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How to Make Homemade Christmas Ornaments

It's easy to deck your Christmas tree with crafty homemade ornaments. Just grab your baking sheets, hot glue gun and ribbon!

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Chevron Ornament Cookies_EXPS_UCSBZ17_203593_C05_16_1bTaste of Home

Chevron Ornament Cookies

It’s so much fun to make this eye-catching chevron pattern in the dough. Choose a classic mitten or Christmas ornament-shaped cutter, or any holiday shape that you prefer. Just make sure to poke a small hole at the top so you can hang them.

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Spicy Gift OrnamentsTaste of Home

Herb Blend Gift Ornaments

Give the gift of cooking this Christmas. Fill several transparent plastic ornaments with a different seasoning mix. Loop a length of festive ribbon through the top, add a label and sew a button at the end to make a hanger. Find recipes for spice blends.

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Wooden Photo OrnamentsTaste of Home

Wooden Photo Ornaments

Perfect for decorating the Christmas tree, these keepsake ornaments also make handsome additions to wrapped presents and centerpieces. You’ll need coaster-sized wood slices, photos, spray adhesive, glitter and ribbon. Use your vintage Christmas photos for this one!

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Cookie Cutter OrnamentsTaste of Home

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Use these easy crafts as tree ornaments or gift toppers. Simply wrap metal cookie cutters with yarn or ribbon and secure ends with tacky glue. Let glue dry before hanging.

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Taste of Home

Holiday Ginger Cookies

Add a festive ribbon to your gingerbread family and hang them as ornaments on your Christmas tree. The cookies also look darling when strung together as a garland. Use different shapes of holiday cookie cutters for variety, if you wish.

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Shining Star OrnamentsCountry Woman

Shining Star Ornaments

It’s surprisingly easy to make these homemade Christmas ornaments. Cut 10 star points from old holiday cards. Fold down the center. Lay five points together into a star shape and tape together on the back. Repeat with remaining star points.

Place the two stars together and tape on the inside. Coat the edges with glitter glue and let dry. Thread a thin ribbon through the top to create a loop.

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Pinecone GnomesCountry Woman

Santa Gnomes Ornaments

Put fallen pine cones to good use with these whimsical ornaments. Using a hot glue gun, attach a 1-1/4 inch wooden ball to the flat bottom of each pine cone. Glue on yarn for the beard and a wooden half ball for a nose.

Roll felt into a cone shape; glue seam and bottom to create a pointed hat. Thread twine through the hat to hang on the Christmas tree.

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Dazzling Christmas Card OrnamentsTaste of Home

Dazzling Christmas Card Ornaments

Some Christmas cards are just too cute to toss! Repurpose them into ornaments you can enjoy every year. You’ll need flat wood rounds (you can find these at craft stores), glitter and twine. Cut your card a bit smaller than your wooden disk. Paste it to the wood using decoupage glue (regular school glue works OK, too).

Once dry, finish the edges with a bit of glitter for extra sparkle. Glue a loop of twine to the back, and you’re ready to deck the halls! Find more crafts to make with last year’s Christmas cards.

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Gift Tag OrnamentsTaste of Home

Gift Tag Ornaments

Decorate your packages with these cute cutouts, then save them to hang on the tree. Trace and cut holiday shapes out of cards or scrapbook paper. Layer multiple patterns and colors together for a fanciful look. Punch a hole in the top and attach a pretty ribbon. For even easier DIY ornaments, try making ice marbles.

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Wrapping Paper OrnamentsTaste of Home

Wrapping Paper Ornaments

Do you have lots of little scraps after wrapping presents? Put them to good use! Fill a clear plastic ornament with shreds of sparkly gift wrapping and filler. Find more kid-friendly Christmas crafts. Plus, here’s how to hang Christmas ornaments without using the metal hooks to keep them kid-safe!

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Twig star ornamentsStephanie Sliwinski/Country Woman

Twig Star Ornaments

Lay out twigs in snowflake or star designs, trimming as needed with pruners. Glue pieces together with a hot glue gun. If desired, wrap ends with colored embroidery floss. Watch these Hallmark holiday movies while crafting.

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Beaded Sequin OrnamentsTaste of Home

Beaded Sequin Ornaments

These intricate ornaments may take extra time to create, but the results will be cherished decorations year after year. You’ll need a foam ball, sequins, seed beads and sequin pins. With a pin, pick up a sequin and a seed bead. Push into the ball.

Continue adding sequins and beads, overlapping slightly, working in rows around the circumference of the ball. This DIY reminds us of vintage Christmas decorations!

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Snow Scene OrnamentsTaste of Home

Snow Scene Ornaments

Capture the whimsical spirit of the season with these enchanting snow globes. You’ll need clear two-piece fillable ball ornaments, a small plastic foam ball (cut in half) covered in artificial snow and glitter, and miniature trees and figures of your choice. Learn how to make edible snow globes, too.

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Horseshoe Door HangerCountry Woman

Horseshoe Door Hanger

Hang a festive horseshoe on a door to hear the bell’s merry ring as guests come and go. Thread twine through the holes and then form a knot and a loop to attach the large jingle bell. Check out more front door decor ideas you can DIY.

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Paint Chip GarlandCountry Woman

Paint Chip Garland

Turn paint chips from the hardware store into a garland that makes any room fa-la-la fabulous. Trace a lightbulb pattern onto each paint chip, making sure the white lines of the chip are centered across the bulb. Cut them out and arrange on string or twine. Attach letter stickers if desired.

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Felt Christmas Tree OrnamentsCountry Woman

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

This adorable tiny tree is made with felt, cut into circles for the trunk and squares for the branches. Stack brown felt circles, and stitch through with embroidery floss to form the tree trunk. On top of the trunk, stack four squares of green felt and one of white felt. Stitch through to secure. Continue the pattern, crisscrossing corners.

Finally, stack five small green squares at the top. Stitch through the center of each stacked felt square to secure the layers. Sew a star bead to the top, if desired.

Editor’s Tip: To cut squares quickly, use a rotary cutter and a quilter’s ruler on a cutting mat.

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Snowflake cookie ornamentsTaste of Home

Snowflake Cookie Ornaments

Your cookie trays and Christmas tree will twinkle with these festive snowflake cookies. Fancifully decorated, they make dazzling ornaments—if you can avoid snacking long enough to display them. Try to make each ornament look a little bit different, just like real snowflakes!

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Retro Paper OrnamentsTaste of Home

Retro Paper Ornaments

This craft is easy to create, but the result looks fancy. Gather 12-inch squares of double sided cardstock (one sheet makes four ornaments). For each ornament, cut one 4×1-inch strip, two 5×1-inch strips and two 6×1-inch strips. Layer the strips with the shortest in the center, two medium-length strips on either side and the two longest on the outer layer.

Position the layered strips so they line up at one short end. Staple all the layers at the flush end in place. Use your other hand to pinch the opposite ends of the longest strips up toward the stapled end until all ends meet at the end of the shortest strip, then staple in place.

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Cookie Disc OrnamentsCountry Woman

Cookie Press Ornaments

Add this pretty cookie press ornament to a gift tin of cookies for a friend. Use a hot glue gun to apply embellishments. Add jump rings (made for jewelry crafting) to connect the beads to one another. Loop colorful ribbon through the top to hang it on the tree.

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Embroidery Hoop OrnamentsCountry Woman

Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Use 3-inch embroidery hoops and your favorite pattern to stitch festive, colorful designs. Loop a ribbon through the top to hang on the tree. Check out these winter crafts that will make your home cozy and cheerful.

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