tips for the best guacamole of your life.

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Kizmos 5057494 Magnetic Multipurpose Bag Clips, Set of 7, Multicoloredvia

Bag Clips

There’s nothing worse than reaching into a bag full of salty, crispy goodness… for a stale chip. Save your snacks with a set of chip clips. The clips work well on bags of all sizes and have a magnet on the back, too. You can store extra clips on your refrigerator for easy access when you do need one! The clips are perfect for any crunchy snack like chips, pretzels or even a bag of homemade potato chips.

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Cereal Dispenser Setvia

Cereal Dispenser Set

If you live with children, chances are your cereal boxes are in a constant state of being partially opened. Keep your morning meal crunchy with airtight cereal dispensers. And learn how to turn your favorite cereal into fun snacks and treats.

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Stasher Reusable Clear Food Storage Sandwich Bagvia

Reusable Storage Bags

A great way to keep your pantry stocked is by buying products in bulk. Keep them as fresh as possible by placing them in a reusable storage bag. These are perfect for fruits and snack mixes. Plus, this bag is leak-proof and waterproof but still easy for kids to open.

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Glass Jarsvia

Glass Jars

If the pantry shelf room is tight, move some of the storage to the kitchen counter with beautiful and functional glass jars. Perfect for dried goods, cookies and granola, glass jars display your favorite pantry staples while helping them last longer. The lids are 100% airtight, so you’ll hear a satisfying whoosh as the container seals. That seal helps keep food fresh.

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Closure Plastic Kitchen Storage Sealingvia

Bag Sealer Clip Sticks

Lock in crispness when you seal your snack bags with bag sealer clip sticks. The reusable sticks keep out air and water, preserving your chips, crackers and pretzels. Add them to your must-haves list when stocking a pantry.

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Banana Keepervia

Banana Keeper

For many shoppers, the last two or three bananas in the bunch go mushy before they can be eaten. Keep your fruit at its perfect level of ripeness with a banana keeper drawstring bag. Plus, the Banana Keeper traps the ethylene gas emitted from bananas, so it won’t overripen other produce. If your bananas are already overripe, mash them up for the best-ever banana bread and start over with a fresh bunch.

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Airtight Food Storage Container Setvia

Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Investing in a set of airtight storage containers is a smart way to keep food tasting like new while giving your pantry a clean, uniform look. Empty store-bought snacks into each labeled container or use them to display the pantry staples you can make at home.

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Beeswax Wrapsvia

Beeswax Wraps

Want to keep your baked goods moist and tasty? Wrap them in beeswax reusable wraps. These washable wraps are great for the environment while keeping muffins and cookies tasting like they just came out of the oven. Learn how to store leftover food of all types with our handy guide.

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