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30 of the Best Gifts for Bread Bakers

Need gifts for bread bakers? We've found tools that will take their loaves to the next level, no matter how long they've been baking.

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Baguette Pan

If your bread baker has been learning to make French bread loaves, this baguette pan would make a great gift. Not only does it have three wells to provide consistent side-by-side baking, but the perforations allow for more airflow to result in a crispier crust.

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Cb Kitchenaid Baker Bowlvia

KitchenAid Bread Bowl with Baking Lid

When looking for gifts for bread bakers, you might want to push this KitchenAid bread bowl to the top of the list. This recent release from the company allows you to mix, knead, proof and bake all in one bowl. Inside, you’ll find etched lines that help you see how much the bread has risen and the ceramic construction lets you turn the bowl over and bake right on the lid. Want to go above and beyond? Gift the stand mixer that goes with it, too.

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Le Creuset Dutch Oven

There are plenty of specialty bread pans out there, but one of the best gifts for bread bakers is a good ol’ Dutch oven. These versatile cooking vessels are ideal for baking loaves of bread, but they can be used for so much more, from braising meat to cooking your favorite stew recipes. The Le Creuset Dutch Oven is a unbeatable choice, as it comes in a rainbow of colors and is made to last a lifetime. If the occasion doesn’t call for a splurge, try Taste of Home‘s Dutch oven instead.

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Bread Warming Set

Your giftee will be able to keep freshly baked loaves warm and toasty with this traditional bread warming set. The terra cotta stone has an ornate pattern that’s pretty enough to use as decor, and once it’s preheated, it can keep bread warm for up to 45 minutes inside the natural grass basket.

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Linen Oven Mitts

Bread pans are quite hot when they come out of the oven, so make sure your favorite baker protects their hands with these handmade linen oven mitts. There are two pretty fabric colors to choose from, and each mitt is sold individually. Looking for more ideas? We have plenty to choose from on our list of the best gifts for bakers.

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Thermapen ThermometerVia

Instant Read Thermometer

An instant-read thermometer is a must-have for every bread baker, as it’s the most reliable way to know when a loaf is perfectly cooked. Our Test Kitchen’s favorite digital thermometer provides an accurate temperature reading in about a second, and it folds into a compact form for easy storage. Or, check out some of our other essential baking supplies.

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Proofing Basket

This unique basket, called a brotform in Germany and a banneton in France, helps loaves evenly rise in a uniform shape. The rattan coils extract moisture to encourage a crispier crust and provide an attractive pattern to give the bread an artisanal look.

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Bread Box

Elevate your bread baker’s storage with this attractive bread box. Not only does it help the loaf stay fresher, but the lid reverses and serves double duty as a cutting board, making it easier than ever to cut off a slice.

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Dough Whisk

A great loaf of bread starts by correctly incorporating the ingredients, and a dough whisk can help bakers do just that. Its unique design allows bakers to easily combine ingredients without overmixing, and it can more easily work with wet dough than a wooden spoon. Want to learn more? Check out our editor’s Danish dough whisk review.

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Raisenne Dough Riser

Perhaps the trickiest thing to get right—even for bread-making pros—is proofing the dough. If your kitchen is too cool, your bread just won’t get the right lift. But the Raisenne Dough Riser is the perfect shortcut. Plug in this device and it will heat up to just the right temperature for proofing. When you’re done, this little gadget is small enough to fit in a drawer.

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Durable Apron

Spending all day in the kitchen? You better suit up and grab an apron. Aprons from Hedley & Bennett are fun and functional gifts. They come in plenty of colors and patterns and are totally adjustable. No more too-long neck ties here!

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Challenger Sourdough Starter Jars

Serious sourdough fans won’t settle for a basic Mason jar for their starter. Instead, try this Challenger sourdough starter jar—one of the best gifts for bread bakers. The wide mouth is perfect for feeding starter and the lines help you determine how much your creation has grown.

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Bread Bakers NotebookLisa Kaminski/Taste of Home

The Bread Baker’s Notebook

Encourage your friends to keep track of their bakes in this gorgeous rustic diary. You’ll find sections that help bakers keep track of their sourdough starter and space for detailed entries on each bake including temperature, weights, knead times and more.

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Top-Notch Toaster

There’s nothing like a freshly toasted slice of bread slathered with butter and jam. Help your baker achieve the perfectly toasted slice every time with the Revolution Smart Toaster. This touchscreen toaster, one of our Test Kitchen’s favorites, lets you see exactly how toasty that slice of bread or English muffin will look. No more blackened surprises!

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KitchenAid Grain Mill Attachment

Really, really serious bread bakers might even want to mill their own flour from different grains. Lucky enough, KitchenAid makes a mill attachment that makes creating your own flour blends super easy. But this isn’t the only gadget bakers may want for their favorite mixer; check out more KitchenAid attachments for bakers.

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Toh Bench ScraperTaste of Home

Bench Scraper

If the recipient is newer to bread baking, consider a dough scraper, an essential tool for every bread baker’s kitchen. It helps scrape dough off the work surface, divide it into sections and simplify the cleaning process. We’ve got a soft spot for this one from Taste of Home; it has a built-in ruler for easy measuring. That’s perfect for dividing dough.

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Challenger Bread Pan

For the avid bread baker, consider the Challenger Bread Pan. By providing just the right amount of heat and steam, this unique cast-iron pan creates the ideal environment for perfect loaves every single time.

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Bread Knife

A good bread knife will cut through even the crustiest loaf like warm. butter. This serrated knife from Wüsthof is the same as we stock in our Taste of Home Test Kitchen and would be a great addition to any home cook’s knife block.

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Baking Steel

If your bread baker dabbles in pizza crusts or enjoys a rustic loaf, consider gifting a baking steel. Its conductive cooking surface allows dough to cook more evenly, creating a thin, crispy crust.

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Specialty Flours

Bread bakers use many types of flour, including rye, spelt and 00—each produces a unique flavor. Consider gifting a specialty flour so he can try his hand at a new type of bread. Don’t miss our favorite baking cookbooks!

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Comfortable Kitchen Shoes

Trust us on this one! Baking bread means a lot of time on your feet while you mix, knead, shape and proof. Slippers—no matter how fluffy—just aren’t the footwear for the job. For folks that spend a lot of time in the kitchen, try these Dansko clogs. They’re a favorite among chefs and they come in plenty of patterns to suit your kitchen style.

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Pullman Loaf Pan

If your recipient wants to start making sandwich bread, give her a Pullman loaf pan. Its design yields a consistent shape that’s the ideal width and height for sandwiches.

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These sturdy cloths are a must-have. They help loaves, especially French baguettes, keep their shape while they rise, and the absorbent properties help draw out moisture for a crispy crust. Find more bread-baking essentials.

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Artisan Bread Cookbook

Both novice and experienced bakers will benefit from Flour Water Salt Yeast, one of the most popular bread-baking cookbooks around. It contains lots of recipes for rustic boules and Neapolitan-style pizzas, as well as ample useful information on the art of baking bread.


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Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

Sometimes you want fresh bread but don’t want to go through all the work of kneading and proofing. For those days, every baker needs a speedy bread machine to take the work off their hands. This popular model from Hamilton Beach will whip up several different types of bread in no time, and it can even be used to make jam or cake!

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Butter Keeper

Soft, spreadable butter is a must-have accompaniment for any homemade bread recipe, and this butter keeper is the perfect gift for your baking buddies. The handmade ceramic piece is available in a variety of beautiful glaze colors, and it will quickly become a staple for the kitchen counter.

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Linen Bread Bag

Many bakers believe freshly baked bread is best stored in a bag at room temperature. These beautiful homemade bread bags are the perfect spot to stash leftover loaves. They come in many shapes, sizes and patterns to suit your recipient’s style.

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Bread Baking Subscription

One of our favorite baking subscription boxes is Breadista, which sends out monthly bread-baking kits. The service focuses on traditional German breads—ideal for anyone who wants to try something new—and includes pre-portioned ingredients and instructions. Soon, you’ll be getting invitations to try out seeded kastenbrot and dinkelweck!

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Pretty Dishtowel

Cooks and bakers of all kinds can never have enough towels in the kitchen. We love this cheeky towel from Etsy shop 618 Love. It’s funny and pretty. Slip this over the handle on your oven door or nestle it into a basket and fill it with fresh rolls.

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Reusable Bread Wrap

Ditch the plastic bread bags for your homemade bread. This reusable beeswax wrap is perfect for wrapping large loaves and keeping them fresh. Learn more about why we love Bee’s Wrap for bread and beyond.

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