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Gifts for People Who LOVE Breakfast

Eggs, bacon, pancakes, doughnuts—we're here for all of that, sometimes at any hour of the day. If you know someone like this, these gift ideas will be right up their alley, ready to make their daydreams come true.

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In the movie Elf, when Buddy the Elf pulled a tiny bottle of syrup out of the sleeve of his green coat while eating dinner and proceeded to douse his spaghetti, some breakfast lovers had to have thought, Hmm…I’m not totally grossed out by that.

Be they fluffy pancakes, perfect eggs, fresh coffee or pink-sprinkled donuts, breakfast is like the mischievous toddler of the three meals—always ready at sunrise, full of energy and often sticky. For breakfast aficionados, these gifts are here to make mornings (and afternoons, and evenings) even brighter. 

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Don’t Go Bacon My Heart Coffee Mug

This punny coffee mug ($14) is totally the way Elton John wants his legacy to be on display (we’re guessing). The back is just as good as the front.

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Taste of Home

Taste of Home Muffin Tin

The breakfast lover in your life will be thrilled to make their morning muffins or mini frittatas in the new Taste of Home 12-cup muffin tin ($20). The non-stick metal muffin pan is stylish and functional, and it makes a great gift.

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Heart-Shaped Skillet

I’ve often said the only thing that would make eggs more perfect is if they could be heart-shaped, and the universe responded. This adorable mini skillet ($10) could also be used for one tiny love-themed frittataCheck out these other quirky kitchen gadgets.

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Donut Shower Curtain

Rustic farmhouse is out, sprinkle décor is in. Jump on the bandwagon with this shower curtain for just $30.

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Superman Toaster

You’re better than boring, plain, non-imprinted toast. Your toast needs to be infused with superhero mojo, and this superhero toaster ($20) will do just that. No, it’s not just for kids. It’s definitely for adults, too.

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Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

When you want to toast, percolate, fry and possibly reheat a few slices of last night’s pizza simultaneously—because breakfast has no rules—you’ll need this handy little counter space-saver ($80).

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Organic Coffee Sampler

There’s coffee, and then there’s good coffee. If you want to elevate your morning brew, this six-pack whole bean sampler ($26) will give you a taste of the best Java Planet has to offer. Are you making any of these mistakes with your morning coffee?

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Maple Syrup Pancake Candle

For those times when you just want everyone in your house or cubicle neighborhood to crave pancakes, light this delightful maple syrup candle ($30).

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