20 Places to Buy Houseplants Online

Does plant shopping seem daunting? Or maybe you're looking for a special succulent to complete your indoor jungle? Don't fret any longer. Here's the dirt on where to find the best houseplants for sale online.

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houseplants for sale The Sill Monstera Variant Medium Grant White Ed5dd3db 5b8d 4218 965f 16d254b23f10 1280x
via thesill.com

The Sill

You can purchase high-quality live plants, gift bundles, plant subscription boxes and planters all with just a click of a mouse at The Sill. This unique brand also brings communities together through “plant swaps” and in-person shopping experiences in major cities like New York, L.A. and Chicago. Find out which houseplants are the easiest to grow.

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Outdoors Garden Center Indoor Plants Bonsai Trees
via homedepot.com

The Home Depot

We’re seriously impressed with how simple it is to find exactly what you’re looking for on Home Depot’s website. They have categories like plant type, mature plant size, trendy plants and lighting conditions so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

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Money Tree houseplants for sale
via soilandclay.com

Soil & Clay

With an on-call horticulture expert to help with your pressing plant q’s, Soil & Clay’s customer service is hard to beat. They also provide a plant care guide to help you take the absolute best care of your plant babies. Bonus: If your plant dies within 14 days, they’ll replace it for free!

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The Rex houseplants for sale
via urbanstems.com

Urban Stems

We love Urban Stems‘ unique plant and pot options. (Like how cute is this gold elephant planter?!) Plus, if you’re looking to send a plant for a special occasion, Urban Stems has got you covered. You can shop for any event on their site—from anniversaries to housewarming gifts. Growing herbs? Check out these charming indoor herb garden planters.

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houseplants for sale Majesty Palm National Plant Network
via target.com


Target’s plant selection is just another reason to love this major retailer. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, returns are made easy since they’re a major big-box store—just return at your nearest Target location! Do keep in mind that you’ll most likely need to purchase a replacement online since most of Target’s plant stock is sold on their website.

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houseplants for sale Calathea Collection
via bloomscape.com


When you order from Bloomscape, you know your houseplants will arrive safe and sound. They’ve nailed down shipping plant orders to a science. (They have been in the plant business for over five generations, after all). Each plant is securely fastened in recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging to prevent damage and spillage.

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houseplants for sale Plant Subscription Box
via heyhorti.com


Horti offers plant subscription boxes for as little as $20/month. You can choose either the monthly, 6-month or 12-month program—depending on your plant wishes. You can also share your green thumb with others through Horti’s Plant Kindness program where you can send a plant to a stranger. Horti returns the favor by sending out five free plants to random customers each month.

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houseplants for sale Succulent Plants Fully Rooted Planter
via amazon.com


Yup, even Amazon ships out plants nationwide. They offer classic types like succulents, snake plants and aloe. Prime members can get their favorite plants from shopping cart to doorstep in just two days flat!

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houseplants for sale Cascading Pothos Medium
via leonandgeorge.com

Leon & George

Leon & George values high-quality materials and service—and it shows. Each and every plant is hand-picked and cared for by their staff before shipping. You can also choose to have a doorstep delivery or in-home installation, which includes unwrapping, positioning and cleanup.

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You know if you’re shopping through Etsy that you’re supporting a small business or maker. And with over 163,000 houseplants to choose from, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for while knowing exactly where your dollars are going.

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Kokedama Plant houseplants for sale
via plants.com


Having a hard time envisioning what plants would elevate your home? Plants.com has the answer. Search by room type, ranging from your kitchen to your office, to find plants that complement your space.

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Giant Bird Of Paradise houseplants for sale
via livelyroot.com

Lively Root

Lively Root is your go-to if you’re looking for out-of-the-box plant options, like pineapple plants or flamingo flowers. They also sell plant collections if you want to order an arrangement of plant buddies. Look to your zodiac sign to find the perfect houseplant for you.

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Maiden Hair Fern houseplants for sale
via 1800flowers.com


1-800-Flowers.com isn’t just for flower deliveries anymore. If you’re looking for a beautiful succulent display, you’ve come to the right place. They also sell mini trees, cacti, orchids and a wide variety of other houseplants.

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houseplants for sale One 2 5 Succulent From The Succulent Source Succulents For All Occasions
via walmart.com


Walmart is a great choice to save some extra cash on your plant obsession. Most of their houseplants even include free shipping if your cart is over $35, so don’t be afraid to stock up!

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houseplants for sale Tradescantia Tricolor Plant Striped Pot
via shopterrain.com


Did you know that Anthropologie has a gardening brand? Terrain is your one-stop shop for all things patio furniture and plants (both indoor and outdoor). They’ve got plenty of hanging plants and even spruce and cedar samplings to choose from.

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houseplants for sale Philodendron Birkin In Hand 1000x1000 Crop Center
via gardengoodsdirect.com

Garden Goods Direct

Garden Goods Direct is a must-try for any pet owner. They have 114 different pet-friendly plant options to choose from that are 100% safe for your furry friends. Make sure you’re pet-proofing your home in these ways, too.

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houseplants for sale Home Botanicals Mini Assorted House Plant Collection
via urbanoutfitters.com

Urban Outfitters

There’s more to Urban Outfitters than just clothing. Their small to mid-size plant options are perfect for home offices, living rooms and bedrooms that need a little extra green.

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houseplants for sale Personal Indoor Garden
via risegardens.com

Rise Gardens

Rise Gardens are a little different than your average houseplant delivery service. They sell layered vertical gardens so you can grow fresh herbs and produce right inside your home. You can choose from three different garden sizes depending on how much you’d like to grow. Make sure you’re following these gardening tips.

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houseplants for sale Live Mini Peace Lily W Reclaimed Wood Planter Z
via westelm.com

West Elm

West Elm’s selection may be small, but it is mighty with plants like peace lilies and string of pearls. You can even purchase a Smart Garden LED set for easy-to-grow herbs and produce.

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houseplants for sale Snake Plant Gold Planter
via bouqs.com

The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co. is a farm-direct retailer—as in they source their flowers and plants from sustainable local farmers. Besides houseplants, they also provide same-day flower deliveries, too!

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