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13 Best Keto-Friendly Snacks You Can Buy on Amazon

These keto-friendly snacks can be shipped right to your door. Sign up for regular deliveries and you’ll never lack for keto snacks.

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Coconut chipsvia

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips

If you’re trying out the ketogenic (keto) diet, one of the first things you need to figure out is how to feed yourself. This diet emphasizes a high-fat, low-calorie approach, so typical snacks like bananas and crackers are off the menu. Instead, stock up on keto-friendly options like these toasted coconut chips: They have 5 grams of net carbs (10g total) and a whopping 15g of fat per serving. Toasting the coconut slices enhances their naturally sweet flavor, and a sprinkle of sea salt provides the perfect balance for a really tasty treat.

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Pork rindsvia

Epic Artisanal Pork Rinds

Replace every pack of buttery crackers and every bag of corn tortilla chips in your pantry with these artisanal pork rinds. Using antibiotic-free pork skin, Epic creates a crispy, crunchy keto-friendly snack that’s a great side with burgers, a delicious dipper for chicken salad, or a simple snack when you’re on the go. A serving has just one carb but 5g of fat. If you’re starting out on the keto diet, you need to read this handy guide before you start.

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Almond buttervia

NOOSH Keto Almond Butter

When you’re craving something sweet—and you will at some point on the keto diet—look for treats that deliver that satisfaction alongside a positive keto quality, such as fat. This enhanced almond butter has a dose of medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil) and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s sweetened with cane sugar, not an artificial sweetener, so it does have 2g carb (1 net carb).

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Moon cheesevia

Moon Cheese

Cheese is a great keto-friendly snack because it has virtually no carbs, loads of flavor, and a nice amount of fat, but cheese doesn’t keep well outside of a refrigerator. Enter Moon Cheese, a “crunchified” cheese that has been stripped of its moisture so it’s shelf-stable but still retains incredible flavor. A serving has zero to one carb. This is a particularly good keto snack when you’re craving bites of chips and crackers but can’t find a keto alternative. Watch out for these 3 mistakes everyone makes on the keto diet and how to fix them.

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Seaweed snacksvia

Annie Chun’s Organic Seaweed Snacks

The classic Korean roasted seaweed snack is a great keto option because you can eat an entire tray of the thin, flaky chips for less than one carb—and still get 2g of fat. Dehydrated seaweed snacks are crispy with a delicately sweet flavor. This one adds a pinch of sea salt for a bit of balance. Look for the flavored versions like Sea Salt & Vinegar and Sesame.

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Mini jerky sticksvia

Vermont Smoke & Cure Mini Uncured Pepperoni Turkey Sticks

Pepperoni and cured meats are a good keto snack option because they’re typically full of flavor, easy to carry with you or keep in a desk drawer and they supply a good deal of fat without the carbs. These mini turkey sticks are no exception. Their assertive flavor—thanks to garlic and spices—is a welcome break from mozzarella sticks. Plus, they pack 1.5g fat, 4g protein and just 1g carb in each mini stick.

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Snack olivesvia

Mario Camacho Brineless Pouch Olives

If you get carried away and eat a whole pouch of these pitted black olives, don’t worry: That’s just two servings, and you’ll rack up no extra carbs while downing 5g fat. When the Sea Salt variety is no longer enticing, look for flavors like Thyme and Garlic. Be prepared for the 12 things happen to your body when you start the keto diet.

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Dried beefvia

Brooklyn Biltong Seasoned Dried Beef

Classic beef jerky is often dried under heat and preserved with sugars and syrups—a source of unnecessary carbs. South African-style jerky—called biltong—is air-dried and has no added sugar. That gives you incredibly rich flavor and a satisfying, chewy texture. Brooklyn Biltong (which is made in the United States) has zero carbs, 15g of protein and 2g of fat.

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Pumpkin seedsvia

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Slightly nutty, pumpkin seeds also take on other flavors well. You can add your own spice mixture if you like, or stick with unsalted and plain. The seeds are a great keto snack because one serving (43 seeds!) has 8g fat but just 2g carbs (1.5g net). They’re also a good source of zinc and magnesium, two minerals that are important to people on the keto diet. You’ll want to cook these 53 keto-friendly recipes as soon as possible.

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Roasted almondsvia

Legendary Foods Buffalo Wing-Flavor Roasted Almonds

Nuts are a great keto-friendly snack, but you do have to watch your portions as carbs can climb. That’s why getting a nut snack with big flavor impact is a smart way to go when picking out your keto snacks. This spicy buffalo flavor has just 4g carb (2g net) in a 21-piece serving, but it manages to pack in 13g fat, too. Look for another keto-friendly flavor, Cheddar Bacon.

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Cheese barvia

Just the Cheese Bars

Cheese turns intensely savory in the low, slow heat of the oven. It also becomes crunchy, making it a fun snack. These cheese bars are made with 100 percent Wisconsin cheese, and they come in a pack of two bars, so you can share with a friend or fill up when you’re extra hungry. After all, two bars (one serving) has less than one carb but 12g of fat.

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Choc-Zero Keto barkvia

ChocZero Keto Bark

Dessert is still an option when you’re eating keto. You just have to look for the foods that use keto-friendly ingredients like ultra-dark chocolate, coconut and nuts. This bark delivers on two of those requirements—chocolate and nuts—to make a sweet treat that has just 2g net carbs and 10g fat. The sweetener is monk fruit—not sugar alcohol. Look for the Hazelnut variety to mix things up.

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Spindrift sparkling watervia

Spindrift Lemon Sparkling Water

If you want to quench your thirst with something other than tap water, try Spindrift’s assortment of sparkling waters that use natural fruit juices and no sugar. They’re different than other sparkling waters—which often use artificial flavors—plus you get a bright, fresher flavor. The lemon variety has just 1g carb, but other flavors fall into the keto-friendly category as well, like Half Tea & Half Lemon and Cucumber. Next, check out 10 unexpected health benefits of the keto diet.

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