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11 Home Décor Trends You’ll Probably See in 2019

While some home decor trends stand the test of time, others come and go in a blink. If you’re planning a home decor update this year, here are 11 trends we think you’ll want to consider.

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Movable Kitchen StorageAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Movable Kitchen Storage

Diana Blaskiewicz, an associate with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty in Washington, DC says many of her clients want to ditch the kitchen island because they’re bulky and often don’t provide adequate storage. She says instead of an island, move the dining table closer to the kitchen and use some modular storage instead. Check out these 40 kitchen organization ideas that will save your sanity.

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Mix-and-Match Furniture

Instead of getting all your furniture from the same collection, do some mixing and matching, says celebrity designer, Jonathan Rachman. “Collect furniture as you go along, and don’t be afraid to mix and match using various pieces from different periods, or your family heirlooms,” Rachman said. Speaking of heirlooms, here are vintage kitchen colors that are straight out of your grandma’s house

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Kitchen Cabinets in ColorImageFlow/Shutterstock

Kitchen Cabinets in Color

Instead of all-white kitchen cabinets, incorporate some color into your kitchen decor. “Making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry in black and colors like deep or gray-washed blues and greens is in high demand,” says Sara Ianniciello, a senior associate and director of design at Whitehall Interiors.

Learn some surprising tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinets.

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Statement ArtworkPlusONE/Shutterstock

Statement Artwork

Move over gallery walls! Kim Gordon, a Los Angles home designer, says while family photos are great, they often fail to make a big statement unless they’re oversized. Instead, Gordon says to look for “big, potentially colorful and absolutely impactful” art that wows. Check out some more ways to brighten your home, here.

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Natural Elements

In 2019, designers are moving toward fresh, natural materials such as wood, marble and copper, according to Decor Aid, a full-service interior design firm. In their blog, Decor Mag, they stated, “These elements will help bring an organic and serene ambiance to any space while reflecting the world around your home.” Try incorporating this trend with marble countertops or a wood accent wall like this one made from reclaimed wood. Another option is to add one of these accent backsplashes to your kitchen.

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Large Tiles

Adam Meshberg from the award-winning architecture and interior design firm, the Meshberg Group, says, “Faux stone or large-format tile will soon replace natural materials like concrete or Italian white marble.” Meshberg said thanks to emerging technology, new porcelain tile looks identical to real, natural materials but is much less expensive and easier to install. If you’re looking to clean your floors, try baking soda!

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Hung rugsIrina Sokolovskaya/Shutterstock

Authentic Pieces

Instead of decorating with mass-produced boho-style items, look for authentic pieces. Justin Riordan, a designer from Portland, Oregon, says to find pieces that reflect a real ethnic tradition and to build the room around that. Try a kilim rug or a vase brought back from a vacation abroad. These kitchen decor trends are on their way out.

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Floral PatternAleksandra Vologzhina/Shutterstock

Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are seeing a new resurgence in 2019. Decor Mag noted decorators expect to see “exaggerated proportions and contrasting colors” when it comes to florals in home decor. Try an updated floral wallpaper for a powder room or a statement piece of artwork in a floral design. These Pinterest trends that might make your kitchen dated.

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Velvet is one of the hottest decor trends for 2019. According to Decor Mag, velvet is now viewed as “luxurious, yet funky.” If you don’t want to go all in, try adding velvet throw pillows on your sofa or add a velvet armchair to the living room. When it comes to your kitchen style, here is what your dinner table says about you.

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Black and white couch and pillowsAll About Space/Shutterstock

Black and White

Decor Mag notes black and white is timeless when it comes to home design. Try a black and white kitchen backsplash, or a white couch with black accents.

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Leather Pullsvia

Leather Pulls

Move over chrome and brass—leather is emerging as a top design trend when it comes to drawer and cabinet pulls. Interior designer, Jessica McCarthy, who works as a creative director, editorial stylist and founder of JAM Creative Studio, notes leather pulls give your home a distinct look that is fresh and unique. By the way, here is how to clean your house the right way.

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