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Jackie Kennedy’s Favorite Foods

Find out what one of America's most popular First Ladies wanted on her plate.

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In this photo provided by the White House, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy is pictured in the first family's White House living quarters Jackie KennedyMark Shaw/AP/Shutterstock

Jackie Kennedy was many things, including the sophisticated wife of a former president, an international icon of style…and a picky eater. She was very particular about her food and followed quite a few diets in her lifetime. Take a look at what some of those diets entailed, and then go see what other First Ladies claimed as their favorite foods.

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Baked PotatoTaste of Home

Baked Potato

One of Jackie’s diets consisted of a single baked potato topped with caviar and sour cream, and that’s all she would eat for the day. If you like a little more variety, here are some different baked potato recipes to try.

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Pineapple SaladTaste of Home

Pineapple Salad

At their wedding reception in 1953, Jackie and JFK feasted on a course of fruit salad served in a pineapple—so tropical! Here’s proof that fruit salad doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious.

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Cottage Cheese with FruitTaste of Home

Cottage Cheese with Fruit

At one point in her life, the former First Lady followed a strict diet that included a simple dish of cottage cheese with fruit for lunch. We wonder if Jackie or her chefs knew that cottage cheese is packed with protein?

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Strawberries and CreamTaste of Home

Strawberries and Cream

One of Jackie’s favorite dessert dishes was strawberries Romanoff, which is essentially strawberries topped with sweet whipping cream. This sweet treat is similar and would’ve met her cravings for shortcake, too.

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Fresh Fruit

When Jackie felt she had been eating too heavily, she would go on a fruit fast, eating only fruit in an effort to cleanse her body and get her diet back on track. See what JFK was eating in the meantime.

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Jiffy Pop PopcornTaste of Home

Jiffy Pop Popcorn

Jiffy Pop popcorn, which was created back in 1959, was a fun, fast snack that Jackie reportedly enjoyed. See what store-bought popcorn brand won our taste test.

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Poached SalmonTaste of Home

Poached Salmon

There was often poached chicken or fish on the menu for Jackie’s meals, and if someone was going to pick one favorite food for her, it would have to be poached salmon.

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Boiled EggTaste of Home

Boiled Egg

It seems that Jackie absolutely preferred simple fare—her most typical breakfast was a basic boiled egg with a cup of tea. This is the right way to boil eggs.

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BrowniesTaste of Home


Jackie’s live-in assistant revealed that the sophisticated and disciplined lady wasn’t above swiping a brownie from the kitchen. Everyone deserves to splurge!

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Lamb was reportedly one of Jackie’s favorite meals, and it was served at the Kennedys’ first state dinner as well as several other official luncheons and dinners.

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Shepherd's Pie

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