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10 Adorable Ways to Decorate Gingerbread Cookies

Get inspired by these cute and creative ways to decorate gingerbread cookies.

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Our Test Kitchen devised the sweetest (and most adorable) ideas for how to decorate gingerbread cookies. Follow along for tips how to make these gingerbuddies the stars of your cookie tray. And be sure to get our best gingerbread men cookie recipes here.

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snow man cookiesTaste of Home

Sweet Snowman

If it’s too warm to build a snowman outside, why not make one out of gingerbread? Flood the cookie with royal icing, then add the face and body details while the royal icing is still wet. Get tips for how to decorate cookies with royal icing.

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yetti cookie christmas Taste of Home

Happy Yeti

Invite an Abominable Snowman to your holiday gathering with this creative gingerbread decoration. To achieve the furry texture, place white sprinkles over white frosting before adding the blue face, hands and feet. Before you start baking, check out our ultimate gingerbread making guide.

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delivery buddy cookie christmasTaste of Home

Delivery Buddy

Your gingerbuddies deserve gifts, too! Ensure they arrive on time by decorating your very own delivery buddy. Its spot-on uniform is made by carefully outlining and then flooding the outfit with royal icing. Here are some royal icing mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

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pijamas christmas cookieTaste of Home

Pajama Pal

Keep your gingerbread cookies cozy by adding cute PJ decorations. Be sure to mix the royal icing at low speed and no higher. Whipping too much air into the icing will cause it to get crunchy instead of silky smooth.

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teddy bear christmas cookieTaste of Home

Teddy Bear

Instead of using icing, frosting or sprinkles for this cuddly teddy bear’s fur, this decoration only requires a fork. Before popping a gingerbread men cookie recipe into the oven, gently scrape the dough with fork prongs. Take a look at more easy cookie decorating ideas.

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holiday sweater christmas cookieTaste of Home

Holiday Sweater

It’s sweater weather! Create your own festive design by placing round and snowflake-shaped sprinkles on the sweater to form a pattern. Or try your hand at these ugly sweater cookies.

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jolly elf cookieTaste of Home

Jolly Elf

Make sure to let the royal icing of this heavily flooded elf cookie dry before trying to store them. Here are 20 more recipes inspired by our favorite Christmas movies.

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hula girl christmas cookie ginger breadTaste of Home

Hula Girl

Say Mele Kalikimaka with this hula dancing gingerbuddy! Her top is made with gumdrops and royal icing straps. Be sure to check out more great gingerbread ideas for the holidays.

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penguin cookie christmas ginger breadTaste of Home

Perky Penguin

Look at this cheery little bird! Fashion the earmuffs out of cut gumdrops and a strip of a sour candy belt. If candy earmuffs aren’t enough to keep you warm, turn to these cozy hot beverages.

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nutcracker ginger bread cookie christmas Taste of Home

Nifty Nutcracker

Though it won’t actually crack any nuts, this regal nutcracker decoration is too cute to pass up. The finishing touch is the cookie’s hat, which is made from a rolled, cut and iced Starburst. For more ideas, check out our comprehensive Christmas cookie baking guide.

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