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25 Gifts for Pie Bakers

Our list makes choosing gifts for your favorite pie baker, well, easy as pie!

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Slt Cuisinart Food Processorvia

Food Processor

A food processor is your best friend when it comes to making pie crusts of all sorts. Pulse flour, butter and water together for a classic butter pastry. You can also use it to crush crumbs for a simple graham cracker crust. And graham crackers are just the start—there are lots of ingredients you can turn into crumb pie crusts.

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Made In Baking SlabCourtesy Made In

Porcelain Baking Slab

When you’re baking for a crowd, a regular nine-inch pie just isn’t enough. That’s when it’s time to level up to family-sized slab pies. This porcelain baking slab is perfect for these oversized treats. When you’ve polished off that raspberry and rhubarb pie, you can use this pan to make bread, bars and more.

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Slt Pie Weightsvia

Pie Weights

To prevent those dreaded soggy bottoms, you’ll want to blind bake your pie crusts. But before you pop that pie crust in the oven to crisp up, make sure you weigh it down with ceramic pie weights. These will prevent the crust from bubbling up and baking unevenly.

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Tkpf21 Butter Kerrygold E07 27 5b 1 SquareTaste of Home

Quality Butter

Make your all-butter pie crusts shine by using one of the best butters our Test Kitchen has ever tried: Kerrygold. This Irish butter is packed with rich flavor that will really take your homemade crust to the next level.

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Perfect Pie Cutter

Think of this perfect pie cutter like that compass you used in geometry class—but for pastry. Just set the size and swing the arm for a perfect circle of crust for your lemon meringue pie. Here are some more essential pie making tools every home baker needs.

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Butter Tea Towelvia

Butter Tea Towel

Pie bakers (and cake bakers and cookie bakers) know that there’s no beating butter. Show off your love for the ingredient by hanging this butter tea towel over your oven handle.

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French Rolling Pin

Want rolling pin options in your kitchen? Add a French rolling pin (also known as a tapered rolling pin) to your roster. This extra-long olivewood tool is perfect for rolling out large amounts of pie pastry, bread dough, cutout cookies and more.

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Pie Sweatshirtvia

Pie Sweatshirt

Pie bakers, make this cozy crewneck your kitchen uniform. It’s just the thing to don along with your go-to leggings as you bake up a fresh cherry pie. When it’s cooled, cut yourself a generous slice and enjoy it in this cuddly outfit on the couch.

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Kitchenaid Pastry Blendervia merchant

Pastry Blender

For the flaky pie crust, it’s best to keep hands off! Break your butter (or shortening or lard) up while keeping it cold with a pastry blender. You can use this tool for making biscuits, too.

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Pie Candle

Enjoy the aroma of a fresh-baked pie even when you don’t have time to make one from scratch. Just light this apple pie candle from Kentucky’s Black Patch Candle Company and you’ll feel like it’s a crisp fall day. And next time you light this candle (or any of your favorites), follow our tips to keep the wick from mushrooming.

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Pastry Brush

To finish your pie crusts off with a bit of sheen, brush on a bit of egg wash with this silicone pastry brush. When you’re finished with the final touches, this brush can be tossed right into the dishwasher—no having to carefully rinse bristles like with a traditional brush.

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Pretty Pie Dish

Serious about pies? Don’t settle for plain dishes! This pistachio porcelain pie dish from KitchenAid has a bit of retro flair. Also, the grips on the edge of the pan make it easy to take this plate out of the oven without marring your carefully constructed crust.

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Vanilla Bean Sugar

Add a finishing touch of texture and flavor to your pie by sprinkling vanilla bean sugar onto the crust. Once baked, you’ll get a delightful crunch and a bite that’s more than just sweet—one that tastes of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. And if your pie recipe calls for vanilla extract, be sure to check out our Test Kitchen’s favorite brands.

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Crate And Barrel Pastry Wheelvia merchant

Pastry Wheel

For a perfect lattice-topped pie you’ll want to have a pastry wheel on hand. We like this double-wheeled option because it allows you to cut straight and wavy lines depending on the look you want. For straight lines, be sure to use a ruler and follow our Test Kitchen’s lattice pie tips.

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Classic Rolling Pin

While there are lots of types of rolling pins out there, it’s always nice to have the classic version on hand for rolling out pie crust. This rolling pin from Beautiful by Drew Barrymore is outfitted with rubberized offset grips to make handling easy.

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Pie Art

Decorate your home with what you love. Etsy seller Signet Sealed has plenty of foodie prints to adorn your kitchen, but this pie art is more like high art to us.

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Flour Shaker

The last thing you want while rolling out your pie crust is for the pastry to stick to the counter. Prevent sticking by dusting your worktop with flour. Keep a flour shaker in your baking cupboard and sprinkle the surface evenly.

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Silicone Pie Shieldvia merchant

Pie Crust Shield

Sometimes your pie crust bakes up faster than the pie filling. Keep the crust from burning while the inside finishes up with this handy silicone pie crust shield. It nestles right onto your pie plate. While you wait for yours to come in the mail, make your own aluminum foil shield.

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Handcrafted Pie Server

Can you cut a pie with a plain ol’ knife? Sure, but why do that when you can use the right tool for the job? This hand-forged stainless steel and wood pie server will make getting that first slice of French silk pie out easier than ever.

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Marble Pastry Slab

Cold is pie pastry’s best friend. Keep your crust cold as you roll it out with a marble pastry slab. Pop this marble board into the fridge or freezer for a bit then use it as a cool surface for rolling out your dough.

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Pie Mug

Here’s a mug for pie bakers and pie eaters. Fill your cup up with coffee as you enjoy a slice of this five-star chocolate chess pie. This mug is so sweet you might just want to order a few to have on hand for all the big pie holidays (those would be Pi Day and Thanksgiving, of course!).

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Pie Bird

Pie birds may seem like an old-fashioned tool, but these cute accessories still deserve a place in your kitchen. These ceramic birdies help prevent fruit pies from bubbling over in the oven. There are more traditional shapes out there, but we can’t resist this Harry Potter-inspired owl pie bird.

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Silicone Pastry Mat

This silicone pastry mat is an MVP gift for pie bakers. This nonstick mat is perfect for rolling out pie dough without having to use a lot of flour (which can lead to tough crusts). It also has guides printed on the mat to help you get the perfect size and shape for your pie pan. When you’re done rolling, it doesn’t get any easier than this: Toss it in the dishwasher!

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Mini Pie Dishes

Of course, pies of any kind are a great treat, but there’s just something extra special about mini pies. Bake up your favorite recipe in these Pioneer Woman mini pie dishes. May we suggest making Ree Drummond’s pecan pie in individual servings?

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Taste Of Home Ultimate Baking Cookbookvia merchant

Taste of Home Ultimate Baking Cookbook

Gift the pie baker on your list the Taste of Home Ultimate Baking CookbookMultiple recipes for fruit, nut, custard and meringue pies and even pie crusts will inspire them to try a new treat or perfect their favorite dessert. Our editors and culinary experts have perfected the art of pie so your giftee can too. Pass the pie!

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