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10 Iconic Ways to Style Your Kitchen

Whether you're crazy for the '50s retro look, love the ultramodern minimalist trend or the simplicity of traditional Shaker styling, there's a kitchen style to suit everyone.

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Kitchen Interior with Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors in New Luxury Home. Features Elegant Pendant Light Fixtures, and Farmhouse Sink next to Window; Shutterstock ID 639915670 Breadmaker/Shutterstock

Farmhouse Kitchen

A farmhouse kitchen evokes an atmosphere of warmth, so the décor features traditional wooden cabinets, often in honey-toned aged pine. A wood floor is also popular, as well as exposed beams on the ceiling for added effect. And, you’ll often find a large scrubbed pine table or island at the heart of a farmhouse kitchen. Open shelving displays your accessories and crockery and a farmhouse sink with goose-neck faucet completes the look. If you go with a farmhouse kitchen, you have to make these farmhouse comfort foods.

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Vintage Kitchen ; Shutterstock ID 390718834; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of HomeCrystal Alba/Shutterstock

Vintage ’70s-Inspired Kitchen

Bring the vintage appeal of the ’70s into your kitchen style. With a color palette based on mustard, avocado, chocolate and orange, a 70s-inspired kitchen should include darker wood or pine cabinets with paneled doors. Tile-effect vinyl flooring is authentic and practical and retro tiles for countertops and backsplashes add a thematic touch. While you’re at it, check out these throwback recipes from the ’70s.

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Kitchen interior in new luxury home with touch of retro. Modern appliances.; Shutterstock ID 505766857; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of Home karnavalfoto/Shutterstock

Shaker Style Kitchen

Reminiscent of mid-18th-century styling, a Shaker-inspired kitchen feels tranquil and homey. The overall theme is practical and beautiful, in keeping with its traditional origins, so you won’t find ornate moldings or fussy design here. Local timber is preferred for floors and cabinets, either left plain to show the natural beauty of the wood or painted white or pastel tones. Open shelving and glass-paneled units display traditional accessories like a mortar and pestle and mason jars. Those Mason jars don’t have to just be decorative. Here are 15 ways to reuse a Mason jar.

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Fabulous Fifties Retro Kitchen

Fifties retro styling is funky, fun and creating your own ’50s kitchen is simple. Built-ins are simply designed, often with sliding doors and unembellished pulls. But, free-standing kitchen furniture also works this style well. A checkerboard floor makes a real statement and looks great with either pastel tones such as buttercream or mint, or stronger red accents.

A plastic laminate countertop celebrates the style, and there are plenty of retro small appliances to display on it, such as a mixer, toaster and electric tea kettle. And, don’t forget the ’50s fabrics and lots of retro recipes.

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Modern alexandre zweiger/Shutterstock

Modern Monochrome Kitchen

In complete contrast, a modern monochrome kitchen is both sleek and stylish. The color palette is black and white, although an occasional splash of color from potted plants or natural wood can soften the severity a little. Kitchen units are usually well-fitted and unbroken by details like knobs and handles. Countertops in black or white marble look fabulous and railed or pendant lights in black or brushed steel are often featured, as well as wall-mounted spotlights for accented illumination. Monochrome appliances complete the look.

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Traditional Colonial Kitchen

Nothing screams traditional kitchen style better than historic colonial decor. The classic feel is achieved through the use of dark wood, often with elaborate scrollwork and decorated cabinets throughout. Glass-front doors are popular for displaying vintage crockery and accessories. Flooring is usually tiled or natural wood, and exposed brickwork and overhead beams enhance the look. Feel like you’re a colonial yourself with these tasty recipes.

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contemporary ariadna de raad/Shutterstock

Industrial Steel Kitchen

With more than a touch of the commercial look, an industrial steel kitchen is ultra-modern and incredibly practical. Brushed steel cabinets and appliances are essential, perhaps broken up with accents in natural wood to avoid overkill, and usually unbroken by handles or knobs. Storage is generally concealed. Appliances can be free-standing or incorporated into cabinets for a more unified look. A steel vent hood is often present and there is often a rail with hanging hooks for cooking utensils. Further stainless steel touches could include a trash can, a cart, bar stools and of course, the sink and faucet. This is the best cleaner to keep your stainless steel fingerprint-free.

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CountryGordon Swanson/shutterstock

French Country Kitchen

You can almost smell the aroma of lavender and freshly baked baguettes in a French country kitchen. Evoke all the sun-soaked beauty of Provence with signature earth tones of brown, cream, rust and muted greens. Glass-front cabinets are popular in this style, along with open plate racks and bench seating with cushions. Add tiled flooring and a backsplash for a truly French feel, and choose floral fabrics for curtains. Accessories should include hanging copper pans and cooking utensils.

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Nordic Kitchen

With its open airy feel and gorgeously clean lines, a Nordic kitchen is a great choice for those seeking beauty and serenity. Everything here is functional and aesthetically pleasing, without any frills or flounces. This minimalistic styling makes great use of natural wood, generally in light tones, especially with wood flooring and cabinets, and even countertops. Check out these tips for getting a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen.

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Eclectic Kitchen

And what if you can’t make up your mind? No problem! Just create an eclectic kitchen with elements of all your favorite styles. Anything goes here, so let your imagination take flight by including mismatched kitchen furniture, freestanding units and appliances and even mix-and-match countertops. Use a medley of colors or limit yourself to a few and include special touches like classic storage solutions, ethnic glassware or antique kitchenware. A pantry is especially useful in an eclectic kitchen. Check out these 14 genius ideas for organizing one.

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