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12 Genius Spice Storage Ideas

Basil, thyme, oregano, oh my! Your pantry is stocked with all kinds of spices—so keep them neat and organized with one of these clever spice storage ideas.

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DIY Spice RackCourtesy Home Made Lovely

DIY Wall Rack

Now this is a spice rack even Joanna Gaines would approve of—and the best part is that you can make it yourself. You’ll just need some picture ledges, a few screws and some rustic canning jars (bonus points for homemade labels, too) to get started. Get instructions from Shannon Acheson at Home Made Lovely.

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Copco 2555-0187 Non-Skid 2-Tier Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable, 12-Inch, White/Grayvia

Lazy Susan

If Lazy Susans are good enough for Chrissy Teigen (the celeb mom recently revealed on Instagram that she uses them to organize her own pantry), then they’re good enough for the rest of us! Especially this tiered model ($13), which has double the space for your spices.

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Spice Gripper Clips Stripsvia

Spice Gripper Clips Strips

Take it from the 2,000+ people who have given this space-saving spice rack ($11) a glowing review on Amazon—it’s a kitchen game-changer. The sturdy rack mounts directly onto the inside of your cabinet door and has grippy clips that hold your spice jars securely in place. Speaking of pantry organization, here are some more of our favorite pantry organizing tips.

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DIY Tiered Spice DrawerCourtesy Addicted 2 Decorating

Spice Drawer Insert

Haven’t you heard? Drawers are the new racks, at least when it comes to spices. Save your precious cabinet space by making your own tiered insert for your kitchen drawer. This tutorial from Addicted 2 Decorating is so simple, you don’t even need power tools—just some hobby boards and wood glue.

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Spice Rack Stand Holdervia

Spice Rack Stand Holder

Play your cards right (or rather, shop Amazon right) and you could have a super-organized, super-stylish spice rack that looks perfect sitting out in full view on your kitchen counter. That’s what you’ll get with this rack stand ($30), which comes with glass bottles, a sparkly chrome rack and customizable labels.

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Spice Drawer Linervia

Spice Drawer Liner

A drawer liner, but for spices? Yes, please. This foam liner ($16) can be easily cut to fit whatever size drawer you have and can hold up to 30 full-size spice bottles in its cushioned grooves. Reviewers especially love that there’s absolutely no installation or mounting required.

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Rotating Spice Rack Towervia

Rotating Spice Rack Tower

This is a classy countertop tower option ($40) that grants you any of your spices at the twirl of your fingertips. With a sleek, modern stainless steel design and a narrow shape, it’s ideal for fitting in tight spots. Did we mention the free spice refills for 5 years with purchase of this beauty?

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Mini Mason Jars

If you’re obsessed with mason jars—and to be honest, who isn’t—you’ll love this DIY. The tiny jars are as farmhouse-chic as they are functional (the glass makes it easy for you to spot the cinnamon vs. the bay leaves). Here are some cookies to make with all that cinnamon in your cabinet.

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Expandable Spice Rackvia

Expandable Spice Rack

There are few things more annoying than having to dig through your cabinet every time you’re looking for that one specific spice. This expandable rack ($40) solves that problem. The pull-out “drawers” make it easy to find that jar of cumin without making a mess—and then they slide easily back into place when you’re finished.

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12 Piece Hanging Spice Rackvia LisasKitchenShop/

Hanging Spice Rack

No space? No problem. Just like these brilliant hacks will save you plenty of room in your kitchen, so will a hanging spice rack under your cabinets. You can buy this 12-spice version from Etsy ($40), or make your own by simply securing hooks underneath your kitchen cabinets to hang your spices.

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vintage wooden plate full of colorful spices and ingredientsluigi giordano/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Magnetic Spice Storage

Your refrigerator isn’t just for hanging take-out menus and family photos—it’s also for hanging spices. These brilliant bloggers at A Beautiful Mess created this DIY magnetic storage tutorial so you can build your own makeshift spice rack on the side of your fridge. Look here for more genius kitchen organizing ideas.

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Container of MintsErick/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Tic Tac Spice Packs

What’s eco-friendly, inexpensive, and the perfect space-saving solution for your spices? This easy and affordable DIY, which turns your old Tic Tac containers into spice jars. Make printable labels, and just make sure you rinse them out first!

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