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25 Kitchen Items to Add to Your Amazon Wedding Registry

Building an Amazon wedding registry for your big day? Be sure to add these kitchen essentials that'll make cooking and baking a joy.

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Wusthof Classic Chefs Knifevia

A Great Chef’s Knife

Every home cook needs a sturdy and sharp chef’s knife. If you’re going to ask for one top-notch knife to keep in your kitchen, try the Wüsthof Classic Chef’s Knife. It’s a favorite in our Test Kitchen. Want to have something a bit more affordable on your registry? Try this Mercer Culinary knife.

Psst! Get started by signing up for an Amazon Wedding Registry.

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Lenonx Stemwarevia

Elegant Stemware

Ditch the mismatched glasses and start fresh when you get married. These Lenox wine glasses come in a mixed set for red and white wines. Looking for something more? Check out our Test Kitchen’s favorite types of wine glasses.

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Lecreuset Oven Via Amazonvia

Dutch Oven

A good Dutch oven will last you for decades, especially if you invest in a top-notch model like this one from Le Creuset. These vessels can be used to make everything from soups to braised meats to bread. Discover more of our best wedding registry ideas.

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Fellow Stag Gooseneck Kettlevia

Electric Kettle

Whether you’re wrapping this up for a bridal shower or wedding gift, this copper-colored electric kettle by Fellow Stagg is sure to be a hit. Electric kettles are great to keep on the counter for making tea, coffee or even jump-starting a pot of boiling water.

And while this copper kettle is truly stunning, there are other great electric kettles out there to consider adding to your list.

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Cosori Pour Overvia

Pour-Over Coffee Decanter

Pair your electric kettle with a nice pour-over coffee decanter. This method produces an especially flavorful cup of java. If you’re new to pour-over, learn how to make it at home.

And if pour-over coffee isn’t your style, check out our Test Kitchen’s favorite drip coffee makers.

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Gel Pro Gingham Kitchen Matvia

Cushioned Kitchen Mat

If you’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen, you’ll definitely want to add a cushioned kitchen mat to your Amazon wedding registry. These padded mats feel great on your feet as you stir soups, frost cakes and more.

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Allclad Cookware Setvia

Luxe Cookware

Cookware is a traditional addition to any wedding registry, so don’t be afraid to add it to your Amazon wishlist. This All-Clad hard anodized cookware set is nonstick yet heavy-duty enough to tackle any dish you throw its way.

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1 Gibson Elite Rhinebeck Double Bowl Dinnerware Setvia

Rustic Dinnerware Set

Matching dinnerware is the perfect Amazon wedding registry item. The black speckles, rims and bases give these dishes a little personality, while largely white surfaces act as a blank canvas for your kitchen handiwork!

This set comes with service for four people: dinner plates, dessert plates, artisan bowls and fruit bowls—16 pieces in total. If you expect to feed more people, register for two sets.

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Kitchenaid Yellow Mixervia

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

If you or your spouse-to-be is a serious baker, make sure you’ve got this essential appliance on your Amazon wedding registry! KitchenAid stand mixers have unmatched performance as well as plenty of useful attachments. Perhaps the most fun part of adding this to your wishlist is deciding on the color. Check out more of our best kitchen wedding gifts.

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Bose Bluetooth Speakervia

Bluetooth Speaker

Now, a Bluetooth speaker might not be on any traditional kitchen wedding registry lists, but hear us out! Having a wireless speaker like this on your countertop is a joy. Cue up your favorite tunes or podcast and get to work!

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Copper Flatware Setvia

New Flatware

Even the most diligent among us tend to lose a fork or spoon over time (or ruin a few in the garbage disposal). When you build your wedding registry, add a fresh set of silverware to your list. Make sure you get enough settings for all the guests you’ll be hosting.

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Tablecloth Via Amazonvia

Kitchen Linens

It never hurts to add kitchen linens to your wedding registry. A fresh tablecloth always looks nice when you host a dinner party. And don’t forget to add cloth napkins to your list, too!

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Swell Ice Bucketvia merchant

Ice Bucket

Whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying a cocktail on the porch with your better half, an ice bucket is always handy. This one from S’well (yep, the same S’well that makes pretty insulated water bottles) keeps your ice frozen for a long while so you can keep partying without refreshing.

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Oxo Stainless Kitchen Scalevia

Kitchen Scale

Building a wedding registry is a great time to upgrade your kitchen. Level up from basic measuring cups when you add a kitchen scale to your baking roster. Weighing ingredients is the most accurate way to measure.

If you need a little more inspiration for your Amazon wedding registry, check out more of our Test Kitchen-Preferred kitchen scales.

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Tohbp19 Pu5248 E06 20 16bTaste of Home

Cast-Iron Skillet

Want to add a gift to your list that you’ll still be using years later? This is it! Cast-iron skillets last for ages, and they’re also one of the most practical cooking tools you can have. Use your skillet to make everything from one-skillet meals to cast-iron pan desserts.

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Recipe Binder Black And Whitevia

Recipe Cards and Binder

If you haven’t started a recipe collection yet, now is the time to begin! Family and in-laws alike love sharing recipes. Keep all your favorites stashed in this recipe binder; it comes with plenty of recipe cards to get you started.

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Oxo Canister Setvia

Airtight Canisters

Keep everything from baking ingredients to snacks fresh with airtight canisters from OXO. These canisters are easy to stack and easy to fill with all your favorite treats.

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Blue Pasta Bowlsvia

Pasta Bowls

Whether you’re serving up pasta, hearty salads or grain bowls, these shallow dishes come in super handy. Add pasta bowls to your Amazon wedding wishlist and be prepared to reach for them time and time again.

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Cuisinart Roasting Panvia

Roasting Pan

Whether you’re making a whole Thanksgiving turkey or just roasting some veggies for a Sunday supper, a roasting pan is a great item to have on hand. This Cuisinart model is one of our Test Kitchen’s favorites.

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Lecreuset Gravy Boatvia

Gravy Boat

This tiny bit of serveware absolutely deserves a spot on your Amazon wedding registry. When the time comes to host a nice dinner or—gasp!—Thanksgiving, you don’t want to be caught without a gravy boat. This one from Le Creuset comes in plenty of colors to match your holiday tablescape.

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Ello Glass Containersvia

Fresh Food Storage Containers

Ditch your old mismatched containers for a fresh set. These Ello glass storage containers have silicone sleeves that protect them from chips and damage as you toss them in your lunchbox. What we love about these containers (besides the great colors) is that they’re dishwasher- microwave-, oven- and freezer-safe.

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Taste of Home

Bakeware Set

From birthday cakes to quick breads, your baking basics are covered with this bakeware set. Each piece is Test Kitchen-Approved and has an embossed design that strengthens the baking sheet while increasing airflow for even baking.

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Greenpan Griddlevia

Griddle Pan

Enjoy weekend mornings with your new spouse with homemade breakfasts. This nonstick griddle pan from GreenPan works great for making no-stick eggs, fluffy pancakes and French toast.

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via merchant

Cookie Press

Are spritz cookies part of your family holiday traditions? Then you’ll want to stock your kitchen with a cookie press. You’ll be happy to have this gadget at the ready when it’s time to start seasonal baking.

And if other treats like pizzelle or rosettes are annual rituals in your family, don’t hesitate to add those tools to your Amazon wedding registry.

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Galanz Mini Fidgevia


No, we’re not talking about the mini-fridges that once filled your dorm rooms. Retro-inspired mini-fridges like this one from Galanz make a great addition to any home. One of our editors loves her mini-fridge and uses it to store beverages and keeps it stocked for guests. We recommend you take a page from her book.

And if having two fridges in the kitchen isn’t for you, plug your mini model in next to your bar cart, in your den or anywhere you entertain.

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