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11 Spooky Good Halloween Drinks with Vodka

These festive Halloween drinks (with vodka!) will get the witches cackling and the zombies dancing!

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Vampire Killer MartiniTaste of Home

Vampire Killer Martini

Kick up the heat with this spicy Vampire Killer Martini. A touch of serrano and beets make for a killer presentation. You’ll need a week to infuse the vodka, but the process is worth the effort.

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Pumpkin Pie ShotsTaste of Home

Pumpkin Pie Shots

Pairing pumpkin and butterscotch is wickedly tasty in these Pumpkin Pie Shots. Add a touch of black food dye to the whipped cream to add a little hocus pocus to each drink.

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Spiced Apple Cider Jelly ShotsTaste of Home

Spiced Apple Cider Jelly Shots

What’s better than bobbing for apples? This recipe for Spiced Apple Cider Jelly shots, of course! These sweet shots are just what you need to kick off fall parties. Add a gruesome gummy worm to the mix to make your guests squeal in disgust (or delight).

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Pumpkin Pie MartinisTaste of Home

Pumpkin Pie Martinis

Creamy and sweet may not produce a scare, but you can spook-ify these delicious Pumpkin Pie Martinis with Meringue Bones resting on the glass rim. Try one of these other Halloween recipes to further amp up the scare factor.

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Spiderweb Cream CocktailCourtesy Amanda's Cookin'

Spiderweb Cream Cocktail

Finish off a dinner party with creepy crawlers. Amanda’s Cookin’ pairs creamy coffee cocktails with spooky spiders. Opt for a simple plastic spider or create your own.

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Candy Apple MartiniTaste of Home

Candy Apple Martini

It’s all about presentation, and this recipe for Candy Apple Martinis hit the mark! The dark, amber color will enchant your guests to take a sip.

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Witches’ BrewTaste of Home

Witches’ Brew

Bewitch your guests with this ghoulish Witches’ Brew punch. Make a non-alcoholic version for your guests by simply omitting the vodka. Serve up these Witches’ Broomsticks for a fun garnish.

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Bloody MaryTaste of Home

Bloody Mary

It’s not spooky without blood. Be sure to serve up this classic Bloody Mary recipe with sausage stick “fingers” or black olive “eyeballs” to liven up your cocktail.

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Pear-Apple CocktailTaste of Home

Pear Apple Cocktail

These Pear Apple Cocktails have a hint of fall and twist of tropical with fresh pineapple. Deck out these sweet drinks with black sugar rims and gummy worms for a thrilling twist.

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Candy Corn Jell-O Shots

Candy corn is an iconic part of Halloween, but we’d suggest skipping the candy and going straight for Daily DIY Life’s sweet Jell-O shots instead. They’ll definitely cast a spell on your guests.

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Vampire cocktailCourtesy Self Proclaimed Foodie

Halloween Vampire Cocktail

Kick up the gore with these blood curdling drinks from Self Proclaimed Foodie. She uses a raspberry puree-filled syringe to deck out the amaretto and vodka cocktail.

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