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10 Ice Cream Truck Copycat Recipes

Can you hear that familiar jingle down the block? Take a trip back to childhood with these ice cream truck copycat recipes!

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Inspired by: FudgsiclesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Fudgsicles

Craving a cool chocolate treat? Grab some chocolate pudding and whip up one of these childhood favorites.

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Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream BarsCourtesy

Inspired by: Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars

If you crave the cool, tart bite of strawberry shortcake bars every summer, check out this homemade recipe from Vegan Huggs. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re full of healthier ingredients like coconut milk, maple syrup and vanilla extract. If you wind up with some extra coconut milk, whip up these toasted coconut milkshakes next!

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Inspired by: Fruit Swirl PopsiclesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Fruit Swirl Popsicles

All you need are your favorite juices and yummy fruits for this good-for-you ice cream truck treat.

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Bomb PopsCourtesy

Inspired by: Bomb Pops

It wouldn’t be July without a night of fireworks and bomb pops. These homemade bomb pops from Cooking with Janica are the perfect dessert for your next neighborhood cookout or family barbecue. Pair them with these bomb pop cookies for a festive, colorful spread!

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Inspired by: Ice Cream SandwichesTaste of Home

Inspired by: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Give this classic ice cream treat a serious upgrade with chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cups.

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Orange CreamsiclesCourtesy

Inspired by: Orange Creamsicles

Crisp, refreshing and full of fruity flavor, these orange creamsicle bars are a must this summer. This quick recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef requires only three ingredients (and it’s vegan)! Check out more of our favorite dairy-free desserts here!

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Inspired by: DrumsticksTaste of Home

Inspired by: Drumsticks

Tired of sticky ice cream dripping down your hand? Opt for these delicious and mess-free ice cream cone treats.

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Hello Kitty Ice Cream BarsCourtesy

Inspired by: Hello Kitty Ice Cream Bars

Fun, festive and full of sprinkles, these Philadelphia-style raspberry ripple ice cream pops with white chocolate magic shell from Cloudy Kitchen are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Relive your favorite sparkly pink treat while upgrading the center with a cool raspberry filling.

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Inspired by: Lemon IceTaste of Home

Inspired by: Lemon Ice

Need a refreshing treat to cool off in the summer heat? Lemon ice to the rescue!

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Mickey Ice Cream BarsCourtesy

Mickey Ice Cream Bars

Feeling nostalgic for those character-themed treats? Create your own at home with The Mommy Mouse Clubhouse’s Mickey ice cream bars! All you need is a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter to create a fun and professional-looking ice cream truck treat.

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